Awesome / Freakazoid!

  • Waylon Jeepers approaches Freakazoid and asks him if he'd like to see something "straaange and mysticaaaal?" Freakazoid, without hesitating for a nanosecond: "NOOOOOOOO!!! GET OUTTA HERE WITH THAT WATCH! LAY OFF THE POOR BEAVERS, WILL YA?!? SHEEEESH! YOU'RE A CREEP! GO AWAY! WE WERE ALL HAVING A GOOD TIME UNTIL YOU SHOWED UP, JEEPERS! UUUUUUUUGH! GO HAVE SOME COFFEE, WITH CREAM, OR SOMETHING! BECAUSE I'LL TELL YOU SOMETHING: THIS IS A HAPPY PLACE!!"
    • Not only did Freakazoid effectively show kids how to deal with creeps, but he secured himself as being awesome, forever.
    • Note: Normally, this would be a Funny Moment rather than a Moment of Awesome, but it's Freakazoid, so it's okay.
    • Making this even better is that Paul Rugg, Freakazoid's voice actor, improvised almost all of that rant. EVEN better than that is that Rugg wasn't even a voice actor to begin with — he was the show's head writer, and won the role by accident, when he demonstrated how Freakazoid was supposed to sound like to help the casting of the role, and Steven Spielberg liked his performance so much that he said on the spot "the role is yours."
      • How about the end of that episode, where he makes out with the hottest of the girls who rejected him earlier, lampshading it by mentioning it's "shallow, cheap, and based sorely on hormones" before going back to sucking face?
  • During one episode, there's a short bit where Freakazoid's entire Rogues Gallery has Steph held captive in a high tower. Freakazoid proceeds to mow through the whole lot of them to save her.
  • In "Freakazoid is History!", Freakazoid averts World War II by checking the Pearl Harbor bombers for fruits, vegetables and torpedoes.
    • And in the altered timeline, Sharon Stone can act, Rush Limbaugh is a bleeding-heart liberal, Euro-Disney is packed, cold fusion works, there are no Chevy Chase movies, and the Brain is the president.
  • From "The Cloud." Freakazoid quickly stops The Lobe's evil plot - using a giant cloud to turn people into zombie clowns - just by telling him "That's the stupidest plan I've ever heard of!" and ranting at him till the Lobe is reduced to tears. The Lobe is so distraught, in fact, that he even apologizes to the viewers.
  • Pretty much anytime Cosgrove tells someone to cut it out, but special mention goes to getting the Warner Brothers (and Warner Sister) to behave in the crossover comic.
    • Just to reiterate that: Cosgrove stopped the Animaniacs! That's something some of their show's cast dedicated their entire lives to, and Cosgrove manages it with just four words.
      "Hey! Cut it out."
  • Freakazoid chewing out the Lobe for his Evil Plan in "The Freakazoid". Given that the Lobe's crimes were far crueler than usual after he tricked Freakazoid into believing that he has to leave him alone, it is quite satisfying to see Freakazoid make it clear to his nemesis how pissed off he is that he'd been had. The icing is how intimidated the Lobe looks when he tries to deny Freakazoid's accusations while avoiding direct eye contact.
  • Real-life example: "Hero Boy" came back short, so the writers came up with the Stock Footage sequence narrated by Guitierrez. The day they were recording the lines in an ADR session, Bruce Timm to oversee some ADR for Superman: The Animated Series. On break, Timm poked in to see what they were up to, so when they showed him the sequence, he started laughing.
    Paul Rugg: And I'm like "We made Bruce Timm laugh."
    • Also in the same episode we see how Cosgrove ACTUALLY managed to convince the city that the Freakazoid clone is in fact a evil clone and it pays off all those times Cosgrove invites Freakazoid to doing fun things during his superheroing throught the entire series!
    Cosgrove: I'm Sgt. Mike Cosgrove. How y'all doing? We now have reason to believe that the Freakazoid loose in the city is a clone.
    Freakazoid: Yes!
    Guitierrez: No!
    Reporter: What makes you think he's a clone?
    Cosgrove: Because I invited him to the Yakov Smirnoff film festival, and he said, "No."
    Everyone: CLONE!