Heartwarming: Destination Imagination

  • Watching World treat Frankie to a Unicorn ride.
    Frankie: This is so rad!
  • After World has his first Freak Out, Frankie comforts him by telling him she'd never abandon him.
    Frankie: Why would I just leave without telling you? I mean, who does that? You're my friend, I would never ever leave you alone.
  • Once World's un-shrunk everyone and apologizes for the things he did, Mac is the first to accept his apology.
    World: (holds out a hand for a handshake) Friends?
    Mac: (happily shakes World's hand) Friends.
  • Once everything is said and done, Mr. Herriman instigates the Fair Chore Act so that everyone in the house helps out and takes the burden off of Frankie.

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