Funny / Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

  • Anytime when Mac is having a sugar rush. Especially in Partying is Such Sweet Soiree.
  • Try watching Cheese's first episode with a straight face. It's impossible.
    • "Hot rod flames!" "Bunnies!!" They eventually compromise on flaming bunnies.
    Bloo: I don't even know you anymore.
    Mac: Shut up. At least the bunnies are on fire.
  • At the start of "Busted", Bloo is suffering from a Potty Emergency, and Mr. Herriman won't let him go unless he makes his bed and brushes his teeth. It's cruel and hilarious at the same time.
    Herriman: (after Bloo uses too much toothpaste) Pea-sized...
    Bloo: Don't say "pee", please.
  • "Frankie My Dear":
    • Prince Charming's introdution, where he drops enough cheesy pick-up lines to give The Fresh Prince a run for his money.
    • ORLANDO BLOO. The part where he's trying to eat the steak is the funniest thing to ever come out of Foster's.
    "Oh, silly me. A spoon can't pick up a steak!"
    • Bloo's "putting aside our differences" speech to Mac, and then with the delivery boy, and finally with Prince Charming. He always adds "especially not Mac".
    Bloo: Especially not—
    Mac: DON'T SAY IT!!
    Bloo: Fine.
    Bloo: Princey- I mean Prissy, don't you and Frankie need to powder your noses?
    Prince Charming: (In Falsetto) Why, yes, of course! (Lifts Frankie up and carries her to the restroom) Time for some girl talk!
  • "Bloooooooo". From Bloo's Lampshading of horror B-movie plots (and getting this particular one's premise exactly right) to this little gem:
    Wilt: Who ya gonna call?
    Coco: Co Co-co!
    Wilt: They've been out of business for years!
  • "The Bloo Superdude and the Magic Potato of Power".
  • "Crime after Crime":
    • Frankie repeatedly fails at making "it," thanks to people jumping on the bed. Gets funnier every time.
    • Herriman gets a ransom letter for the carrots and reads it as having to come to the roof. What does it say when the audience can read it? "Coco Coco Coco Coco Coco Coco Coco Coco Co" It's even a Cut-and-Paste Note, as if that would help somehow.
    • Bloo trying to convince Mac to do bad stuff to get him into trouble, arguing that he's untouchable in Foster's: "What are they gonna do? Ground you? You don't live here! Spank you? They are not your parents! Send you to bed without supper? You don't eat here! Don't you get it? You are invincible here!"
      • And Mac ends up using that immunity to do the most evil act he can imagine... jumping on the bed!
        • And the follow-up to that: Frankie goes into rage mode after Mac.
  • Bloo's voice actor misread one of his lines in "Destination Imagination", which leads to this gem for older viewers.
    Mr. Herriman: Oh, Heavens! What's happening?!
    Bloo: You pissed him off, that's what's happening!
  • "Bloo's Brothers". Mac brings Bloo to show and tell one day. All of Mac's classmates think Bloo is awesome, so they all imagine weird clones of Bloo, only to leave them at Foster's. Bloo being Bloo, leads to this:
    Bloo: (Addressing his doubles) I am Bloo, and you are my minnions! Muhahahahahaha! (Clones laugh) Alone, you are singular knockoffs of a cool dude, but together we are as strong as any army! And I think we all know what we must do. (The Bloos blink and stare at each other) That's right, we must sing the Ice Charades theme song in one hundred-part harmony!!
    (Inside the community room, the other Bloos gather and sing.)
    Bloos: (Singing) Oh, Ice Charades, you're so icy and fun
    Oh, Ice Charades, it's not the "capade" one
    Oh, Ice Charades, every year comes to town
    Oh, Ice Charades, get your money back if a skater falls...
    Comically Deep Voiced Bloo: Dooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwn.
    Frankie: (Marches in as the song ends) Holy. Guac. Amole.
    • "Hi Mac. I see you've met Comically Deep-Voiced Bloo!"
    • How does Mac ultimately solve the eventual Spot the Imposter problem, after narrowing it down to two Bloos? Fake!Bloo gave a speech... that was too schmaltzy.
  • "The Big Cheese"
  • "Race For Your Life Mac and Bloo:" The titular buddies are racing each other to Foster's, but Bloo gets lost along the way. He seeks the help of a senior citizen sitting on a park bench, but it turns out the man is more than a little hard of hearing:
    Bloo: Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to Foster's?
    Old Man: Whazzat?
    Bloo: Foster's! I need to get to Foster's!
    Old Man: Flatsberg's, ya say?
    Bloo: * getting annoyed* Foster's! Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends!!
    Old Man: Flatsberg's Cone for Mackinary Hens?
    Bloo: Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends!!!
    Old Man: Flatsberg's Gnome Floor in Mackin' Harry's Pants?!
    Old Man: Flatsberg's Foamy Foreign Asian Gary's Plans??!
    Bloo: Foster's.
    Old Man: Flatsberg's.
    Bloo: Home!
    Old Man: Dome!
    Bloo: For!!
    Old Man: Wharf!!
    Bloo: Imaginary!!!
    Old Man: Engaged Blueberry!!!
    Bloo: FRIENDS!!!!
    Old Man: Soup!!!!
    • Bloo's conversations with the clerk at the convenience store certainly qualifies.
  • "Squeeze the Day"
    Mac: What are you doing?
    • Mac and Bloo are hilarious in this episode. They make the best prank call in history.
