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Heartwarming / Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends movie, "Destination Imagination": After the climax, Frankie wants to free the antagonist, a Reality Warper with serious separation issues who'd destroy any would-be rescuers so long as Frankie stayed by his side. Mac, Bloo and the gang, who have just narrowly escaped his giant monster form, try to talk her out of it. Herriman, who has been absolutely brutal to Frankie (even moreso in this movie than throughout the rest of the series), tells her, "Miss Frances, I have known you since you were a little girl. As I have watched you grow, I've been amazed at your lack of maturity, laziness, and lack of judgement. And all that time...I was wrong." He goes on to say that if Frankie wants to set him free, he trusts her judgement. Later, when the villain-turned-good-kid tells Herriman Frankie is a wonderful person, Herriman lays his hand on her shoulder and agrees, "That she is." It's not as touching if you don't know the characters as well, but to any long-time fan of the series...Ocular Gushers to the max.
    • Not to mention Frankie sewing a body just for World so he doesn't have to jump around at everything all the time, and that the toy chest sort of becomes a playground for everyone at Foster's - with Herriman and Frankie shown to gleefully jump in too. It's wonderful.
  • The ending of the episode Go Goo Go qualifies too. DI's just still happens to top it. But in case you're wondering how the ending of the former goes, Mac comes into the room where Goo is crying, asking if Goo is okay. It turns out that Goo felt lonely and that's why she created all the IFs. Mac gave her a speech about how imaginary friends are real friends and if she got to know the ones she already had then it would likely alleviate her feelings of loneliness. Mac, not realizing that the speech had cheered up Goo enough that she's already smiling, then apologizes for his Minor Insult Meltdown (the cause of her crying in the first place) and tells Goo that he wants to be friends with her—which causes an excited Goo to hug Mac. In the aftermath, Goo is finding homes for the IFs and has become the friend of the month as a result, while Mac has joined in on her wackiness.
  • Herriman's 'Funny Bunny' routine, though funny and at times cringeworthily saccharine, is made really heartwarming by the fact that this is Mr. Herriman we're talking about. He's still Madame Foster's imaginary friend even after all those years. Awww.
    • And even after all those years, he still sees her as that "sweet little girl." Double aww.
    • After spending most of the episode considering the performance an Old Shame and failing to prevent the footage of it from leaking onto the Internet, it turns out that the online viewers enjoyed it the same way Madame Foster enjoyed it (as opposed to laughing at him), so he starts performing it for the child customers. Triple awww.
  • The ending of "Bye Bye Nerdy".
  • Good Wilt Hunting TO THE MAX.
  • The Sweet Stench of Sucess, Bloo becomes a celebrity, but can't see his creator, Mac, which leaves Mac heartbroken. By the end of the episode, they meet up again, and even a Jerk Ass like Bloo admits that he loves Mac more than anything.
  • No mention of "Who Let The Dogs In?" That moment near the end, before the happy twist, where Frankie gently takes the last puppy from Eduardo, sadly saying just "I'm sorry, Ed..." - and then Eduardo QUIETLY COVERING HIS EYES AS HIS SHOULDERS SAG...well, it takes a stronger man than This Troper not to find themselves on the verge of Manly Tears.
  • Even though it was intended to be a funny moment, the book end of the series was one for this troper. The opening animation shows the house being drawn, and the closing animation of the episode "Good-bye To Bloo" shows the house being un-drawn, as if to say "Thanks for watching, but all good things must come to an end." Followed by a thanks from Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust in the closing credits.
  • In "The Big Picture," Camery laments about not being able to be a part of the yearly Foster's Home photo because he's the one taking the photo. At the end of the episode, Herriman has a mirror-friend stand directly across from him, so he is in the photo.
  • In "Busted," Bloo was under the threat of expulsion from the house from Herriman if he kept breaking the rules. After accidentally breaking Madam Foster's bust, Wilt offers to take the fall for Bloo, which he politely refuses. Considering that this was after Bloo's Flanderization started, you'd expect him to jump at Wilt's offer.
  • Although not heartwarming in the usual sense, the times throughout the series where Herriman and Frankie got along and worked together.
  • In the pilot, after Bloo goes on a melodramatic (but still sincere) plea explaining him and Mac's situation to Herriman, the old fuzzball is silent for a moment, but relents and agrees to let Bloo in, clearly moved by their plight.
  • Meta Example: In real life Tom Kane is an active adoption advocate, he and his wife have taken in many foster children. So when Mr. Herriman talks about finding new homes for imaginary friends, you know its coming from a sincere place.
  • Seeing Mac, Goo, Bloo, Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo playing Pretend in "Make Believe It Or Not" will make you smile. It's just cute and funny to see the friends enthusiastically killing time on a rainy day with a childish game that goes over-the-top. The kids are being kids and the imaginary friends are being the playmates and best friends they were made to be. Brings one back to the days of childhood innocence.
  • In a rare villainous example, there's a brief moment in "Seeing Red" when Terrence nearly cries Tears of Joy as the titular Red goes to "SMASH BLOO!!!"
    Terrence: "That's my boy..."
  • How well Mac and Bloo were getting along in "The Bloo Superdude and the Magic Potato of Power!" Mac was totally invested in that story!
  • In the episode where they were taking a group photo of all the friends, it's demonstrated early on that Mr. Herriman is insistent on having everyone in alphabetical order, as shown when he denies Wilt's request to stand lower on the stairs so he can be seen. However, at the very end, he makes a single exception: he tells a mirror imaginary friend to stand lower so the camera imaginary friend, who's taking the picture, can be in it as he's always wanted.
  • When Uncle Pockets is discovered to be keeping mementos of his past adopters, he thinks this will end everyone's respect for him. The rest of Foster's is quick to say otherwise.
    Mr. Herriman: That's preposterous! There is no shame in loving your child!
    Madame Foster: (walks up to the pile and picks up a dolly) Collecting mementos is a wonderful endeavor!
    Other Imaginary Friends: And to us you'll always be/the best imaginary friend ever!
  • Meta crossover moment: After seeing Inside Out, Craig McCracken said that Bing Bong is welcome to come stay at Foster's. In response, Someone drew a picture of Riley and Bing Bong arriving there.