Bikini Bar

"All police investigations, require a visit to a strip club."
''Hollywood Rule Book,'' Vanity Fair

Where does a single (or sometimes married) man go on American TV when he wants to see some female flesh? Why, he goes to the Bikini Bar, where he can see young ladies dancing about in their lingerie, swimsuits, or wet T-shirts that suspiciously lack nipples. Cages are optional.

In case you haven't realized, exotic dancers never go topless (let alone fully nude) on American TV shows (other than on premium channels), even though such practices are commonplace in Real Life. (The Real Life equivalent is usually called go-go dancing, but even that may be more risqué.) Even the dance moves are practically ballet compared to what real strippers do to pay for nursing school. Post-Watershed British TV has no such problems. Some characters are rich enough to have this as their Paid Harem.

Family Friendly Strippers may be performing there.

See also Nipple and Dimed.

A Sister Trope to Fanservice with a Smile (where the servers are scantily clad).


  • The 2008 commercial of Orangina is a Bikini Bar... of animals.

Comic Books
  • The Superhero-themed strip club Superiors in Secret Six, featuring "supervillain team-up" group dances and a Stan-Lee sounding DJ. Deadshot even lampshades the lack of nudity.

  • Just because Lindsay Lohan played a stripper in I Know Who Killed Me doesn't mean she has to take her clothes off or anything.
  • Appears in, of all things, The Movie of Frank Miller's Sin City: the comic featured nudity (both male and female); the movie kept most of the female nudity, axed all of the male nudity, and most notably took out the nudity in the strip club. The reason for this was Jessica Alba's career-long refusal to do nude scenes.
  • The Catscratch Club in RENT, where Mimi works. What's strange is that it was the movie's idea to show the club to begin with, whereas the play only alluded to its raunchiness. Understandably, the filmmakers probably wanted to avoid an "R" rating.
  • In The Man with the Golden Gun, the Bottoms Up Club, although Godiva Hair was in place.
  • Averted in My Best Friends Girl. In it Tank (Dane Cook) takes a girl to the trashiest strip club he could find all to make the girl want to go back to her previous boyfriend. The strippers are naked from the top up and give Tank graphic lap dances.
  • In Independence Day Jasmine works as an exotic dancer, but leaves her bra and panties on during her dance scene. Hey, the film was a PG-13 summer blockbuster, after all, and the film does deserve credit for making her no less sympathetic as a leading lady. Also, justified in that she was just starting her routine, and then stopped dancing and left after noticing that no one was watching her due to being glued to the news reports about the events of the movie.
  • Axel Foley tricks Taggart and Rosewood into joining him at one such establishment in Beverly Hills Cop. The dancer shown during this sequence is topless, but her naughty bits are covered by a feather boa.
  • In Armageddon Rockhound decides to spend the night before the mission getting lap dances at a strip club. Seeing that this film is also a PG-13 summer blockbuster the dancers leave their underwear on.
  • Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle- The Angels go undercover at a sleazy strip club filled with criminals. Instead of strippers, we get the The Pussycat Dolls and zero nudity.
  • Burlesque - Cher is the madam at a stripper-like club where the girls do fancy singing and dancing rather than stripping. This can be Truth in Television for real burlesque clubs, which traditionally focus on humor and performance with mild titillation rather than full nudity.
  • Flash Dance Artistic dancing and the above-mentioned nipple-free wet T-shirts.
  • Despite being R-Rated, the strip club featured in several scenes of We're the Millers never shows anyone topless (despite being seedy enough to force the strippers to have sex for money).
  • A Fine Mess. There is a scene in a strip club where Binky and Turnip are talking about what happened with Claudia at Spence's apartment and trying to figure out what they should do. The girls are ignored, almost as if the scene could have taken place anywhere.
  • Downplayed in Welcome to the Rileys. Mallory, who works at a shady New Orleans strip club, wears a tiny schoolgirl skirt at work but she is topless, albeit wearing straps and pasties.
  • In The Goodbye Girl Elliot gets a job as a street barker outside a strip club. The dancers keep bikinis on. This is in New York in the 1970s.

