Heartwarming / The Legend of Spyro

  • In the first game when Spyro goes back to save Cynder, realizing she was Brainwashed and Crazy the whole time.
  • After finally defeating Malefor, Spyro and Cynder are at the center of the Earth as the world is ending, the only way to stop it appears to be a Heroic Sacrifice. Cynder chooses to remain by Spyro's side, even if it means death and finally admits her love for him. Added to by the fact the last we see of them is flying joyfully, wherever they are.
  • "Fight back! ...Why won't you fight back!?" "Because you've left nothing for me to fight for...
  • After Ignitus' Heroic Sacrifice, Spyro turns into Dark Spyro from his grief, but Cynder manages to calm him. She then takes time to comfort him and remind him she'll always be there for him.
  • Even Sparx, normally a Deadpan Snarker, gets one in the third game. When he finds out he can't follow them to confront Malefor, he shows he really does care about Spyro and makes Cynder promise to take care of him.
  • When Spyro's adopted parents reassure him that while they're not his biological parents, they're still his real parents.
  • Ignitus becoming the new Chronicler. He looks so happy! And he even gets a bit of reassurance that his favorite purple dragon made it out alive.
  • The music "Guide You Home" By Rebecca Kneubuhl and Gabriel Mann played at the conclusion of Dawn of the Dragon, the end of a trilogy in a series, and some of the lines really hit home for older players.
    ''There is an open door
    Somehow it feels so familiar
    We have been here before''.