So, you want to load up on the {{fanservice}}? Throw in a {{Stripperific}} costume and other sexy stuff? There's just one problem: this is a Family TV Network! We don't believe in that stuff around here, [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar so how do we go ahead and do it anyway]]?

One possibility is to make liberal use of CensorSteam, CensorSuds, a SceneryCensor, or a ModestyTowel. This trope is an alternative.

A Family Friendly Stripper wears an elaborate and theoretically sexy costume--that just happens to cover just about everything. She makes a major show of removing a scarf or other accessory instead of actual clothes. Gyrations and undulations happen, but in a strictly PG-rated manner. And lap dances, if they occur at all, are arms-length affairs.

See also BikiniBar.


[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* Esmeralda's dance at the Feast of Fools in ''Disney/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame''. Her actual dress isn't much skimpier than her regular outfit, but she lifts it enough to show off her legs and bare feet, and at the end she grabs a spear from a guard, sticks it into the stage, and spins around it. She even jumps into Frollo's lap and ties a scarf around him, which [[SexIsEvilAndIAmHorny he remembers a little too well for anyone's good.]]

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Because of Creator/JessicaAlba's refusal to appear topless, Nancy's performance at Kadie's Club Pecos in ''Film/SinCity'' ends up being this.
* None other than Gypsy Rose Lee herself performs an extremely family-friendly strip in ''Stage Door Canteen.''
* ''Film/DarlingLili'' contains two striptease scenes but still received a G rating in 1970.
* Amy's act at Club Scum in ''Film/{{Hobgoblins}}''.
* In ''Film/{{Gilda}}'', securely within Hays Code years, Rita Hayworth performs an amazingly sexy strip-tease ... in which she takes off a single glove.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* The classic example is ''Series/HowIMetYourMother''. The show's Lusty Leopard location is a strip club, but this is still broadcast TV. Also, getting Allyson Hannigan to do a stripper act while pregnant was already pretty unlikely. So the Lusty Leopard is a well-lit strip club, where the performers wear elaborate burlesque costumes that never come off, and where the music is sufficiently muted to permit the dialog.
* Most of the strip clubs visited in ''Series/{{CSI}}'' end up being this.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* At the time [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons "Homer's Night Out"]] aired on Creator/{{FOX}}, the animators wouldn't be able to get away with showing an actual stripper. So they made "Princess Kashmir" a BellyDancer instead.