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Awesome: Psychonauts
Crowning Moment Of Awesome
  • Edgar finally getting over his issues by dumping the representations of the people who upset him in high school out of his mind.
  • Giving Jasper the much-needed and overly-due beatdown he deserves.
  • Also, the final Butcher fight. As it should be.
  • In the boss fight of The Milkman Conspiracy level;
    Den Mother: "I'll pluck out your eyes!"
    Raz: "Ha! You can't! That is the purpose of the goggles!"
  • "Oh, no. You did NOT just hit my boyfriend!" Ineffective, but awesome in it's own right.
  • "I am the Milkman. My milk is delicious." If you don't think that's awesome, you haven't seen the cutscene.
  • Mila Vodello's Nightmare Room might be Nightmare Fuel of the highest caliber, but props to Mila for keeping TEN of the things under control. While it might be chalked up to Raz being a rookie, we get to see firsthand how dangerous Nightmares are later in the game, and that's facing them one at a time.

Crowning Music of Awesome
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