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Four Temperament Ensemble: Film
  • For an odd, non-character example, the four Brosnan-era Bond films correspond nicely in their atmosphere and tone, with GoldenEye as the choleric; Tomorrow Never Dies as the phlegmatic (or, alternatively the melancholic); The World Is Not Enough as the melancholic (or phlegmatic); and Die Another Day as sanguine.
  • An arguably better example along these lines would be the four Alien films, not just in terms of their respectives to4nes but in light of their respective directors and the directors' general filmmaking styles: Alien is phlegmatic, Aliens is choleric, Alien│ is melancholic and Alien: Resurrection is sanguine.
  • 12 Angry Men: The 12 jurors.
    • Sanguine: Juror #12 (advertising executive)
    • Choleric: Juror #1 (football coach), Juror #10 (bigoted garage owner)
    • Melancholic: Juror #2 (bank teller), Juror #4 (stock broker)
    • Phlegmatic: Juror #8 (architect Mr. Davis), Juror #11 (watch maker)
    • Choleric and melancholic: Juror #3 (the unmerciful)
    • Sanguine and choleric: Juror #7 (salesman)
    • Melancholic and phlegmatic: Juror #9 (Mr. McCardle)
    • Leukine: Juror #5 (sports fan), Juror #6 (painter)
  • Alice in Wonderland: Alice and Mock Turtle (sanguine), March Hare and Knave of Hearts (choleric), Dodo and Red Queen (choleric/melancholic), Pigeon (melancholic), White Queen and White Rabbit (phlegmatic/melancholic), Mad Hatter and the Gryphon (sanguine/choleric), and Dormouse and Cheshire Cat (leukine).
  • The Italian movie Amici Miei and its sequels: Mascetti (choleric), Necchi (melancholic), Melandri (sanguine), Sassaroli (phlegmatic), and Perozzi (leukine).
  • Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy: Ron Burgundy (sanguine), Champ Kind (choleric), Veronica Corningstone (melancholic), Brick Tamland (phlegmatic), and Brian Fantana (leukine).
  • The four astronauts of Apollo 13: Fred Haise (sanguine), Jim Lovell (choleric), Ken Mattingly (melancholic), and Jack Swigert (phlegmatic).
    • The wives and girlfriend of the astronauts: Mary Haise (melancholic), Marilyn Lovell (phlegmatic), and Tracey (Jack's girlfriend; sanguine).
    • The Lovell family: Jim and Barbara (choleric), Marilyn and Jay (phlegmatic), Susan and Blanche (sanguine), and Jeffrey (melancholic).
  • The Avengers: The five male members and even their most distinctive colors fit a Combo Ensemble: Tony Stark/Iron Man (choleric gold + sanguine red), Thor (choleric red and yellow + melancholic black), Bruce Banner (melancholic/phlegmatic, but green only when he turns Hulk, ironically); Steve Rogers/Captain America (phlegmatic blue + sanguine red), and Clint Barton/Hawkeye (leukine, neutral grey/black).
    • The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents: Phil Coulson (phlegmatic), Nick Fury and Natasha Romanoff (choleric), Maria Hill (melancholic), and Clint Barton (leukine).
  • Baby's Day Out: Eddie (choleric), Norby (sanguine), and Veeko (phlegmatic).
  • The Back to the Future film franchise: Marty McFly, and Goldie Wilson (sanguine/choleric), Lorraine (sanguine), George McFly and Jennifer Parker (phlegmatic), Biff Tannen (choleric), Clara Clayton (melancholic), Mr. Strickland (choleric/melancholic), and Doc Brown (sanguine).
    • The McFly family: Lorraine (sanguine), George (phlegmatic), Dave (choleric), Linda (melancholic), and Marty (sanguine/choleric).
  • Beauty and the Beast:
    • Choleric: The Beast
    • Leukine: Belle
    • Melancholic: Cogsworth
    • Phlegmatic: Mrs. Potts
    • Sanguine: Lumiere
  • The Big Lebowski: kind of. The Dude is the epitome of phlegmatic, as is Walter to choleric and Jesus Quintana to sanguine; Donny is arguably either phlegmatic or melancholic.
  • Braveheart: William Wallace (choleric), Campbell the Elder (melancholic), Hamish Campbell (leukine), and Stephen the Irishman (sanguine).
  • The Breakfast Club: John Bender (sanguine), Claire Standish (choleric), Brian Johnson (melancholic), Andrew Clark (phlegmatic), and Allison Reynolds (leukine).
  • Cars: Lightning McQueen, Strip "The King" Weathers, Flo, Ramone, and Tow Mater (sanguine), Chick Hicks (choleric), Sheriff (choleric), Doc Hudson (melancholic/choleric), Red (melancholic), Sally Carrera (phlegmatic), and Mack (leukine).
  • Charlie's Angels: Natalie (sanguine, or alternatively phlegmatic), Dylan (choleric), Alex (melancholic), and Bosley (phlegmatic, or alternatively sanguine).
