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Tear Jerker: Resident Evil 2
  • The apparent death of Ada Wong.
    • Which in the A scenario, has probably the saddest piece of music in the game.
    • See also Narm due to cheesy voice acting.
    • In fairness, most RE fans have a high tolerance for this. Of course, the novelization of that scene hits a lot harder, mostly because we as readers have gotten to hear a lot of Ada's thoughts over the course of the story, and have consequently grown more attached to her as a character.
  • Sherry meeting her almost dead mother in Claire B.
    • While playing one of the saddest pieces of music [1] in the entire series.
  • The police station notes and logs mostly combine this and Nightmare Fuel, as they tell how the police officers make repeated, desperate attempts to escape or fight off the monsters they are facing, with one officer's log ending with him about to commit suicide.
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