Awesome / Resident Evil 2

  • At the end of Leon's B path in Resident Evil 2 a supposedly dead ally throws a rocket launcher to destroy a monster that's been hounding you the whole game— and that's already been pushed into a giant smelting vat in an attempt to kill it.
  • At the end of the B scenario, when the Tyrant reappears outside the train, both characters have their own one-liners as they deliver the finishing blow:
    • Leon: "Game over."
    • Claire: "You lose, big guy!"
  • The fact that Leon—21 years old, pre-government training, and what was to be his first day of work—continues kicking ass and killing monsters through the entire second half of the game with a bullet in his freaking shoulder.
  • The last line delivered in Leon B:
    Leon: Hey, it's up to us to take out Umbrella. (cue the credits and a badass J-rock tune)