Trivia: Resident Evil 2

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  • Development Gag: Tofu was used during development to test the game's hit detection.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and Annette Birkin's voice actors voiced Nightcrawler, Jubilee, and Mystique, respectively in the 1990s X-Men cartoon.
    • Sherry shares a voice with Wanda Li and Yoko in Timothy Goes to School.
    • In the Chronicles and Operation Raccoon City games, William Birkin shares a voice actor with none other than Frank West.
    • In the Chronicles games and Operation Raccoon City, HUNK shares the same voice actor none other than Johan Liebert.
  • No Export for You: The PC-DVD version of Biohazard 2 by SourceNext was released only in Japan, which is unfortunate since the PC-DVD version of the game combines both Leon's and Claire's games into one similar to the Nintendo 64 port oppose having two separate CD-ROMs and fixed many of the compatibility issues on Windows XP.
    • Keep Circulating the Tapes: It's also virtually impossible to find any retail copies of PC-DVD version of Biohazard 2 through any store in this day and age.
  • Playing Against Type: Claire's voice actor, Alyson Court, starred mainly in children's shows (including several Care Bears movies and The Big Comfy Couch) before starring in a dark, gritty survival horror game.
  • What Could Have Been: Resident Evil 1.5, the original version of Resident Evil 2, was scrapped due to the developers being unpleased with the way it was going.note  While it's similar to the game that would eventually be released, it does contain some notable differences:
    • Leon's very first character design was of a shorter-haired, tougher-looking guy. He was changed because he too closely resembled Chris Redfield.
    • The main female character was Elza Walker, a college student and motorcycle enthusiast who returned home to Raccoon City on vacation. She would be retooled into Claire in order to have a greater plot tie with the first game.
    • Robert Kendo, known here as John, and Marvin Branagh were to play much larger roles in the game, acting as supporting characters for Elza and Leon, respectively. In addition, Ada Wong was simply a researcher, and Chief Irons was a sympathetic character rather than a villain.
    • There were going to be two different final bosses (Golgotha and Salem) that each respective character would fight near the end of the game. Also it was optional to save one, all, or none of the secondary characters; see here for more details.
    • The police station was going to look much more modern in appearance and awash with bad blue lighting, as well as having a few more varieties of zombie cop (at the expense of zombie anything else), including the infamous fat zombies that didn't show up in an official game until Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.
    • The zombies themselves had far fewer textures and polygons. This would allow even more of them to attack you at once. The final version added more graphics to the zombies at the cost of having only seven appear in one room at a time.
    • There were several new types of enemies created for 1.5, including spider-human hybrids, la the Chimeras in the first game, mutated gorillas and their offspring, as well as offspring for the giant alligator in the sewers.
    • There were different types of armor that Leon and Elza could equip. Furthermore, they would show damage on their character models as they got attacked by zombies and other creatures.
    • There exists concept art depicting Annette also having mutated into G like her husband, although this allegedly didn't progress any further beyond a preliminary idea; as William Birkin's role was mostly unchanged in the final version from that of 1.5, it's unknown what would've led to Annette's mutation or what Annette G would've done post-metamorphosis.
    • Unlike in the released game where Umbrella are still operating, the company had folded by the time 1.5 had begun.

  • The cinematics are all done with stop motion, believe it or not. The characters that appeared are hand-created figures performing stop motion animation, which were combined with full motion video with computer graphics tools. According to Word of God, Ada does not appear in any of the video cutscenes because her figure was not finished on time.
  • The version of Resident Evil 2 available on the PlayStation Store as a PSOne Classic is the Dual Shock Edition for all regions, marking the first time Europe got the Dual Shock Edition. Because the game is a North American import, it requires a 60hz TV set up to display properly.