Heartwarming / Freakazoid!

  • In season 2's Mission Freakazoid Professor Jones gets two: first is when Cosgrove saves him after the plane gets shot down. The second is after his attempt to rescue the Douglas family failed, when everyone compliments him for having the will to go in to begin with.
  • In "The Chip" two-parter, Freakazoid keeps asking Roddy if he wants to go out for snow cones, but there's no time for it. At the end of Part 2, he's depressed about Roddy being gone. That's when he meets Cosgrove, and their Intergenerational Friendship starts with this adorable exchange:
    Cosgrove: You've done a good job here, kid.
    Freakazoid: Thanks.
    Cosgrove: Say, you wanna go out for a snow cone?
    Freakazoid: Do I ever! [hugs Cosgrove]
  • The Friendly Enemy relationship between Freakazoid and The Lobe is pretty darn cute, one of the cutest moments being in the episode, "In Arms Way", where the two of them cross paths while Christmas shopping, and reveal that they actually bought something for each other.
    • It's also kind of adorable to see the Lobe say "I hope he gives me troubadour pants" and then bat his eyes.
  • In "Statuesque", when Freakazoid reverses the effects of the watch that turned Steff to stone, what is the first thing he does? Runs right over to her, and gives her a big hug. Even Cosgrove couldn't help but go, "AWWWWWW"!
  • In one episode, the narrator announces that the program is being interrupted to give the viewers an important message: "I love you".
  • The series finale in season 2 sees the show go out with dignity and grace. It ends with a curtain call of Freakazoid, his friends, family, enemies, even the announcer and of course, Mr. Spielberg himself. And they send it off by singing “we’ll meet again.”
  • In "Dance of Doom", three different girls rejected Dexter Douglas' invitations to the school dance, and how does Freakazoid react upon getting there? He chews out two of the girls for lying to Dexter, and after saving the day, turns back into Dexter while the third girl wasn't looking right after kissing him. It didn't go as planned, but it isn't often you see Freakazoid looking out for Dexter.
    Freakazoid: [thinking while being kissed] Dexter and I are different parts of the same whole. Perhaps Val should learn you can't reject one without rejecting the other.