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Shout Out: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
  • In the credits gag of the first episode, Bloo is flipping through the channels, and finally decides on one. You can hear audio from Craig's earlier cartoon, The Powerpuff Girls, with the narrator saying his Catch Phrase.
  • Plenty of shout-outs to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as well, though. For instance, the villain from the video game Bloo plays is called "Lord Beeblebrox" and the two nerdy scientists who study Coco are called Douglas and Adam, respectively. Adam wears a blue t-shirt with the number 42 on it.
    • There's also a scene in the episode in which Bloo steals the Foster's bus which has a hitchhiker wearing a bathrobe holding a sign that says "Magrathea." In the same episode, there is a Star Wars shout out when Mac throws money for a toll out the window and misses to which Bloo responds "Negative. It only impacted on the surface."
    • In yet ANOTHER (much more obscure) Hitchhikers reference, the friends unite together to rescue a cat from a tree using what Frankie calls "Plan Z-Z-9-Plural Z-Alpha".
  • In Blooooo, Bloo's hallucinated reflection looks at him and says "Run, Bloo, run!"
  • The episode Bye Bye Nerdy gives us this exchange between Bloo and Frankie:
  • Frankie's T-shirt (that she wears 99% of the time) has a Stylized image of The Powerpuff Girls.
    • Similarly, in the episode where Eduardo gets fleas, the flea mayor looks and sounds strangely familiar.
    • In the pilot movie, whle Wilt, Coco and Eduardo are taking Mac and Bloo showing them allmthe imaginary friends, Mojo Jojo appears while Wilt is talking about "unimaginative friends" that kids just copy off of TV.
  • In a Halloween episode, Bloo turns white (he's sick) and everyone believes that he's a ghost. Coco picks up a phone:
    Wilt: Who ya gonna call?
    Coco: Co Co-co!
    Wilt: They've been out of business for years!
  • Also in that episode, when looking for the ghost, Wilt says, "That Phantom Menace!", namedropping one of the Star Wars films.
  • The card for Mac in the last episode contains the signatures "Yogi Booboo" and "Big Fat Baby".
  • "Challenge of the Superfriends" contained some pretty blatant references to Revenge of the Sith. Bloo is clearly meant to be a Captain Ersatz of Darth Vader in this, with Nemesis as Darth Sidious.
  • In Destination Imagination, the body Frankie creates for World looks very similar to Snap.
  • There's a resturaunt called "Nice Burger".
  • In Go Goo Go, Goo's letter is signed "Your Friend Goo".
  • Someone on the team must really like Nintendo. Let us count the ways...
    • Neighbor Pains has a joke about Frankie being a "mother of 64". That same episode has a boy who looks strangely like Lucas from Mother 3 and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Search "Mother 64".
    • The Buck Swaps Here has two mustached guys wearing red and green. The heights are there, and the mustaches are the same styles. It would be crazy to think of it a coincidence.
    • Affairweather Friends gives Barry a game console whose controller is awfully like the Wii's remote and nunchuk.
    • The pilot episode, House of Bloo's shows a Game Boy Advance in Mac's apartment.
    • In The Bloo Superdude and the Magic Potato of Power, the magic potato (in real life) is... a Nintendo DS—with mirrored button controls.
    • Foster's Home seems to have a Gamecube. It shows up in Fools and Regulations and Crime After Crime, among others.
    • Destination Imagination has a game level suspiciously like in the Mario games. Complete with snails replacing koopas, piranha plants, a growth item that comes out when Mac jumps under a block, and an item that makes Eduardo invincible for a short while (complete with power up music)!
  • A tall basket ball player named Wilt? C'mon guys, that's an easy one.
    • Quite interestingly, this basketball player also claimed to have sex with over 20,000 women...
  • Two of Coco's former owners who adopted her to research her look suspiciously like Dexter and Mandark, though their names are different, the concept and look is there.
  • Another from Destination Imagination is the big gem. It's a lot like the old Sonic games, where you feel accomplished winning the emerald and freeing a cute critter.
  • Peanuts references, galore!
    • An old man in Something Old, Something Bloo crying "Curse you Red Baron!" before promptly falling asleep.
    • The piano intro, as well as the decorated doghouse in A Lost Claus.
    • When Bloo shares his story on how Uncle Pockets arrived in Bloo Done It, he starts with "It was a dark and stormy night..."
    • Probably the most blatant of the examples is when Wilt pulls away Bloo—the football, from getting kicked by Mac in Fools and Regulations. "Good grief" indeed. To Wilt's merit, it isn't done in malice.
  • The show Misplaced on Let Your Hare Down.
  • A videogame called "Immortal Wombat" in Affairweather Friends and a movie called "Astro Slam" (with Golly Gopher on the poster) in Good Wilt Hunting.
  • In the pilot movie, there's a bit where the now legless Extremasaur is chasing Bloo around the dump. It switches to an overhead view and looks like something out of Pac-Man.
    • Not to mention Bloo's ghost shape. But why is Pac-Man chasing the ghost? Well he's Bloo isn't he?
  • The episode titled Squeakerboxx seems to be a shout out to the Outkast album Speakerboxx/The Love Below.
  • In the episode titled "The Big Lablooski" don't these guys look familar?
    • Speaking of which, in the first episode Bloo rattles off a list of his nick names, one of which is "El Blooderino"
  • When Mac has finally been tracked down after running naked through the town on a sugar high, he winces at the spotlights on him, rasping out "It burns us!"
  • In Bloo Tube, we see Bloppy Pants' band, Pizza Party, attempting to film a music video on treadmills. When Bloo distracts them and they fail, Yogi Boo Boo says, "Okay GO... again."
  • There's a telegraph friend called Morsey who talks in either Morse code, or lyrics from The Smiths songs.
  • One of the Bloos in "Bloo's Brothers" resembles Homestar Runner!
  • In the pilot movie, three characters appear based on Ed, Edd, and Eddy. These guys also make a cameo in "Eddie Monster".
  • In "Duchess of Wails", the battle at the end is an obvious rip off of the Battle of Helm's Deep in The Lord of the Rings. Complete with Madame Foster as Théoden and Wilt sliding on a shield!
  • A fair few to The Powerpuff Girls, both being made by Craig McCracken, as well as to many, many other pop culture phenomena, too many to list.
  • The founder of their town is Elwood J. Dowd, who was the one who saw Harvey, an "Imaginary Friend".
  • 2 of the biggest Shout Outs to Video Games in Western Animation history: A chase scene in the pilot episode resembles the game Pac-Man to high degrees (which was easy, since Bloo looks just like one of the ghosts from this game). Later, in Destination Imagination, there's a longer scene that looks exactly like an NES Super Mario Bros. game, complete with Mac growing upon eating a... not mushroom, but pumpkin. The only real differences are said pumpkin and the appearances of some enemies.
  • In "Mac Daddy", when Bloo is trying to get rid of Cheese, he says to him, in a very sinister tone: "Wanna play a game?"
  • In one episode, Frankie is basically saying that Mac needs to calm down. Bloo then adds, "Yeah, Mac. "Frankie says relax."
  • One episode features an imaginary creature similar to Pikachu, complete with lightning powers.
  • "Destination Imagination". The first clue thats something is wrong when the gang wakes up in the house, the carpet is the same as the one in ''The Shining". This pattern appears again at the hotel in "Pranks for Nothing".
  • At the end of "Bloo Superdude & the Great Creator of Everything's Awesome" a hallucinating Frankie imagines herself in a science fiction scene very reminiscent of Barbarella... a movie, it should be noted, that is very nearly porn.
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