  • "Good Wilt Hunting" has this hilarious line when they are heading to Japan-
    • The judge who was at Wilt's trial gives a long-winded and dramatic take on how Wilt become the town's folk hero for cutting everyone's grass. What do they call him? The Lawn Ranger.
  • "Store Wars"
  • This particular exchange from the camping episode:
    Bloo: (fishing) I said I wanted bacon and eggs!
    • This is especially funny because Bloo's Sarcasm-Blind moment here is coming 3 episodes after he was specifically taught about sarcasm.
  • The Funny Bunny Song in "World Wide Wabbit".
  • This little gem, from Coco and Mac.
    Coco: (In a sinister tone) Co-co, co-co co co.
    Mac: Coco...I think if we did that, we'd go to jail.
  • "Cuckoo for Coco Cards": Bloo saying "Come ooooooooon" till people give him their cards.
  • "Goodbye to Bloo": The episode itself ended on a bittersweet note. The ending where basically the opening is reversed, reducing fans to tears, however there was Mood Whiplash, because beforehand there was a crowner when Cheese is revealed to have permanently moved into Foster's, followed by all the imaginary friends voicing their displeasure at this development.
  • In "Cookie Dough" when Bloo is listing the positive attributes of his and Mac's cookies he states that they're free of dioxins. When no one knows what they are, he gives a detailed description of them then boils it down to "They're bad for you."
    • When Bloo decides to sell merch relating to his cookies rather than the cookies themselves, we get this exchange where a customer calls him out on it:
      Girl: Mister, can I have a cookie please?
      Bloo: We don't sell cookies anymore.
      Girl: You're dumb.
  • "Joy ride with happy face? Never!"
  • "Setting a President" has all those slanderous, yet catchy, ads and songs Herriman and Bloo use to try and stop Frankie from winning the election. And this exchange at the debate:
    Bloo: Herriman smells like poo!
    Crowd: Hurray!
    Herriman: But he's just mudslinging! (gets hit with mud) I should've seen that coming.
  • From "Make Believe It or Not":
    • When we join Bloo and Mac the next day:
    Bloo: (putting on a fake mustache and sombrero) Okay, so just act like you don't know me and the eclairs are ours!
    • Bloo's complete overreaction to the power going out.
    Bloo: -we might as well just lay on the floor and die!
  • The movie from "One False Movie". Coco's subtitles are French, but they're French for "I do not speak French!". And especially when the movie gets (accidentally) taped over by Eduardo's favorite show, which is not revealed to anyone until the movie is being shown to the public.
  • "Bloo Done It". That whole episode is one big hilarity after another.
  • "Beat with a Schtick". Between the Hurricane of Puns, and the comical evilness of Madame Foster and Herriman, not to mention the ending, that whole episode is funny.
    • When Bloo is trying to get himself expelled, he reveals he was responsible for spiking everyone's food with hot sauce and framed Jolly Buttons.
      Herriman: (aghast) We had him deported.
      Bloo: I know. He still sends me post cards.
      (Bloo pulls out letter written with magazine cutouts that says "I will get you")
    • Bloo hires Terrance to take care of the new guy for him by promising Terrance that Mac will basically be his punching bag and Butt Monkey. Even after Terrance agrees to help, Bloo tries to sweeten the deal- to Mac's displeasure.
    Bloo: Really? Cuz if you're not sure, we can sweeten the deal. How about a few extra noogies?
    Mac: Bloo! He said he'd do it!
    Bloo: (pulls out a pink t-shirt with white print in the middle) How about this t-shirt? We can make him wear this t-shirt I made.
    Mac: (reading the t-shirt) "Mac Like-A The Potty!"?!
  • Pretty much all of "My So-Called Wife", especially Coco's crash course in etiquette and Bloo's sarcasm lessons.
    Mr. Herriman: (after Coco jumps in her soup bowl) Oh, good heavens, woman! That's the fine china!
  • The Macy's Parade Rick Roll is equal parts funny and awesome.
  • "Infernal Slumber"
    • Mac and Bloo whisper-fighting when Mac ruin's Bloo's prank.
    • Mac and friends' attempts to convince Terrance that he's dreaming after walking in on their party, complete with Bloo petting a porcupine and talking backwards.
  • Herriman's melodramatic flashback in "The Trouble With Scribbles."
    Herriman: The autumn of nineteen-hundred and eighty-four was cold... and cruel.
    (Fade to sepia-toned outside shot of the building. A door is heard opening and millions of scribbles come flying out of the window)
    (Cut to Herriman, Madame Foster and young Frankie floating amidst the swarm)
    Young Frankie: Sowwie, Mistew Hewiman.
    (Cut back to present)
    Frankie: (annoyed) I said I was sowwie!
    Herriman: "Sowwie" does not excuse the fact that we were forced to take up residence in the unicorn stables for forty-six days!
    Madame Foster: (Passing through, gleefully) It was like camping!
  • In Sweet Stench of Success, after having enough of being a celebrity, Bloo starts singing songs saying how he doesn't want to do this anymore in his performances. The last one before his friends come get him is a slow, somber one, and then...
    Wilt: (Walking on stage in a toothbrush costume, singing happily) Let me brighten your smile!
    Eduardo: (Doing the same thing as a bar of soap) I wash the bad times away!
    Coco: (As a tube of toothpaste) Cococo co-co co-co!
    Mac: (As dental floss) And I help prevent tooth decay!