Nightmare Fuel / The Legend of Spyro

  • Pretty much everything about Malefor. He's a very large dragon who speaks in a deep, demonic voice, is a very clever Chessmaster, and can deliver a chilling Hannibal Lecture like no one's business, as Cynder can attest to.
    • Here's even more nightmare fuel concerning Malefor. It was later confirmed that Malefor was in fact corrupted by something bigger and far more powerful than him. Yes, there is something/someone out there that is worse/more evil than Malefor. Also terrifying is the possibility that this entity resides in or is perhaps imprisoned in the Dark Realms beyond the Convexity dimension which acts as an airlock between them and the Dragon Realms.
  • Also revealed was that Dragons capable of Poison, Fear and Shadow breaths exist but are not natural and are the result of a "dark entity's" doing, possibly the same entity that corrupted Malefor.
  • There's also the possibility that this entity may be responsible for the existence of the Destroyer and the Golems of the Deep.
  • What the apes could have possibly done to Cynder to make her into an Axe-Crazy monster. And it's implied that she killed hundreds of dragons before she was 12.
  • The Golem from Dawn of the Dragon is pretty horrific, especially when Spyro and Cynder are escaping the catacombs and encounter it during several quick time sequences. If you fail to press the correct button, you're treated to a scene of Spyro and Cynder either getting crushed to a pulp or devoured whole, complete with chomping sound effects.