  • Chronicle: Andrew (melancholic), Steve (sanguine), and Matt (starts out phlegmatic but becomes more choleric as the story progresses).
  • Cinderfella: Rupert (choleric), Cinderfella (melancholic), Princess Charming (phlegmatic), Maximilian (sanguine), and the stepmother (leukine).
  • Clerks: Randall (sanguine), Jay (choleric), Dante (melancholic), and Silent Bob (phlegmatic).
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Roy Neary (choleric), Jillian Guiler (melancholic), Ronnie Neary (phlegmatic), and Barry Guiler (sanguine).
  • Courageous: The four main cops: Adam Mitchell (choleric), Shane Fuller (choleric), Nathan Hayes (melancholic), and David Thomson (phlegmatic), plus their non-cop friend Javier Martinez (sanguine).
  • The Croods: Gran (choleric), Grug (melancholic/choleric), Eep (melancholic), Ugga (phlegmatic/melancholic), Thunk (sanguine), Sandy (sanguine/choleric), and Guy (leukine/phlegmatic).
  • The villains of The Dark Knight Saga: Henri Ducard aka Ra's Al Ghul & Miranda Tate aka Talia Al Ghul (melancholic), Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow (phlegmatic), Harvey Dent aka Two Face (after his Face-Heel Turn), Bane, & Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (before her Heel-Face Turn)(choleric), and The Joker (sanguine).
    • The prominent heroic characters of the trilogy can also count: Bruce Wayne aka Batman (melancholic), Alfred Pennyworth & Lucius Fox (phlegmatic), Harvey Dent (before he becomes Two Face), John Blake, & Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (after her Heel-Face Turn) (choleric), and James Gordon & Rachel Dawes (leukine).
  • Despicable Me, though it isn't until the sequel that the ensemble is completed: Gru (choleric/melancholic), Margo (melancholic), Edith (choleric), Agnes (phlegmatic), and Lucy (sanguine).
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Frank Heffley (sanguine/choleric), Rodrick (choleric), Greg (melancholic), Susan (phlegmatic), and Rowley (sanguine).
  • The villains of the Die Hard films: Hans and Simon Gruber (choleric), Col. Stuart (melancholic), and Thomas Gabriel (phlegmatic).
  • Elf : Buddy (sanguine), Walter Hobbs (choleric), Michael Hobbs (melancholic), Jovie (phlegmatic).
  • From The Emperor's New Groove, Combo Ensemble: Kuzco (choleric/sanguine), Yzma (melancholic/choleric), Pacha (phlegmatic/melancholic), and Kronk (sanguine/phlegmatic).
  • Enchanted: Giselle (sanguine), Edward (choleric), Robert (melancholic), Nancy (phlegmatic).
  • Facing the Giants: The 3 main football players; Matt Prater (choleric/melancholic), Brock Kelly (sanguine/choleric), and David Childers (phlegmatic/melancholic). The 3 coaches/coach assistants: Grant Taylor (choleric/melancholic), Brady Owens (melancholic/phlegmatic), and JT Hawkins Jr. (sanguine/phlegmatic).
  • The Faculty: Delilah (choleric), Casey and Stokely (melancholic), Zeke (phlegmatic), Stan (sanguine), and Marybeth (leukine until she reveals herself to be the Queen alien).
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Ferris (sanguine), Cameron (melancholic), Sloane (phlegmatic), and Jeanie (choleric).
  • Fireproof: The five firemen, Combo Ensemble. Caleb Holt (choleric/melancholic), Eric Harmon (melancholic/phlegmatic), Michael Simmons (phlegmatic/sanguine), Wayne Floyd (sanguine/choleric), and Terrell Sanders (leukine).
    • The coworker women: Deidra Harris (choleric), Catherine Holt (melancholic), Robin Cates (phlegmatic), Latasha Brown (sanguine), and Ashley Phillips (leukine).
  • Flintstones: Fred Flintstone (sanguine), Betty (choleric), Wilma Flintstone (melancholic), and Barney Rubble (phlegmatic).
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin: Andy is choleric (especially later in the film), Jay (sanguine), David is melancholic, and Cal is phlegmatic.
  • Four Brothers: Bobby (choleric), Jeremish (melancholic), Jack (phlegmatic), and Angel (sanguine).
  • In Freaky Friday (2003): Tess (melancholic), Anna (choleric), Harry and Grandpa (phlegmatic), Jake (sanguine), and Ryan (leukine).
  • Frozen: Elsa (melancholic), Olaf (sanguine), Anna (sanguine/choleric), Sven (phlegmatic), Hans ( pretends to be phlegmatic/sanguine, is actually choleric) and Kristoff (leukine).
  • Everyone but Gaz in The Full Monty fits this scheme nicely: Gerald (choleric), Dave and Lomper (melancholic), Horse (phlegmatic), and Guy (sanguine).
