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Headscratchers: Freakazoid!
  • What would happen if you-know-who said his own name?
    • I dunno. What would happen if he (candle...not that last part of the name) said his own name? I guess he'd tie himself up.
    • His head would asplode. Why? Don't ask. Ya don't want to know....
      • Nah, he'd just... hear himself. Isn't that how it works? He comes for you if you say his name; he's not a evil computer.
      • But he comes across people he doesn't kidnap until they say his name. It may not be mandatory for him to kidnap everyone who says it, but it at least seems to be a limit that he can't kidnap them unless they say those words.
    • And didn't The Lobe call him by name in the series finale without being abducted afterwards? Maybe naming him gives him the option of kidnapping someone and he can always not take it.
      • So did the Warner Brothers in the Freakazoid and Friends theme.
      • Can you even kidnap yourself?
    • The Lobe only called him "Jack" if I recall. You gotta say the full name, or the guy would be abducting the entire cast of Pirates of the Caribbean several times a day.
    • I don't think that there's anything that automatically, necessarily, inherently happens upon the particular cluster of morphemes K-sound, short-A, N-sound, D-sound, glottal stop, L-sound, J-sound, short-A, K-sound, in that order, being uttered. I mean, it's not like there was anything special about that phrase before Candle Jack himself existed. It's not an incantation. He just makes a point of deciding to appear when someone says his name.
    • I am perfectly immune to saying my own name. How do you think you know it in the first place? -Candle Jack.
  • If somebody saw him do it, he might kid them by chasing his tail until hes bored. Other then that I don't think anything would happen.

  • What would be the result if Cosgrove told him to cut it out, using his name in the process?
    • He'd cut it out. Even you-know-who has his limits.
      • No, he'd definitely show up and try to abduct him, but Cosgrove would give him a knuckle sandwich. He has no problem giving one to an Eldritch Abomination; he could handle ol' C.J. Believe-It-Or-Not.
  • Jack vs. Jack: What would happen if Jack Bauer named that guy?
  • Is Freakazoid the true personality, or is Dexter? He spends more time in the "hero" persona and less Clark Kenting then is typical for the genre.
    • I don't think either of them is "true", its a split personality thing; Freakazoid being the personality Dexter produced to cope with the amount of information he absorbed from the internet. Given the Split Personality Takeover that seems to be in progress, perhaps the two melded, with Dexter being washed away by the flood that is Freak.
  • Would you-know-who still kidnap you if you said his name in Pig Latin (Andlecay Ackjay)?
    • We never heard from this user again.
      • Nor would we want to after asking such stupid questions.
    • Nope; that user's still here.
      • Unless it was Candle Jack himself who typed tha
  • In 'The Freakazoid', why didn't The Huntsman realize that heroes don't have to do everything that's told to them on their birthday?
    • He lives in isolation, in the woods. Apart from playing on the baseball team with the other heroes, I don't think he's in very regular contact with them, or most anyone.
  • Professor Jones...wasn't he on a show with a robot?
  • Where exactly is it stated that writing his name will make him take you away? The characters in the episode said it was only if you said his name out loud, so how does this Candlejack meme make any se
  • Just who was Freakazette's secret identity? The episode she was planned to be introduced in never got made, and this troper is dying to know who she really was. Was she Steff, or some female cousin of Dexter's? Someone provide me with the answer!
  • If Freakazoid was produced by Dexter absorbing the internet or something of that nature, why doesn't he reflect the 'net's pornographic nature more? In universe, not out. The out of universe explanation is obvious.
    • Freakazoid is the internet of the mid-nineties. Porn content was vastly lower then.
      • I bet the percentage was about the same, there is just more of everything now.
      • This, plus some of his powers seem to be partially related to the electricity surging into him. Like sticky-uppy hair. And superspeed.
    • I always thought the Freakazoid personality was just Dexter going batshit insane, not a personality generated from the sum total of all the information on the internet. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion the ratio of porn to non-porn content on the internet is vastly overstated.
