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Tear Jerker: Psychonauts
  • Psychonauts is a generally lighthearted game (and even when it's being dark, it's funny), so this troper didn't expect to cry at it. And yet, one simple statement from the ending still gets her choked up: "Is that really what I look like in your mind?"
    • The asylum mates are actually a lot more depressing then their funny-crazy front you see. Gloria's mother committed suicide after Gloria told her she was mad at her for dumping her at that evil school. Fred was so extremely crushed by his defeats at the hands (Okay, mouth) of Crispin that his mind went against itself. Edgar was so utterly depressed by the loss of his girl, and coupled with the bullying from his old friends, it drove him mad (though it did give him a knack for painting), and Boyd, one of the best, silliest character's with the funnest mind-level becomes amazingly sad when you realize this is how he sees the world: Every last thing is against him. The hints about his guilt about setting his workplace on fire. The mother problems. Jesus, Psychonauts. Just... Wow.
      • Edgar's story becomes all the more sad when a memory vault showing him blissfully lovestruck and going on a date with said girl is accessible - after you clear his mind and therefore already know how the rest of the story goes.
    • This troper was utterly depressed when she found that room in Milla's mind with that vault and that box. Even her sister was silent for a bit before morosely saying 'That was sad' and leaving.
      • Made even worse if you later use the Clairvoyance ability on Milla. She sees Raz as a little baby, showing that she's still not too far from her roots as an orphanage caretaker.
      • The cut soundfiles are even worse, with Milla begging the children to stop crying before breaking down because she's telepathically hearing them burn to death. It's the intersection of Tearjerker and Nightmare Fuel.
    • This troper's moment is finding Sasha's second memory vault. Her father went quiet for a few minutes afterward.
  • Ford Cruller, full stop. He puts on a brave face, though.
    • Use Clairvoyance on Ford and he sees Raz as a professional Psychonaut,, who looks almost exactly like Sasha Nein.
  • Raz and Lili's sad and momentary goodbye in the final cutscene. Lili's face going from happy to sad, and watching her run away holding back tears when Raz kisses her chokes me up every single time.

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