Quotes / Graceful Loser

"You have turned out far more interesting than we could ever have imagined. We never expected to assume the perspective of a subject."

"It's the law of the material world."
— Palparepa, GaoGaiGar FINAL

Neon Katt: WHAT!? We lost!? We lost!? Team FNKI lost!? That was... That was... AMAZING! Oh my gosh, you guys were super crazy awesome! We should definitely party together sometime! Right, Flynt?
Flynt Coal: That was a gutsy move, Schnee... I dig it.

Tron: I'm... sorry Teisel. ... I lost.
Teisel: Don't worry your pretty little head over it, Tron. We tried our best, but sometimes your best isn't good enough. We lost fair and square. That's life...

Evil Bill: Evil Ted, I think we may have met our match.
Evil Ted: Kudos to you, good human usses!

"Children of Man... well done!"
Izanami, Persona 4

"So this...is the true Trickster. Damn that Igor...it seems he wasn't spouting nonsense..."
Yaldabaoth, Persona 5

"Oh... that means my plan is a total failure. That is unfortunate... Oh, well, at least I tried!"
Dr. Mobius, upon finding out the Think Tank still has the blueprints to rebuild what he stole, Fallout: New Vegas, Old World Blues

"Aw man, you've put me out of business as a guardian. But oh well... I guess it's not so bad if I think of it as a chance to go back to making an honest buck. Sometimes I'm a young girl, and at other times I might be a guard who watches over the city...I was inspired by reruns of an anime I used to watch. I did this job just to transform every day...But that all ends now. I'm going back to my family. I probably won't ever see you again, but good luck staying alive. See ya."
The Terminal Guardian, Shin Megami Tensei IV

"WHAT?! I Lost... But with this, a dream has come true! As a gift, I'll tell you what my dream was! That is... I wished for a strong opponent! In other words, my dream has come true! I lost the battle, but I still won! I tend to think positively!"

"I have lost to the Sonic the Hedgehog. I feel no shame in this."

Hewdraw Head 2: Look how far you've come, Pit! I'm so proud of you. (dies)
Pit: Huh... You don't usually meet such nice bosses.

"It's hard to believe... but you actually got me, Pit. The nerve of you..."

"Well, I must say I am impressed. Such a teeny little angel defeating such a big, bad god of the Underworld. Why, Pitty... that must make you the most powerful Nintendo character of all time! I'm actually rather proud of you. 8-bit Pit would have never made it this far. But don't worry, I'm not going to tear up the credits again. The game really is over. Which is why I'm here to delete your save data! 1, 2, 3, GONE! Nawwww, I'm just messing with you, buddy.. Settle down. Your saves are, er, safe. I mean, I don't even have a body anymore. Couldn't delete a save file if I wanted to. I'm not even sure I can be resurrected in this state. There's the real tragedy. This dashing physique, this literally godly body, gone forever?! Ladies everywhere are no doubt weeping as we speak! Your fault! Oh, well. I'll figure something out. I have, what, 25 years until the next sequel? Anywho, you can always revisit me and other...friends...in the chapters you've beat. You can play our battles over and over again like a favorite book, or a broken record! Oh, and if the mood strikes you, throw some hearts into the Fiend's Cauldron. Hearts spice up the difficulty of the level and can net you some sweet rewards! And because I'm not a sore loser, I've unlocked Boss Battle mode for you. So here's to Kid Icarus: Uprising - my new favorite game of all time. Thanks for playing! Hades...out!"
Hades during the ending credits of Kid Icarus: Uprising

"Looks like the student finally surpassed the teacher."
Dickson's last words, Xenoblade

"Congratulations on your victory. You will always be remembered, and I will soon be forgotten."
General Faulkner, Vanguard Bandits

"I have to hand it to you, you have superior digging technique. We should share notes."
Mole Knight, Shovel Knight

"Well... Ain't we a pair, raggedy man? *laughs* Goodbye, soldier."
Aunty Entity, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

"I'm impressed, matey! You've earned your star. Think of it as a souvenir of our fight!"
Jonathan "Johnny" Jones, Super Mario RPG

"You play the game quite well."
Luxord, Kingdom Hearts II

"I admit defeat. A spectacular defeat! There's more drama in defeat anyway. Victory is soooo overdone."
Lemmy Koopa, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Duma: So be it, Alm. I leave Valentia's future to you, her hero. Take from us what lessons you will and shape her into a land to remember. Make her strong like Duma, and fill her with Mila's love. Let our grave mistakes be warnings of where not to tread as you lead her forth.Now, we shall sleep. And never shall you disturb our slumber.

Harrison Renard: Well played.
Fiona Goode: (laughs) You Harvard men! Charming to the end.
Harrison Renard: Yale, actually.

"You and your comrades have emerged the victor. Let pride fill your heart and do not devalue my defeat."
Reinhard Heydrich, Dies Irae

"Congratulations. You won. And I lost. And I lost to the better man."
Shane McMahon to his father, Vince McMahon, after Team WWF defeated the Alliance.