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    The Lost Hero 
  • Piper is annoyed at the girls on the bus talking down to her and Leo says that if they knew that she was the daughter of a famous actor they'd be grovelling at her feet yelling, "We are not worthy!"
  • "The cow says moo!"
  • A minor one, but Clovis, the one-and-a-half scene wonder, during the campfire scene when he thinks they're taking roll call.
  • One of the Hephaestus cabin members tried to create a mosquito killing centaur robot, but it goes haywire, shooting arrows everywhere whilst screaming, "Die mosquito! Die mosquito!"
  • Piper's reaction to getting a complete makeover after being claimed by Aphrodite? She's absolutely devastated, spending the night trying to mess up her hair, attempting to find plain clothes and crying in order to make her eyes bloodshot.
    • When she wakes up the next morning she looks for a mirror and is annoyed that she was still beautiful.
    • Leo even lampshades during his POV chapter that it was a miracle that Piper was wearing makeup.
  • Happy the dragon.
  • After getting one look at Khione, Leo is smitten and the only thing he wants to ask her is her phone number and email address.
    • When they leave the palace, Leo is grumpy that his friends took away his prom date.
  • Leo meeting his dad for the first time: "Holy Mother!" "It's 'holy father', boy. I would think you'd know the difference."
    • Hephaestus not catching onto Leo's sarcasm.
  • How does Piper know her friends are under a spell? They were interested in shopping.
  • Leo works on the locks to Coach Hedge's cage and Jason decides to sit far away in case the satyr rewoke and went into Goat ninja mode.
  • As they meet Midas and Lit, Hedge asks if he could bash their heads in. Piper tells him not to.
  • Leo, Jason and Piper are at Aeolus, trying to convince him to help free Hera. He's checking the situation with Zeus (via a device like a wireless earphone). The answer is something like, "yeah sure go ahead but uhm... I have a party scheduled next week so can you tell them to rescue her after that?" Cue a yell from Aeolus, because Aphrodite is yelling Zeus' head off on the other side saying the solstice is in a couple of days, and Hephaestus actually agrees with her.
  • Coach Hedge and Mellie flirting with each other, especially when the group is falling from the sky to their doom. Piper lampshades this.
  • Khione offering Leo to turn his back on his friends and be her champion. Leo refuses the offer and yells, "I can't believe I thought you were hot!"

    The Son of Neptune 
  • Frank and Hazel both know French and try to talk to each other in that language. They unfortunately find out that Canadian French and Hazel's New Orleans French have two entirely different meanings.
  • Mars' prophecy in "Son of Neptune".
    Octavian: This says "Go to Alaska. Find Thanatos and free him. Come back by sundown on June twenty-fourth or die."
    Mars: Yes. Is that not clear?
    Octavian: Well, my lord... usually prophecies are unclear. They're wrapped in riddles. They rhyme, and...
    Mars (casually pulling out a grenade): Yes?
    Octavian: The prophecy is clear! A quest!
    Mars: Good answer.
  • In Titan's Curse, Percy & Co. track down Nereus, the old man of the sea, so they can shake him up for some answers. When they pass by him in Son of Neptune, Nereus points one bony finger at Percy and mouths, "Don't even think about it."
  • Frank bashing Alcyoneus repeatedly on the nose with his shield to keep him unconscious while they drag him out of Alaska.
  • The video-scroll message that is almost at the ending of "Son Of Neptune" can count as funny.
    Leo: What's my title? Am I like admiral, or captain, or...
    Piper: Repair Boy.
    Leo: Very funny, Piper.
  • This exchange in The Son of Neptune when Hazel and Frank explain the war games to Percy:
    Hazel: "No one dies. Well, not usually And if they do-"
    Frank: (imitating Vitellius) "They're wimps! Back in my day, we died all the time, and we liked it!"
  • And this one, between Frank and Percy:
    Frank: Can your sword do grenade form?
    Percy: No. Shut up.
  • "Spears are good for subtraction."
  • Percy is mad because Poseidon gave the Zhangs the power to change shape while he can't, rendering Frank nearly speechless given the terrifyingly awesome powers Percy has revealed; giant fists of Tiber water, exploding water cannon, mini-hurricanes...
