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Back Pack Cannon

The Ammunition Backpack is cool and all, but having to lug both it and your gun may be a hassle. Why not combine them both and get yourself a Backpack Cannon! Yeah, it would probably be really hard to aim, but come on.

Compare Shoulder Cannon, Weaponized Animal, Jet Pack, and Weaponized Exhaust.


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    Anime and Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • In Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers, Ironfist's lightformer cannon is his backpack... but he has to take it off to use it.
    • The tank mode turret of Ironfist's teammate Guzzle is situated on his back when in robot mode, with the barrel extending far past his head.

    Film - Live Action 


    Tabletop Games 
  • Shadowrun. The Ballista Multi-Role Missile Launcher, which is worn as a backpack.
  • Battlelords of the 23rd Century. The Cizerack (large quadrupedal catlike aliens) have been known to wear weapon systems mounted on their backs. See a picture here.
  • Likewise Battle Cattle (pic here).
  • Most of the power armor in Rifts has this, notably the Glitterboy and its variant armor.
  • In Warhammer 40,000, the Tyranid Biovore is a living Backpack Cannon.
    • Tau battlesuit jetpacks have mounting points for either support systems or weapons, with missile launchers most commonly shown in GW's in-house models fitted to the jetpack. The old Broadside models had the best demonstration of this in the franchise; their backpacks were fitted with a pair of railguns, which are at least twice as long as a man is tall - one on each shoulder.

  • BIONICLE: the Toa Hordika's Rhotuka Spinners.

    Video Games 
  • Mario's F.L.U.D.D. in Super Mario Sunshine
  • The Buster Pod from Custom Robo Arena, which was just a cannon mounted on your robo's back.
  • Pokémon Black and White: Genesect, a Pokémon with a mounted cannon on its back, as modified by Team Plasma.
  • Carol from Wild ARMs 5 uses a backpack-mounted missile launcher. She can't use it without falling on her ass, but it does pack quite a punch.
  • The Taraba ninja from Shinobido use these as weapons. Yup, cannons, right...
  • Shadow from Mega Man X: Command Mission has a "Pulverizer Cannon" on his back. It takes three turns to charge, and like its name suggests, it hurts a lot on all your characters.
  • The Dwarf from Sacred has this as a special weapon.
  • In StarCraft II, the Thor superheavy siege walker and its Super Prototype Odin both feature a set of four backpack-style guns, described as 330mm high-ex cannon (you could fire a smallish person out of a gun like that). While they are used for single salvoes rather than being an alternate mode shift like the Siege Tank, the mech still has to hunch back and take up a firing stance, rendering it briefly immobile while the weapons are being fired. The results are usually worth the hassle.
  • Game Mods for Tribes usually add at least one of these. Instead of carrying around a regular backpack, like a shield pack, you can stick a big gun on your shoulder, allowing you to use both your hand weapon and the backpack weapon at the same time.
  • The Duke Nukem 3D boss "Overlord" has a back-mounted rocket launcher.
  • Seeing as the class is a straight-up expy of Boba/Jango Fett, Bounty Hunters in Star Wars: The Old Republic have an attack or two that launches rockets out of their jetpack.
  • In Kaiju Combat, the S.C.U.D. attached to the kaiju Katyusha is one that can twist around and serve as a jetpack.
  • In Dark Void, your jetpack has guns in it. Sort of justified in that they only get used in flight mode when they can be aimed.
  • Ishikowa Goemon has an actual cannon strapped to his back that he uses in various combo attacks as well as his Musou attack. In the first game he could also use it to blast open certain walls on some levels, revealing hidden loot or shortcuts.

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