Radar / Freakazoid!

There's a reason this show became a Cult Classic with older people.

  • "Frenching With Freakazoid" (a segment about learning phrases in French). Not to mention that the phrase being taught was "qui a coupé le fromage?"... or "who cut the cheese?"
  • There was also a pretty funny exchange between Freakazoid and Cosgrove.
    Freakazoid: "Hey Cosgrove, why didn't you ever get married?"
    Cosgrove: "I like meat too much."
    Freakazoid: "Y'know, you could be married and still eat a lot of meat."
    Cosgrove: (beat) "I didn't know that."
  • The scene with Handman and his wife is one of the very few instances where a show got away with an implied sex scene!
  • Freakazoid exclaiming "That's Uranus!" while showing the planet.
    • From the same episode (with Mo-Ron in the segments) the first opening of the episode has many dignitaries congratulating Freakazoid on disarming a nuclear bomb. The two dignitaries, Princess Diana and Sharon Stone make subtle hints and advances on Freakazoid only to end up having a Cat Fight in the end. Also, this diaologue between the two.
    Princess Diana: And on behalf of the United Kingdom I want to personally thank you Freakazoid. In a very personal way if you catch my drift.
    Sharon Stone: Yeah! Well cool your jets Princess and wait your turn. He's taken!
    Freakazoid: Sharon!
    Princess Diana: Why you tramp!
    Sharon Stone: Who you calling a tramp? You stuck up little-
    Princess Diana: How dare you! proceeds to beating the crap out of eachother*
  • From The Wrath of Gutierrez:
    Gutierrez: "If I don't have a phone line lickety-split, I shall squeeze you, and I shall keep on squeezing you until your man juices run dry!"
    Guard: "Ew."
  • In "Next Time, Phone Ahead", there is a scene where Freakazoid demonstrates to Mo-Ron (renamed Bo-Ron) that eating carrots gives you X-ray vision. They are looking at the bone structure of their own hands during the scene, but Steff briefly appears in the background before looking worried and immediately leaving.