  • Percy's reaction to accidentally finding Polybotes leading the invasion army south toward New Rome.
    Percy: "Schist!"
    • Anything to do with schist.
  • The entire franchise in a nutshell: "'I'm fine!' Percy yelled as he ran by, followed by a giant screaming bloody murder."
  • "Please don't let there be an app for reaping souls."
  • "Percy hated tests. Since he lost his memory, his entire life felt like one big fill-in-the-blank. He was _____ from _____, he felt like _____, and if the monsters caught him, he'd be _____."
  • A conversation between June and Percy:
    June: All roads lead there, child. You should know that.
    Percy: Detention?
  • Percy asks a whale to carry them to Alaska. The whale asks if they're seals, and Percy replies, 'No, but I've got a man satchel full of macrobiotic beef jerky.'
    • Pretty much anything to do with Percy's rainbow man-satchel, actually.
  • "O Fleecy, do me a solid. Show Reyna at Camp Jupiter."
  • Iris calls the people who work in her store ROFLcopters.
  • When Frank asks Percy if Arion is "tame".
    Percy: I don't think so. He just said "I will trample you to death, silly Chinese Canadian baby man".
    Hazel: You speak Horse?!
    Frank: Baby Man??!!
    • Anything Percy Translates for Arion
    • Theres also the messages the narrator interprets from Arion:
    he [Arion] snorted with satisfaction, as if to say, "That's how we run, fools!"
  • As in the first series, half the things Tyson is involved in. One gem in particular, involving Ella:
    Ella: The groin. The Earthborn's groin is sensitive.
    Ella: Good. Yes. Tyson found its groin.
  • "The coffee shops were doing a brisk business, and street musicians filled the air with the sounds of guitar, lyre, panpipes, and armpit noises."
  • This exchange:
    Terminus: You seem to be clean. Do you have anything to declare?
    Percy: Yes. I declare this is stupid.
    • Pretty much anything Terminus says. He's very sensitive about his lack of arms, as well as being Super OCD.
    Terminus: Ha ha! You see that? I am strangling you with my mighty arms!
    *Polybotes looks at him like he's crazy, and then proceeds to smash the bust Terminus is inhabiting.
    Terminus' head: OH YOU DID NOT! I AM VERY ANGRY NOW!
  • "Tree. Tree. Tree."
  • "Octavian screamed in a shrill voice — maybe ordering the First Cohort to stand their ground, maybe trying to sing soprano..."
  • Mars asking the Roman legionnaires for a pen. Nobody has one.
    "Two hundred Romans, and no one's got a pen?"
    • This one gets funnier in hindsight when you find out that Percy's sword, Riptide, actually can do pen form (when the cap is placed on the opposite end) in House of Hades.
  • When Octavian gives Frank the laurel wreath badge and promotes him to the rank of centurion:
    Senator 1: He's still a probie!
    Senator 2: Impossible!
  • Finding out that is run by Amazons.
  • "Welcome to Canada, idiot."
  • Frank and his grandmother snarking at each other.
    Frank: Weapons. Right. I've never handled weapons before.
    Grandmother: Was that sarcasm, Fai Zhang?
    Frank: Yes, Grandmother.
    Grandmother: Good. There may be hope for you yet.
  • A Brick Joke from The Sea of Monsters pays off here.
    At the beginning of "The Sea of Monsters"
    Percy: Laistry-I can't even say that. What would you call them in English?
    Annabeth: Canadians.
    Five books later...
    Frank: What are these guys?
    Percy: Canadians.
    Frank (a Chinese Canadian): Excuse me?

    Mark of Athena 
  • Annabeth judo-flipping Percy when they reunite, after the Reunion Kiss of course.
    • Best part is Percy's reaction: he just laughs, saying "Consider me warned. I missed you too" while still on the ground, her foot on his chest and having his arm pulled. He knew all this was coming, you just know it.
  • Percy verbally roasting Octavian in front of the Senate. Two highlights? "Thankfully that means both me and Jason outrank you, that is, we can tell you to SHUT UP." (followed by a brofist with Jason), and this.
    Octavian: "I wasn't..."
    Percy: "On the quest, yes I know. But I was."
