Funny / Resident Evil 2

  • Resident Evil 2 has a moment where Leon catches up to Femme Fatale Ada Wong, and attempts to make conversation. Keep in mind Leon is wearing a blue police uniform with insignia everywhere and the giant letters R.P.D. emblazoned on his back.
    Leon: "Ada, I don't think I've introduced myself yet. My name's Leon; I'm with the RPD."
    Ada: *shrugs as if to say "You thought you needed to tell me this?"*
  • Another funny moment is in the N64 version of the game. Rebecca has falsified a report on Billy Coen's demise, but she mispells his name 'Koen.'
  • In the ending of Claire B, Birkin, now a hideous Blob Monster, bursts into the train carriage with Leon. Leon's response?
    That's what I call ugly.
    • Also in Claire B, Claire tricking Mr. X into the smelting pool by throwing Sherry's pendant (which Mr. X had been after all along, as it contains a G-virus sample) into it.
      Claire: Sucker.
  • The Tofu Survivor, an extra minigame featuring... Tofu, a human-shaped block of tofu that has the same animations as the playable characters. But he makes a silly noise whenever he takes a step. It even echoes in certain rooms, like the police station main hall. He turns more and more red when he takes damage, goes purple when he's poisoned, wears what looks like Jill Valentine's beret and speaks Kansai-dialect Japanese in a high-pitched voice when he's attacked.
    • The re-releases add an end results screen for HUNK and Tofu both. HUNK's has him resting in his extraction chopper as he escapes the city, while Tofu's is almost identical, except now HUNK is helping himself to a steaming bowl of Tofu, while it's laying in the background with a big block missing from its body.
  • The sheer weirdness of Chief Irons, at times:
    Irons: And to think taxidermy used to be my hobby.
  • Ada, WAIT! ADA! WAIT!!
  • The whole entire exchange with Claire Redfield and Robert Kendo is hilarious. The way he calls her "babe" and other sexual innuendos is kind of funny because it sounds like the audio has been horribly redubbed compared to the Leon version of the dialogue.
  • There's something hilarious how, when confronted with a balls out cock-in-his-hand insane Chief Irons pointing a modded Deagle at her, Claire simply responds with "Calm down, Chief. What happened?" In the same level tone as a teacher trying to calm down a panicky kid that just fell over and scraped their knee.
  • The end of the B scenario for both characters; the look in G's eye when the time runs out. You even hear him gulp.
    Train Timer: 3, 2, 1, BEEEEEEEEP!
    Birkin's eye: (Oh, Crap!)
  • The second scenario lay the foundations for Leon becoming a Deadpan Snarker in 4. He adds extra lines to his existing dialogue to show his exasperation at being the Butt-Monkey.
    Claire: Leon, you're still there? We're leaving.
    Leon: Are you crazy?! The streets are still crawling with zombies!
    Claire: It'll be alright, trust me. I found a way to the sewers. Follow us later.
    Leon: Claire?! Hey, wait! WAIT! (realizes she already hung up)...Man, why doesn't anybody ever listen to me?
    • And when Ada is hurt by Birkin's arm and wants him to leave alone, he adds this comment:
    Leon: Is it just me or does everybody always ignore what I say?
  • The books have a pretty funny moment when Claire and Sherry make their plan to escape the city and alert the authorities.
    Claire: Then they'll come everything better and people...
    Sherry: You mean kill everything. I'm twelve. I'm not a baby.
    Claire: Right, sorry. Yeah, kill everything.
    • Another exchange later in the book has Claire asking about Sherry's locket, wondering if Sherry has a little boyfriend. Sherry gags and responds that "boys my age are totally immature."
    • Especially refreshing considering how Sherry is twelve in the games but acts like she's five.
  • A perhaps unintentional one happens in the remake's reveal trailer, when we get a sudden, random shot of a bathroom. It's almost as if, after 20 years of enduring the "R.P.D. has no bathroom" meme, this was Capcom's way of saying, "There, it finally has a bathroom. Happy now?"
    • The Playstation gameplay stream confirms that is PRECISELY what they meant, from the developer's mouth, as the player picks up a healing spray from one of the stalls.