Awesome / Resident Evil

This page is for awesome moments from the first game only.
  • The fact that some of the S.T.A.R.S. members even survived the night is awesome in itself. You've gotta give props to people who can take on giant zombified sharks, snakes, plants, clawed frogs, and a backstabbing teammate...and survive.
  • From the REmake, the Tyrant of all things can potentially have a Moment of Awesome. At the end of the final battle, Brad Vickers throw you a rocket launcher, and you fire it to destroy the Tyrant once and for all. Some of the time. The rest of the time, when a rocket is fired at it, the Tyrant backhands it away, casually. This is a major Oh, Crap! moment for players.
  • Badass zombie kills can be this. For example, you enter the hallway after you meet the first zombie. You can see the zombie standing in the shadows all the way down at the other end. You shoot at it with your basic weapon, and by luck on first shot, shoot it's head clean off. This is one of the most satisfying feelings in the game.
  • If you poison Plant 42 as Jill, it still has the wherewithal to attack you, so who comes to the rescue? Barry, with a flamethrower. Being picked up and shaken around by the plant proves to be a mild inconvenience for him at worst.
  • One for Jill in the REmake. When Jill and Barry rendezvous prior to the final fight with Lisa, Barry suddenly tries to hold Jill at gunpoint. In a second, Jill reacts, employing a one-handed disarm on Barry, taking his .44 Magnum from him. Read again, Jill, the only female in the S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team just proved she belongs in that spot by casually disarming the physically strongest non-altered human character in the game, and perhaps in the franchise, showcasing her martial skill along the way. It makes sense if you think about the fact that Jill is supposed to be a former member of Delta Force, one of the most elite military groups in the U.S forces. Realistically it would be impossible for her to achieve that at her age (or gender), which just proves how badass she must be.
  • Meta example: Julia Voth was Jill's motion capture actress for the Remake and at a convention one fan recognized her and gave her a custom blue STARS beret. Voth's reaction was essentially, "Let's see if I can do something cool here."