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Quotes: Take That, Audience!
"Hey, that's neat, I paid money for this game and it insults me."

"Find me one case in which random user comments enhance an online experience. Scroll down now and read the first five comments under this video! You should be feeling a cold metallic sensation because you're now holding a gun to your head."

"For as much as we may hate Raiden's inexperienced, ignorant, and shallow personality, I believe these qualities were intentionally designed to reflect a very specific demographic of Metal Gear fan: those who also clamoured for 'VR Missions' after the original Metal Gear Solid and took such pride in beating all of the challenges. Raiden brags to Solid Snake about his digital accomplishments, listing off some of the exact mission numbers from VR Missions while images of the game play in the background, clearly winking at players who may share his attitude...a passive-aggressive commentary about the problem with gun-crazy gamers? A tongue-in-cheek jab at all the whiny fanboys who missed the point of the anti-war story and just wanted more shooting?"
Terry Wolf, "Substance Abuse"

"Yes, this is a stock market game, and is likely to be the death knell to my sanity because you, Goony McGoons, are going to be my financial advisors. I am putting my financial wellbeing in your hands. Your (surely) very capable hands.

I think I want to cry.

"So let's take a look at these here messages we received. I'll answer them on Director Chii's behalf- OK, here we go: "Can you guys like, speed this shit up a little bit- I mean the series ended in April 2011...". No. We. Can't. "GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES AND UPLOAD EPISODE 3 ALREADY". No, and also - fuck you [...] Basically, what I'm trying to say is leave Director Chii alone. Sending her nasty messages about this won't make an episode come out any faster."

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