  • Percy and Jason go to the meeting room with the others together for the first time. They both instinctively reach for the chair of honor at the end of the table at the same time. Jason emits a few sparks in surprise and slight annoyance as they exchange looks... then they sit down in the chairs to the left and right side of it, leaving the seat of honor for Annabeth.
    • Another show of friendly rivalry, after what happens in Kansas, Jason tries to apologize for almost killing Percy... only for Percy to counter that he could just as easily have killed Jason, which leads to this exchange
    Jason: Yeah sure you could have, if there ocean a sea in Kansas.
    Percy: I don't NEED an ocean...''
    • Doubly hilarious and awesome/sad after realizing two things. 1: The bickering gives us insight into what is going on between Zeus and Poseidon according to Chiron ("You were always Mom Rhea's favourite!" "Celestial miracles are way cooler than maritime ones!"). 2: Despite the bickering, Percy and Jason get along. Makes you wonder what Zeus and Poseidon could achieve if they would just work together...
  • Team Leo. Enough said.
    • Not enough said. "Hot Stuff" anybody?
      • STILL not enough said. The ENTIRE sequence where Leo tries to get all the nymphs away from Narcicuss's pool so that they can get the sheet of Celestial bronze is frickin' hilarious.
      • There's also the fact that after Narcissus wins his fangirls back, one of them is still on Team Leo.
  • Narcissus' fangirls having their fangirling moments.
  • Leo and Hazel's first encounter with Echo.
    Leo: Blue Elephants.
    Echo: Blue Elephants.
    Leo: Kiss me, you fool.
    Echo: You fool.
    Leo: Hey!
    Echo: Hey!
  • "Hercules, huh? That guy was like, the Starbucks of Ancient Greece. Everywhere you turned— there he is."
  • "Tremble before the horror of Diet Coke!"
  • "Oh, no. I am turning into a crazy dolphin."
    • While it's funny out-of-context, it's even better in context. Percy manages to improvise a plan to scare Chrysaor and his dolphin-men soldiers off the Argo II. This plan involves convincing the dolphin-men that Dionysus is the captain of this boat, since he's the god that turned them into dolphin-men in the first place. Piper and Hazel fake having suddenly gone insane, and Percy hints to Frank that he should pretend to go crazy too, while transforming into a dolphin to really convince them. Unfortunately, Frank doesn't quite catch on to the plan immediately.
    Percy: Oh no, Frank's turning into a crazy dolphin!
    *Nothing happens.
    Percy: I said, Oh no, Frank is turning into a crazy dolphin!
  • Percy and Annabeth wake up next to each other. Frank is completely red and Coach Hedge grounds Annabeth!
    • The grounding wasn't even the best part. It's implied, though not outright stated for obvious demographic reasons, that the reason everyone is so upset by Percy and Annabeth falling asleep in the same room is because they immediately jump to... extreme conclusions. And everyone's reactions based on this assumption is hilarious. Frank gets flustered and blushes a lot. Piper and Jason are more relieved to find them safe than surprised to find them safe together. Hazel, being from the 1940's, is absolutely scandalized. Leo just chuckles and keeps muttering "Classic, classic..." And then there's Percy, who seems completely nonplussed by the idea of diffusing the situation.
    Annabeth: We just came down here to talk. We fell asleep. Accidentally. That's it.
    Percy: Kissed a couple of times.
    Annabeth: Not helping!
  • Percy drowning his pancakes with syrup and Annabeth chides him for it. He claims that if he's the son of Poseidon and he can't drown, then neither can his pancakes.
  • Frank shape-shifting into an iguana to get out of Chinese Fingertraps. Leo's comment after he does so is even better.
    Leo: Yes, that is exactly how people escape Chinese Fingertraps. They turn into iguanas.
    • Even better? Leo was attempting to impersonate Chiron of all people.
  • Three words. "Dude. A goldfish?"
    • "Sup?"
  • Shrimpzilla.
    • "Nasty creatures. Keto must really hate you guys."
  • This gem:
    "Yes, the MAP IN CHARLESTON," Frank said loudly, giving Percy a wide-eyed look to make sure he hasn't missed the information. He couldn't have been more obvious if he had held up a large sign that read CLUE!!!!!
  • During the chaos of some very angry Romans due to a possessed Leo calmly firing at New Rome from the Argo II many fauns took advantage of this and ran off with whatever food they could carry.
