Heartwarming: Freakazoid!

  • In season 2's Mission Freakazoid Professor Jones gets two: first is when Cosgrove saves him after the plane gets shot down. The second is after his attempt to rescue the Douglas family failed, when everyone compliments him for having the will to go in to begin with.
  • Freakazoid keeps asking in "The Chip" two-parter Roddy if he wants to go out for snow cones, but there's no time for it. At the end of Part 2, he's depressed about Roddy being gone.
    Cosgrove: You've done a good job here, kid.
    Freakazoid: Thanks.
    Cosgrove: Say, you wanna go out for a snow cone?
    Freakazoid: Do I ever! [hugs Cosgrove]