      • According to This Very Wiki, porn constitutes 30% of the internet's traffic. But again, that's a relatively recent figure.
    • It's possible he started off that way at his "birth" but got so freaked out by the pictures (and Rule 34) that he went insane and ended up the way we know him. And now you know the rest of the story.
    • In the opening, one part claims that Freakazoid is a "textbook case for Sigmund Freud", and as we all know, Freud believed all psychological problems to have sexual bases. So Being that Freakazoid has downloaded loads of freakish porn, I wouldn't be surprised that he needed help.
    • Here's a better question: When Dexter Douglas was sucked into the internet, he was driven insane (Creating the Freakazoid personality, this was explicitly predicted by Roddy Mac Stew) and his appearance is changed. When Armando Gutierrez is sucked into the internet, his personality remained the same but his appearance is changed in a manner similar to Dexter/Freakazoid. And when Roddy Mac Stew is sucked in... nothing really changes, either appearance or personality-wise... Why is that?
      • They were clearly already insane.
      • Maybe they were just more prepared for going into the internet. Dexter didn't have a clue what was going on, so when he was hit with the full blast of cyberspace, his mind created Freakazoid's personality to try and compensate.
      • I think Roddy had the lightning-streak when he came out. Somewhere around his sideburns, maybe? I dunno, I'd have to rewatch the episode. As for not being affected any further, dude's voiced by Craig Ferguson. The man is the closest thing to a real Freakazoid you can get.
      • IIRC, Gutierrez mentioned that he improved the process that transformed him. Persumably that means no insanity as well.
  • Why does Duncan (Dexter's brother) called Freakazoid that blue guy in hot rod from heck? Freakazoid was already known superhero, is that guy live in a bubble or something?
    • Because Duncan is an idiot.
      • Well, yes, but more than that, Duncan is a sheltered mama's boy; an early model of Dudley Dursley. I find it totally believable that character would have no idea what's happening in the world around him.
    • Dudley first saw Freakazoid before he'd made headlines; he was a bejumpsuited nightmare who attacked him from nowhere. That characterization might easily stay in his mind even after seeing him in other contexts.
  • What was Huntsman doing during the events of "The Freakazoid"? He wasn't at the conference with the other superheroes, so why wasn't he available to take on Lobe? I know it would go against the whole point of Huntsman's character, but it's odd that the issue is never raised, particularly since he shows up again at the very end, implying that he was still in the area.
    • The Huntsman strikes me as a fellow with either wanderlust or at least an urge to run long distances a lot. He probably goes back and forth between different towns and forests a great deal. In fact he may even be (or have been) slightly nomadic.
  • What the hell is Steph saying in 'The Island of Dr. Mystico'? You know, the Overly Long Gag line.
    • "That was quite a jolt, Freak" (according to the DVD subtitles).
  • Has anyone else been wondering what would have Freakazoid looked like had Dexter gotten sucked into the Internet today?
    • No but I am now.. *shudder*
    • He would become Trope-tan.
  • So, is Freakazoid a split personality or Dexter Insane/Without Inhibitions? I always wondered...
    • The show seems to be pretty inconsistent in this regard, with hints towards both. An argument can be made for either one, really.
  • As was shown in the episode "Dexter's date," Freakazoid is capable to catch Lobe in a few seconds if he put a mind in it. The fight and chase is just a routine they both enjoy. So can he do the same with other villains too? Maybe Freakazoid can even catch Candle Ja... you know, that guy, after saying his full name?
  • So, if Ed Asner tells someone to cut it out, do they have to? I mean, besides voicing Cosgrove he also physically resembled the character. Could Ed Asner be the key to all major conflicts? And if so, could we convince him to help, or would his power also come with the unceasing desire to go get mints and build go karts?
  • Here's a question: What the hell does it mean to get a mint? Are we talking like, breath mints here, or is there some context I'm unaware of?


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