Funny: After Hours

The Movie

  • "I'll probably get blamed for that."

Web Animation:

  • In the Apocalypse How episode:
    Katie: Now you all think that you could shoot Michael in the face if you had to, but could you?
    Soren, Dan: (without hesitation) Yes.
  • The end of "Robot Uprising", where Dan gets a call/text and tosses his phone into the kitchen.
  • Most of "The Six Most Unintentionally Creepy Sitcom Characters".
    • Particularly when a random background character (actually a Cracked contributor) points out that Principal Bellding (aka "Buffalo Billding") was the creepiest because he followed Zach across the country and obsessed over him... only for Soren to realize that the same background character had followed them to their new hangout.
  • From the "Ninja Turtles" episode:
    Michael: Dan, you like Donatello, 'cause he's a nerd and he's open to sex with electronics.
    Dan: First of all, "Does machines" isn't literal! Second, it was a foot massager that I got for my birthday, and I told you all that a thousand times!
    Soren: And not one of us ever asked...
  • The start of the movie stereotypes episode.
    Soren: What're we talking about?
    Soren: Mm-mm. Nope.
    Katie: You know what else white women can't do?
    Soren, Michael and Dan: Jump!
    Soren: Should've walked away, Soren.
  • In the Batman Episode when Soren goes full-on fanboy about Batman.
  • The group is quite bad at guessing how old Katie is in the "Horrifying Childhood Lessons from Movies" episode.
    • Michael's connecting the Gremlins movies to Gizmo literally murdering his species' adulthood is such a downer that Katie is stuck with a frown even as her cake comes out.
  • The Star Trek episode. All of it!
    • Live short and be impoverished, Bitch!
    • Katie declaring the Federation to be evil.
    Katie: They have total blind faith in their way of life. I mean, what other cultures are like that?
    Soren: North Korea.
    • Michael just using "Jean-Luc Picard" as a rebuttal.
      • Which does make some sense:
    "Because Picard is an infallible source of truth, justice and reason invoking him to prove a point immediately grants credence to your opinion."
    • At the end, Michael finds out about Scientology, and the others trick him into signing up for it.
  • The episode about Harry Potter is filled to the brim with Fridge Logic about the Harry Potter universe.
    Katie: Okay, you can't question magic - it's magic! I mean, you can't get hung up on the details of some nerd world.
    Dan: Have you met us?
  • Soren in How Breakfast Cereal Mascots Brainwashed You
    • "Cereal comes in bags?"
    • "But the authorities are our friends"
  • The Indiana Jones episode:
    Katie: Don't you see? He is dragging us backwards! He has always dragged us backwards!
    Michael: (looking into the camera) That's my shtick!
    Dan and Soren glance behind themselves following Michael's eyeline, confused
    • Katie's constant attempts at Double Entendre with a "if you know what I'm saying." They get weirder and weirder, until:
    Katie: ...If you know what I'm saying-
    Dan: Nobody knows what you're saying!
    Michael (guiltily/haunted expression): I know...
  • The The Only Eight Types of TV Shows That Get Made is one of these by virtue of the constant pop-up ads each time a character suggests a series—and sometimes even when they don't. "Screw the protagonist!"
  • In the "Spider-Man" episode, Michael is seemingly lecturing Dan, then at the last minute switches it up and says "...uh, is what I'd tell Peter Parker."
    Soren: ...Peter Parker seems to want all his loved ones to die horribly.
    Dan: Yeah, I know how he feels.
    Michael: Aww! We're his loved ones! Sad...
    Michael: We should go at the same time. Maybe he'll cry!
    Dan: Are you... actually bullying me? (Michael blows a straw-wrapper at Dan)
  • Dan trying to open his giant lolly in the Disney episode.
  • In "6 Insane Stereotypes That You Still See in Every Movie" Soren asks when have they last seen a black man ending up with a white woman in a movie. While everyone struggles to think of an example, Michael immediately thinks of porn.
  • Anything to do with Sick!Soren in the "Alternate Dimensions" episode, particularly when he coughs up bird fluff.
    Michael: Or maybe our Soren is trapped in an alternate dimension, and we're saddled with this guy.
    Soren: I can't tell if I'm just really sweaty on my legs or peed my pants and forgot.
    Michael: I like him.
    Soren: Katie, I-I don't know a gentle way to put this, so I'm gonna come right out and say it. You are a woman.
    Katie: How dare you. That is our word.
    Dan: He's right. Though I'm not sure he's having the same conversation as us.
  • In The Four Best Movie Universes to Die In:
    Soren: Dogs can't play Clue Katie!
    • From the same episode:
      Katie: Your... Parents named your dog "Soren's Replacement"?
      Soren (sounding completely genuine): They loved her second most.
  • In "Why Movie Cops Are Terrible At Their Jobs", the conversation is spurred by Katie's borderline irrational hatred towards cops, including a number of very odd insults that leave the rest of the table in Stunned Silence.