Live-Action TV
  • MacGyver featured what must be a family-friendly version of one of this: women dancing around in tight leather.
  • JAG: Bud Roberts' womanizing drunk old sailor father has his son’s bachelor party in a strip club of this variety in "Wedding Bell Blues".
  • Seth finds his aunt working at one of these in The O.C..
  • Surprisingly averted in Dexter, the girls at Isaak's strip club wear panties and nipple pasties.
  • Smallville featured this, with Lois Lane going undercover.
  • CSI (yep, the one in Las Vegas) features an episode involving a strip club. Not a single top is removed in the club and the only person who ends up completely naked in that episode (bar the corpses) is Warrick Brown. A man.
    • Hell, there's an entire sub-plot about a BDSM brothel that pops up every few episodes and no one is depicted naked, just a few comedic scenes of guys getting spanked on the butt.
  • Al Bundy is fond of going to these. It was supposed to be a "nudie" bar, but of course, no real nudity was ever shown, although there was at least one scene where, from the POV of the stage, a bra and a pair of panties hit Al in the face.
  • When Titus was having money troubles Erin ended up working in one of these, running into Ken and Tommy. Even though she was only a waitress, this didn't stop Titus imagining the worst via "Worst Nightmare Cam".
    • Titus' fears may not be completely unfounded. Many, many girls who work as dancers at strip clubs started out as cocktail waitresses there. There's even a saying that goes "If a girl works as a waitress at a strip club, it's only a matter of time before she ends up on the pole."
  • Friends: Monica, Rachel & Phoebe take Chandler to one. Monica persuaded the hottest stripper there to go back to teaching the 3rd grade.
  • Tracy takes Liz to one in the pilot of 30 Rock.
  • Feature in several episodes of Law & Order shows, especially Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
  • The Bada Bing in The Sopranos changed from a strip club to a Bikini Bar when the show was Edited for Syndication.
  • The Bill, being (on the whole) a pre-Watershed show, sometimes features this. There was one episode where Cathy Bradford went undercover at a gentleman's club and had to take her top off in front of Nick Klein (another police officer) to maintain her cover since she was on camera, but we didn't see any nipples.
  • The "Charlie Gets Crippled" episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • Averted on Parks and Recreation: the strippers in the Glitter Factory, the strip club/bar favored by Tom Haverford, do take off their tops, with Pixellation making the episodes with scenes there safe for broadcast. Also a kind of Fridge Brilliance, as the show is a Mockumentary.
  • Amusingly enough, Family Matters featured a male equivalent, given the hilarious name of "Club Buff." Needless to say, none of the studs go anywhere near the full Monty.
  • Not only does the Super Force feature them, but one of the bad guys explicitly refers to them as such.
  • Justified on Two and a Half Men. Charlie and Alan go to a strip club and Alan asks Charlie why the strippers are wearing bikinis, and Charlie replies that it is a bikini club, you get drinks but there is no nudity.
  • Discussed at length in one episode of the HBO documentary series Real Sex, which featured a segment about a Miami strip club owner who tried to get around laws prohibiting his dancers from actually appearing nude on-stage. After some research, he found out that Florida laws actually do allow public nudity if it's part of a "legitimate" theatrical production, but not if it's just part of a strip club act. His solution? He got three of his dancers to put on a mini-production of Macbeth on-stage at the club, with the three of them playing the Witches. Completely naked.
  • Wings. On "The Lyin' King," where an exotic dancer (played by supermodel Carol Alt) is coming to town for her final performance. Only the back of her legs are shown.
  • In the Supernatural episode "Heart" (S02, Ep17), Dean visits a strip club while tracking a suspect and only the legs of the stripper are shown.
  • While Fish Mooney's place on Gotham is theoretically a high class burlesque bar/restaurant, the dancers onstage never show any sign of taking off their admittedly skimpy costumes.
  • Deeks mentions it specifically by name in one episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, stating that California state law makes the distinction in order for it to serve alcohol.
  • The title character of Cleopatra 2525 is an exotic dancer by trade, but the few times her talents are called upon, usually in a seedy bar setting of some sort, she never goes down to anything beyond a relatively modest bikini. In one episode, to create a diversion, she even takes over for a dancer who is wearing far less (but still in a skimpy bikini) and ends up enthralling the crowd with her PG-rated striptease.


Music Videos
  • Inna's Deja Vu video.
  • Lana Del Rey works at one in her short film/extended music video Tropico. The pole dancers wear lingerie and heels.

Professional Wrestling
  • Crossed with a Shout-Out. For the October 2003 all-Divas issue of Raw Magazine, Dawn Marie did a photoshoot, which can be seen on the 2004 WWE Divas: South of the Border DVD, at Satin Dolls, the real-life club used as the Bada-Bing Club on The Sopranos. Among the "outfits" she wore were a pair of blue jeans (with no panties) pulled down so that most of her butt was exposed on camera.


Video Games
  • Chora's Den in Mass Effect 1.
  • Afterlife in Mass Effect 2.
  • Saints Row has several of these, including some in your cribs.
  • Strip clubs in the Grand Theft Auto series.
  • The Mile High Club in Just Cause 2.
  • Gomorrah in Fallout: New Vegas. Though some of the models wear nothing but electric tape over their nipples.
  • Desele's House of Earthly Delights in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Due to the lousy textures on NPCs in this game and the fairly ridiculous-looking animation for the dancers, it comes off as weird more than anything else.
  • In The Saboteur, your main hide out is the back room of one. However if you buy new, you get the option to have them topless.
  • Scarlet Blade has the Delilah Nightclub, which has plenty of girls dancing in very little clothing, from Barely-There Swimwear, to super revealing lingerie. Plus the players character can also dance in club with little clothing, and all but one of the playable classes are female.

Web Comics
  • Averted in Ménage à 3, strip #167, June 22 2009 (Yes, it's NSFW).

Web Original
  • Broken Saints features the "Mars" club. Aside from the ladies, it features colorful strobing lights.

Western Animation
  • In the Superman crossover "World's Finest," Superman and Batman first meet in a gentleman's club in Metropolis. Batman gets extra points for throwing one of the (caged) women at some goons.
  • Avoided in the Spawn Animated Series. Although the performers are shown only in silhouette, we see enough to deduce that the "entertainment" at the bar Chapel is hanging out at is a live sex show.

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