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Funny: Resident Evil 2
  • Resident Evil 2 has a moment where Leon catches up to Femme Fatale Ada Wong, and attempts to make conversation. Keep in mind Leon is wearing a blue police uniform with insignia everywhere and the giant letters R.P.D. emblazoned on his back.
    Leon: "Ada, I don't think I've introduced myself yet. My name's Leon; I'm with the RPD."
    Ada: *shrugs as if to say "You thought you needed to tell me this?"*
  • Another funny moment is in the N64 version of the game. Rebecca has a report about Billy Coen being dead, but she mispells his name 'Koen.'
  • In the ending of Claire B, Birkin, now a hideous Blob Monster, bursts into the train carriage with Leon. Leon's response?
    That's what I call ugly.
    • Also in Claire B, Claire tricking Mr. X into the smelting pool by throwing Sherry's pendant (which Mr. X had been after all along, as it contains a G-virus sample) into it.
      Claire: Sucker.
  • The Tofu Survivor, an extra minigame featuring... Tofu, a human-shaped block of tofu that has the same animations as the playable characters. But he makes a silly noise whenever he takes a step. It even echoes in certain rooms, like the police station main hall. He turns more and more red when he takes damage and speaks Japanese in a high-pitched voice when he's attacked.
  • The sheer weirdness of Chief Irons, at times;
    Irons: And to think taxidermy used to be my hobby.
  • Ada, WAIT! ADA! WAIT!!
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