    One trotted by Annabeth with his arms full of tacos and an entire pineapple between his teeth.
  • In Charleston:
    All around the Romans, Charleston Harbor erupted like a Las Vegas fountain putting on a show. When the wall of seawater subsided, the three Romans were in the bay, spluttering and frantically trying to stay afloat in their armor. Percy stood on the dock, holding Annabeth’s dagger.
    Percy: You dropped this.
    Annabeth: I love you!
  • Just before Percy, Piper and Jason fight the twins, we get this little conversation:
    Percy: I'm getting tired of this guy's shirt.
    Piper: Combat time?
    Jason: I hate Wonder bread.
  • When Nico finally comes to after being freed from the bronze jar, he starts groaning and crawling away. Percy considers throwing Wonder Bread at him to make him shut up and crawl faster.
  • Everything about Otis and Ephialtes: the accidentally coordinated outfits, the skintight baby blue leotard, the fact that their idea of Bread and Circuses is Wonder Bread and the total destruction of Rome...

    House of Hades 
  • A meta-example, but Riordan's dedication before the book even starts:
    To my wonderful readers: Sorry about that last cliff-hanger. Well, no, not really. HAHAHAHA. But seriously, I love you guys.
  • Leo yelling at the rock giants about breaking his mast and how they didn't grow on trees.
    Nico: Masts are from trees.
    Leo: Not the point!
  • To keep Percy with her Annabeth asks about his promise that they'd go to college together and asks what Percy would study. He answered "Surfing?"
  • Jason nearly jumps out of his skin when Nico suddenly appears out of nowhere. He begins to consider putting a bell on the son of Hades.
  • Leo wakes up from a dream hugging the statue of Nike, Jason asks what he was doing and Leo mutters that they were cuddling.
  • We've arrived. Time to Split.
  • Nico gets turned into an ear of corn. Won't be the first time he got transformed into a plant.
    • When he's turned back to normal:
    Nico: I- I had the weirdest nightmare about popcorn. (looks at Frank) When did you get bigger?
  • The reason why Nico knew about the Katobleps? It was a rare card in his mythomagic deck. Frank is quiet for a moment before confessing that he likes mythomagic.
  • The farmer god telling Frank that he had a bright future ahead if he decided to work in the fields.
  • Passalos steals the zipper off of Leo's pants, causing him to try and shake his fist at the small man while also hoisting up his pants.
  • Leo trying to get the building manager to let him in by pantomiming melting dwarves, but it turns out that Fonsi's are a decent currency in Italy.
  • Leo commenting on Jason's wasted awesome entrance after he takes out the Kerkopes and noted that he flew in like Peter Pan.
  • If to fulfill the prophecy, Leo offers to set Coach Hedge on fire. Piper imagines the satyr attacking Gaea screaming, "Die, scumbag!" and almost laughs. Almost.
  • Annabeth and Percy are up against Nyx, the primordial goddess of Night, who is forty-feet tall, made of darkness, and is in a flying chariot pulled by vampire shadow horses. What do they do? Pretend to be disgruntled tourists traveling Tartarus and distract her long enough to jump into her Mansion of Night. All in some of the funniest chapters in the book.
    Nyx: You — miserable — tourists! How dare you not whimper and beg for my autograph and a picture for your scrapbook!
  • As Percy faces off against Akhys and has found out that he can't touch her due to the Death Mist, he hopes she can't touch him in turn. This leads to an unexpected (but hilarious) bit of 1337 lingo:
    He imagined the Fates up in Olympus, laughing at his wishful thinking: LOL, NOOB!
  • Percy wanting to leave Tartarus as soon as possible before their disguise wears off and because "He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life looking like an extra from The Walking Dead.”
  • Piper snarking at Khione:
    Khione: Jason will grace my throne room.
    Piper: Clever. Take you all day to think up that line?
  • Khione freezes Jason, turning him into a huge ice statue. Piper manages to unfreeze him, only to have him land face first onto the floor and Khione refreezes him.
  • When Leo is in Ogygia, Calypso's island.
    Calypso obviously didn't want to see him. One time he poked his head inside the cave and she freaked out, yelling and throwing pots at his head.
