Heartwarming / Skylanders

  • Whirlwind's backstory reveals that she was shunned by both of the races she's descended from (dragons and unicorns) for her mixed breeding to the point she hid in the storm clouds from them. Despite this treatment, when the trolls started hunting them both, she still came to her races' aid... And kicked so much tail she became The Dreaded.
    • Despite her having every reason to hate and loathe trolls for their actions mentioned above, who is she depicted as healing in the picture for the upgrade that gives her healing powers? Boomer, the only troll to have ever joined the Skylanders.
  • Glumshanks becoming a friend to the good guys over the course of Super Chargers. The way he mentioned how grateful he was for their friendship especially counts. When Glumshanks sacrifices himself to stop the Darkness from swallowing them, Eon's Army come to his aid immediately.
  • The song that plays at the end of Superchargers, referred to as "Supercharged with Love"

Alternative Title(s): Skylanders Spyros Adventure