Funny: Battle Fantasia Project

The original version

The Italian remake
  • Production notes mention the Italian Guardia di Finanza (a gendarmerie specialized in financial crimes) once managed to arrest Arcueid Brunestud, Nrvnqsr Chaos and Roa. Why is this here and not among the awesomeness? Because of how it happened: Arcueid simply let herself get arrested because she knew she would get out soon enough and becoming a wanted criminal could have caused her unneeded distractions, Roa's arrest consisted of him getting shot a dozen times and the Guardia di Finanza complaining about their weak sidearms when they saw he was still alive (to be fair, the pistols they used at the time of the incident were underpowered), and Chaos laughing until he fainted when they ordered him to stand down. They still got a fearsome reputation out of it (because Roa couldn't say anything to anyone, Arcueid doesn't care of setting the record straight, and Chaos was too ashamed of what happened to reveal he wasn't really defeated in some epic battle).
  • Mio Kuroki's Heroic BSOD in "Addestramento Sailor" ("Sailor Training") when Seiya mentioned Minako in her presence.
  • The explanation of why the Shitennou hated each other: they used to be friend, but one day the friendly competition between Zoisite and Nephrite led the former to create Mio and Nephrite, following the advice of a drunken Jadeite, created five perverted tentacle monsters. It degenerated from there.
  • The list of Minako's prank presents:
    • Ami: music CD of the Queen in memory of Freddy Mercury, porn about Ami's ideal man Albert Einstein;
    • Artemis: a chocolate box with a spring-loaded monster inside, fennel (suggested by Michiru, as the Italian name of the plant is a slang for effemminate people);
    • Cornelia Hale (the trope picture on the Green Thumb page): a gardening manual;
    • Haruka: the issues of the magazine Margaret in which Rose of Versailles was first published. Both prankster and victim fainted when Michiru pointed out just their enormous monetary value;
    • Homura Akemi: a pocket watch reproducing the fob watch;
    • Hotaru: a street lamp for her lamp collection;
    • Makoto: a rose cake (Minako learned the recipe just for this);
    • Mami Tomoe: padded bra;
    • Mamoru: a hand-made copy of a Colt 1911 in case someone tried to kidnap him again (backfired when Usagi confiscated it and demonstrated being a better shoot with it than Minako herself with her service gun firing a cartridge noted to be extremely accurate), the original Batmobile of Adam West's Batman;
    • Michiru: a gigantic piece of turron (a sweet that the Italian city of Cremona, where Michiru lived and from where her violin comes from, is famous for);
    • Mikomi (an amnesiac Puella Magi): a journal;
    • Naru the Youma Bait: a fishing rod with live bait;
    • Natsuna e Wakagi: cherry-flavored condoms;
    • Rei: all she needs to play the Adeptus Mechanicus (surprisingly, Rei and Minako are a formidable duo in tournaments), a 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa with an helmet decorated with mice;
    • Setsuna: a TARDIS model (and that's why Homura got the fob watch: Minako had already given Setsuna the TARDIS and didn't want to repeat herself);
    • Umino: corrective surgery for his eyesight (the joke was on everyone else: Minako was the only one knowing that Umino is actually gorgeous without the Nerd Glasses);
    • Usagi: a giant hamster wheel (Usagi loves it, and uses it as an exercise machine).
  • The side story "Practical Lessons for Magical Girls", with each chapter giving the girls advice for something and showing various scenes of them putting it in practice:
  • In an omake, Madoka, upon Sailor Venus' suggestion, wishes to Kyuubey to transform into Heroic Spirit every single character in the song The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny plus Bruce Lee, and sick them upon Chaos. Ten minutes later, thanks to the power of the Chuck Norris Facts, Chaos had been annihilated, after which we see a scene of chaos in which Minako trying to drive Optimus Prime, Batman cheating while playing cards with Superman and Puellae Magi recharging their Soul Gems under the Care Bear Stare are the less insane things happening.