[[caption-width-right:350:This is somebody's earliest memory, by the way.]]

* ''VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}}'' is a generally lighthearted game (and even when it's being dark, it's funny), but one simple statement from the ending can potentially make anyone choke up: [[spoiler: "Is that really how I look in your mind?"]]
** The final level as a whole has a really sad undertone to it if you manage to look past the NightmareFuel and DifficultySpike. We are, after all, [[spoiler:looking into the mind of a boy who wrongfully believes his father wants him to die.]]
* The asylum mates are actually a lot more depressing then their funny-crazy front you see. Gloria's mother [[spoiler: committed suicide after Gloria told her she was mad at her for dumping her at that evil school]]. Fred was so extremely crushed by his defeats at the hands (Okay, mouth) of Crispin that his mind went against itself. Edgar was so utterly depressed by [[spoiler:the loss of his girl, and coupled with the bullying from his old friends]], it drove him mad (though it did give him a knack for painting), and Boyd, one of the best, silliest characters with the funnest mind-level becomes amazingly sad when you realize this is how he sees the world: Every last thing is against him. The hints about his guilt about setting his workplace on fire. The mother problems. Jesus, Psychonauts. Just... Wow.
** Edgar's story becomes all the more sad when a memory vault showing him blissfully lovestruck and going on a date with said girl is accessible - after you clear his mind and therefore already know how the rest of the story goes.
* Probably the most jarring example, and in turn, most effective, has to be ''that'' room in Milla's mind with ''that'' vault and ''that'' box...
** "[[spoiler:'''''WHYYY DID YOU LET US DIE!?''''']]"
** Made even worse if you later use the Clairvoyance ability on Milla. She sees Raz [[spoiler: as a little baby, showing that she's still not too far from her roots as an orphanage caretaker.]]
** The cut soundfiles are even worse, with Milla [[spoiler:begging the children to stop crying before breaking down because she's telepathically hearing them ''burn to death'']]. It's the intersection of [=Tearjerker=] and NightmareFuel.
* Both of Sasha's memory vaults. Bonus points for being the first [[spoiler:real]] ones we see in the game, setting the mood for what's to come.
** In vault number one, we don't just get [[SarcasmMode the pleasure]] of seeing [[spoiler:Sasha's mother die]], oh no, [[spoiler: we see several frames of her lovingly caring for him, before suddenly cutting to his father grieving over her deathbed and then burying her in his backyard.]] And this is all seen from ''Sasha's perspective'' who, at the time, was an ''infant''.
** The second one is more of a FridgeHorror example, since its easy for a first-time viewer to mistake it for a comedic moment, but the implications of it are just devastating: Once Sasha grows older, he starts questioning his father about [[spoiler:what his mother had been like before she died]]. He remains tight-lipped about it, so Sasha decides to use his psychic powers to probe around his memories. What he finds is a series of happy memories... [[spoiler:and the page image for DirtyMindReading]]. Traumatized, [[spoiler: he runs away from home, with the implication that he never came back]].
* Ford Cruller, full stop. He puts on a brave face, though.
-->"[[spoiler:I... I can't leave this cave, Razputin. Not as the Ford Cruller you know.]]"
** Using Clairvoyance on Ford shows that he sees Raz as a professional Psychonaut, who looks almost exactly like Sasha Nein.
* Raz and Lili's sad [[spoiler: and [[SequelHook momentary]]]] goodbye in the final cutscene. Lili's face going from happy to sad, and watching her run away holding back tears when [[spoiler: Raz kisses her]] chokes me up every single time.