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Funny: After Hours

Web Animation:

  • In the Apocalypse How episode:
    Katie: Now you all think that you could shoot Michael in the face if you had to, but could you?
    Soren, Dan: (without hesitation) Yes.
    • Another example, when Mike talks about his apocalypse scenario being an asteroid hitting Earth:
    Mike: I want total, unavoidable armageddon, like in that movie Deep Impact. It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel like sticking it in stuff.
  • The end of "Robot Uprising", where Dan gets a call/text and tosses his phone into the kitchen.
  • Most of 'The Six Most Unintentionally Creepy Sitcom Characters".
  • From the "Ninja Turtles" episode:
    Michael: Dan, you like Donatello, 'cause he's a nerd and he's open to sex with electronics.
    Dan: First of all, "Does machines" isn't literal! Second, it was a foot massager that I got for my birthday, and I told you all that a thousand times!
    Soren: And not one of us ever asked...
  • In the Batman Episode when Soren goes full-on fanboy about Batman.
    • "Who put 31 sugar packets on the floor?"
    • "He's gone mad with Aspergers!"
  • The Star Trek episode. All of it!
    • Live short and be impoverished, Bitch!
    • Katie declaring the Federation to be evil.
    Katie: They have total blind faith in their way of life. I mean, what other cultures are like that?
    Soren: North Korea.
    • Michael just using "Jean-Luc Picard" as a rebuttal.
      • Which does make some sense:
    "Because Picard is an infallible source of truth, justice and reason invoking him to prove a point immediately grants credence to your opinion."
    • At the end, Michael finds out about Scientology, and the others trick him into signing up for it.
  • That one episode about Harry Potter!
    • "We can launch a thousand rockets from outer space! With iPhones!"
  • Soren in How Breakfast Cereal Mascots Brainwashed You
    • "Cereal comes in bags?"
    • "But the authorities are our friends"
  • The Indiana Jones episode:
    Katie: Don't you see? He is dragging us backwards! He has always dragged us backwards!
    Michael: (looking into the camera) That's my shtick!
    Dan and Soren glance behind themselves following Michael's eyeline, confused
    • Katie's constant attempts at Double Entendre with a "if you know what I'm saying." They get weirder and weirder, until:
    Katie: ...If you know what I'm saying-
    Dan: Nobody knows what you're saying!
    Michael (guiltily): I know...
  • The The Only Eight Types of TV Shows That Get Made is one of these by virtue of the constant pop-up ads each time a character suggests a series—and sometimes even when they don't. "Screw the protagonist!"
  • In the "Spider-Man" episode, Michael is seemingly lecturing Dan, then at the last minute switches it up and says "...uh, is what I'd tell Peter Parker."
  • Dan trying to open his giant lolly in the Disney episode.
  • In "6 Insane Stereotypes That You Still See in Every Movie" Soren asks when have they last seen a black man ending up with a white woman in a movie. While everyone struggles to think of an example, Michael immediately thinks of porno.
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