    Yeah, she was definitely on Team Leo.
    • Both Leo and Calypso trying, and failing, to convince themselves that they are not falling in love with each other.
    It occurred to him that there is nothing hotter than a girl who was willing to get her hands dirty. Though that was just a general observation and did not apply to Calypso. Obviously.
    [Calypso] was wearing red today - Leo's favorite color. That was irrelevant. She looked really good in red. Also irrelevant.
    • "You could sing, and I could, like, randomly burst into flames or something."
    • The first time Leo meets Calypso she seems highly offended as she looks at Leo murderously when he says that she's named after "Caribbean music".
  • The revelation that Riptide, the sword that is normally disguised as a pen, can actually be used like a real pen.
  • The sadness surrounding Bob is mitigated slightly by the fact that his name is...well, Bob.

    The Blood of Olympus 
  • Nico meeting with Hades at the church. He's so confused at this, unsure if he should hug his father, or kick him in the groin and run for it. He considered the second option.
  • Leo setting the mechanical Hygeia and her pet snake on "idiot mode." Highlights include the snake bashing itself into a wall repeatedly. But even funnier is what Leo puts on the waiting room screen afterwards:
    • Hygeia playing the role of a receptionist for Asclepius, one who's obsessed with health insurance and cleanliness. And Asclepius himself is exasperated by this, saying she takes all the fun out of medicine, and also mentions the real Hygeia isn't at all like the statue.
  • Annabeth's respone to Piper's unflinching decision to leap down a randomly-timed fire geyser tunnel, even if it was the only way down there.
    "Piper, that was without a doubt the dumbest thing I've seen anyone do, and I date a dumb risk-taker!"
  • Any interaction between Percy and Leo
    "Like your zodiac sign?" Percy said. "I’m a Leo."
    “No, stupid.” Leo said. “I’m a Leo. You’re a Percy."
    • While trying to find the goddess Nike/Victoria
    "What if we promoted, like, Adidas shoes?" Percy wondered. "Would that make Nike mad enough to show up?"
    Leo smiled nervously. Maybe he and Percy did share something else-a stupid sense of humor. "Yeah, I bet that would totally be against her sponsorship deal. THOSE ARE NOT THE OFFICIAL SHOES OF THE OLYMPICS! YOU WILL DIE NOW!"
    • Made even funnier when Nike/Victoria does show up
    He just had to invoke Adidas, the goddess of off-brand shoes
  • "Do not call me Aquaman. That's worse than Water Boy."
  • Jason and Percy take "bromance" to ridiculous levels. They call each other "bro" so many times they could start a fraternity!
    Jason: And I might kill my bro, Percy.
    • Really, this book takes the opportunity to have characters who haven't interacted enough have moments together, Like Percy/Leo, Percy/Jason, Piper/Annabeth, Piper/Frank, and Reyna/Nico/Hedge. Though this gives us a lot of heartwarming moments, it also creates a lot of potential for snark.
    Jason: Atlantis?
    Percy: That's a myth.
    Jason: Uh...don't we deal in myths?
    Percy: No, I mean it's a MADE-UP myth. Not like, an actual true myth.
    Jason: So this is why Annabeth is the brains of the operation, huh?
    Percy: Shut up, Grace.
  • Annabeth, Piper, and Jason are infiltrating a meeting of giants and Gaia-raised ghosts. Things go great, until Jason gets impaled. In a panic, Piper and Annabeth hurriedly discuss how to signal Leo for help without getting blown up, and Morse code is suggested, with Annabeth deciding:
    "Flash them! That Came Out Wrong. But yeah, good idea."
  • Leo calling Frank, Hazel, Percy and himself "the ultimate non-competitive dream team" and Annabeth and Frank exchanging "war-godly looks" right after.
    • Percy being the worst runner of the bunch when Nike's underlings chase them, and nearly collapsing afterwards with almost no breath in his lungs. Think back to Lightning Thief where Percy was out-runned by trees (tree nymphs to be more precise).
  • Frank turns into a dragon carrying Annabeth and Percy in his talons. Annabeth is screaming for blood whereas Percy says, "I hate flying!!"
  • "Greeks! Let's um... fight stuff!"
