Literature / The Kingdom Keepers

A series of novels written by Ridley Pearson, otherwise known for writing horror and suspense novels as well as another Disney series Peter and the Starcatchers, that take place in and around Walt Disney World.

Finn Whitman is an Ordinary High-School Student who lives in Orlando near Walt Disney World. He and four other teenagers from the area - Willa, a shy girl with a love for animals, Maybeck, a snarky distrusting boy, Charlene, an athletic girl, and Philby, a homework loving boy - are selected to be turned into DHIs, holographic hosts for the Magic Kingdom that would give prerecorded speeches to guests. However, soon after they find themselves being transported into the park at night when they fall asleep. There they learn from an elderly Imagineer named Wayne that they were chosen specifically to stop the plot of the Overtakers, a group of villains apparently led by Maleficent. The Overtakers scheme to take over the park and beyond, and since they start out Invisible to Normals, the Imagineers needed someone to stop them. Along the way, they have to deal with two mysterious girls: Amanda, a schoolmate of Finn's who has an interest in him, and Jez, a goth-like girl. Both of them appear to be hiding something.

There are seven books in the original series:
  1. Disney After Dark (2005)
  2. Disney at Dawn (2008)
  3. Disney in Shadow (2010)
  4. Power Play (2011)
  5. Shell Game (2012)
  6. Dark Passage(2013)
  7. The Insider (2014)

In 2015, a Spin-off novella, The Syndrome was released, followed by the first book of ''The Return''. The Return will be a trilogy:
  1. Disney Lands (2015)
  2. Legacy of Secrets (2016)

The books provide examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Kingdom Keepers