Trivia / Psychonauts

  • Acclaimed Flop: This game is considered to be one of the best on the original Xbox. The sales sadly don't reflect this. According to the Psychonauts 2015 documentary however, the sales were not as bad as others claimed it was. Tim Schafer said everyone said it sold 100,000 when it sold 400,000.
  • Crossdressing Voices: Dogen, Nils, Maloof, J.T., Quentin, Vernon, Elton, and Little Oly all had female voice actors (several of whose voice actors also voiced other, female characters).
  • Orphaned Reference: Primal memories are a special reward for collecting all emotional baggage within one world, and show concept art pertaining to said world.
  • Talking to Himself: André Sogliuzzo voices both halves of a split personality, Fred/Napoleon Bonaparte, who argues with himself. With such drastically different accents and tone it's uncanny.
  • Tuckerization: A retroactive example: Tim Schafer's daughter Lili, who was born a few years after Psychonauts was released. Presumably Tim's fond of the name in general, but Lili-in-the-game now serves as a reference to real-life Lili.
  • Vindicated by Cable: Though it sold very poorly when first released, it slowly built up a very positive reputation among gamers, eventually becoming a consistent top seller on Digital Distribution services like Steam, even outside of sales. The video accompanying the crowdfunding effort for the sequel boasts that its total sales after all these years are 1.7 million, which would be an impressive number of sales for any game, not to mention a marked improvement over how it sold during its initial release.
  • What Could Have Been: The concept art for Gloria's Theatre shows much more detail than the actual level.
    • Waterloo World originally had a small, functioning strategy game that would be played rather than the comparatively simple missions you're given, but it was taken out because it was boring.
  • Write Who You Know: Boyd Cooper is allegedly based on somebody Tim Schafer knew.