    • Jason fondly notes that what the Greeks lacked in order, they certainly made up with enthusiasm.
  • Will Solace was a very secondary character until the last part of the book and, as a son of Apollo, was assumed to have the usual talents. When he gets a little more limelight and joins the action, it turns out his single "musical talent" is ultrasonic whistling. Which he weaponizes.
  • Hades got Nico a present once. It was a zombie.
    • An 18th-century French zombie chauffer named Jules-Albert, actually.
  • Speaking of Nico, after getting his clothes shredded by werewolves, he ends up spending a lot of his story wearing a tropical patterned shirt covered in parrots and palm trees.
  • The fate of Thoon, the giant made to slain the Moirai. The last times he's seen, the Moirai are beating him to death. In the form of three old ladies. Let's remember that, while smaller than his brothers, Thoon is still a giant.
    • Let's digress on the fact that even the gods are a bit nerved out by three old ladies with canes. Some were seen edging a bit nervously from the Moirai. Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome
  • Nico and Will Solace's Belligerent Sexual Tension, starting with them arguing while Nico completely coincidentally remembers meeting Will's dad, Apollo:
    He remembered Apollo, smiling and tanned and completely cool in his shades.
    Thalia had said, He's hot.
    He's the sun god, Percy had replied.
    That's not what I meant.
    Why was Nico thinking about that now?
    • The fact that they were too busy bickering to notice the entire First Cohort approaching.
  • Before the Romans leave, Frank asks Nico if he'll see him again. Nico replies, "Oh, you will. I'm going to be the flower boy at your wedding, right?", flustering Frank so badly he runs into a doorjamb.
  • The Seven are in Athens while Gaea is rising on Long Island, and trying to get a very annoyed Zeus to help them find a way back to help.
    Jason: "The winds. Father, can't you unleash the winds to send our ship back?"
    Zeus: [glowering] "I could slap you back to Long Island."
    Jason: "Um, was that a joke, or a threat, or—"
    Zeus: "No, I mean it quite literally."
  • The Battle of the Parthenon is awesome overall, but Leo's entrance takes the cake for funny and awesome:
    Enceladus: [howling in outrage due to remembering the last time they fought] Valdez!
  • After the fight with the giants but before the trip back to Camp Halfblood, one of the demigods asks why the gods even need them. Cue the gods all looking like someone forced vinegar mustard and castor seed oil down their throats.
    Aphrodite: "Don't you think we are all asking ourselves that, honey?"
  • Percy's utter confusion at Nico's admission coupled with Annabeth getting it right away. As well as Nico and Annabeth repeatedly cutting Percy's "wait, so you mean"s off through the conversation.
    Nico “But it’s cool. We’re cool. I mean, I see now... you’re cute, but you’re not my type.”
    Percy “I’m not your type... Wait. So—”
    • Annabeth high-fives Nico after this. Whether it's in congratulations for getting that off his chest or agreeing that Percy is cute is left to the reader.
  • Leo is alive and flying on Festus to Ogygia and whooping with glee to be alive.
  • There is honestly something humorous how Octavian met his demise; he tried to attack the Greeks, but it just sent him flying overhead screaming while no one is paying attention to him.

    The Demigod Diaries 
  • Leo pretending to be Dionysus.
  • Leo being his awesome self when Piper and Jason just don't get his explanations.
    Piper: Um... could you make the short explanation shorter?
    Leo: Fine. One hour. Fluids mix. Bunker goes ka-boom. One square mile of forest turns into a smoking crater.
    Leo: Gee, I didn't think of that! Let me just hit this switch and - No, Piper. I can't turn it off.
  • Percy trying to intimidate Cacus by casually mentioning all their heroic deeds. It doesn't work.
    Cacus: (laughing) The only demigod who ever defeated me was Hercules himself.
    Percy: Always Hercules. What is it with Hercules?
    Annabeth: He had a great publicist.
  • Percy stops thinking of a clever plan for a moment and goes off about Annabeth instead.
    They way her Camp Half-Blood beads rested against her throat - okay, sorry. Got a little distracted.
  • Luke's incredible talent for snarking gives us this wonderful gem:
    He (Hal) showed us the computer's internet browser. Great. Now we could order pizza and watch the monsters eat the delivery guy.