Awesome / Resident Evil 2

  • At the end of Leon's B path in Resident Evil 2, a supposedly dead ally throws down a rocket launcher to destroy a monster that's been hounding you the whole game— and it had already been pushed into a giant smelting vat in an attempt to kill it.
  • At the end of the B scenario, when the Tyrant reappears outside the train, both characters have their own one-liners as they deliver the finishing blow:
    • Leon: "Game over."
    • Claire: "You lose, big guy!"
  • The fact that Leon—21 years old, pre-government training, and what was to be his first day of work—continues kicking ass and killing monsters through the entire second half of the game with a bullet in his freaking shoulder. Considering why he was late to the massacre in the first place, we can probably add "hungover" to that list, at least in the early hours.
  • The last line delivered in Leon B:
    Leon: Hey, it's up to us to take out Umbrella. (cue the credits and a badass J-rock tune)
  • The extended B scenario endings, in general. After going through both A games, first-time players were probably expecting a cut to the credit roll at the same point as in the ending cutscenes they've already watched. Nope! Cue an unexpected Final Boss battle, followed by the longest and most satisfying finale in the Resident Evil series to date.
  • Just the fact that the Nintendo 64 port exists. Angel Studios managed to take two CDs' worth of data and compress it into a single cartridge while sacrificing very little in the process and even adding a few exclusive features that aren't available in other ports of the game.