  • G Force: Darwin (choleric), Mooch (melancholic), Hurley (phlegmatic), Blaster (sanguine), and Juarez (leukine).
  • The Ghostbusters: Peter Venkman (choleric), Egon Spengler (melancholic), Winston Zeddemore (phlegmatic), and Ray Stantz (sanguine).
  • The Godfather: The brothers Corleone are a perfect example: Sonny (choleric), Michael (melancholic), Fredo (sanguine), and Tom (phlegmatic).
  • The Goonies: Mikey (choleric), Data (melancholic), Chunk (phlegmatic), and Mouth (sanguine).
  • Grease:
    • The T-Birds: Danny (melancholic), Kenickie (choleric), Doody (phlegmatic), Sonny (sanguine), and Roger (sanguine/choleric).
    • The Pink Ladies: Sandy (phlegmatic), Betty (choleric), Frenchy (sanguine), Marty (melancholic), and Jan (phlegmatic/sanguine).
  • The Hangover: Phil (choleric), Stu (melancholic), Alan (sanguine) and Doug (phlegmatic).
  • Hercules: Hercules (sanguine), Meg (melancholic), Phil (choleric), and Pegasus (phlegmatic).
  • High School Musical series:
    • The six main High Schoolers: Troy Bolton (melancholic), Gabriella Montez (phlegmatic), Sharpay Evans and Taylor McKessie (choleric), Ryan Evans and Chad Danforth (sanguine).
    • Other High Schoolers: Kelsi Nielsen (melancholic), Zeke Baylor (sanguine), Jason Cross (phlegmatic), Martha Cox (leukine), Tiara Gold (choleric), Jimmie Zarra (sanguine/phlegmatic).
    • Adults: Miss Darbus (melancholic/choleric), Coach Bolton (choleric/sanguine), Mr. Fulton (melancholic).
    • Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure characters: Peyton Leverett (phlegmatic), Roger Elliston and Amber Lee Adams (choleric).
  • Hocus Pocus: Winnie (choleric), Mary (phlegmatic), and Sarah (sanguine).
  • Home Alone: Kevin (phlegmatic), Marv (sanguine), Harry (choleric), Kate (melancholic) and Peter (phlegmatic).
    • The hotel staff in the second film: Mr. Hector (choleric), the desk lady (melancholic), and Cedric the bellboy (phlegmatic/sanguine).
    • The crooks in the third film - Beaupre (choleric), Alice (sanguine), Jernigan (melancholic) and Unger (phlegmatic).
  • Horrible Bosses: The three bosses are choleric (especially Harkin), Nick is phlegmatic, Dale is melancholic and Kurt is sanguine.
  • The Parr family from The Incredibles:
    • Bob (melancholic), Helen (choleric), Violet (phlegmatic), and Dash (sanguine).
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Indy (choleric), Henry Jones Sr. (melancholic), Marcus Brody (phlegmatic), and Sallah (sanguine).
  • The various James Bonds:
  • Juno: Juno (choleric), Paulie (phlegmatic), Vanessa (melancholic), and Mark (sanguine).
  • Villainous example from Kill Bill: Elle Driver (choleric), O-Ren Ishii (melancholic), Bill (phlegmatic), Budd (sanguine), and Vernita Green (leukine).
  • La Grande Bouffe: Ugo (choleric), Philippe (melancholic), Michel (phlegmatic), and Marcello (sanguine).
  • The four main dogs in Lady and the Tramp: Lady (melancholic), The Tramp (sanguine), Jock (choleric), and Trusty (phlegmatic)
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Quartermain (phlegmatic), Mina and Nemo (choleric), Jekyll (melancholic), Skinner and Sawyer (sanguine), and Dorian (leukine).
  • The main heroes in The Lego Movie: Emmet (phlegmatic), Wyldstyle aka Lucy (melancholic), Batman (choleric), Unikitty (sanguine), Metalbeard (choletic/melancholic), Benny (phlegmatic/sanguine), and Vitruvius (leukine).
  • The villains of the Lethal Weapon films: Jack Travis (choleric), Wah Sing Ku (melancholic), General Mc-Allister (phlegmatic), and Arjen Rudd (sanguine).
  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: The four Pevensies fit into this. Peter (choleric), Susan (melancholic), Edmund (phlegmatic), and Lucy (sanguine).
  • Madagascar: Marty (choleric), Melman (melancholic), Gloria (phlegmatic), and Alex (sanguine).
  • The four main adults in Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins (melancholic), George Banks (choleric), Winifred Banks (phlegmatic), and Bert (sanguine).
  • Mean Girls somewhat fits this trope: Cady (phlegmatic), Regina (choleric), Gretchen (melancholic), and Karen (sanguine).
  • Monsters, Inc.: Sulley (phlegmatic/melancholic), Mike (sanguine/choleric), Celia (choleric), Fungus (melancholic), Boo (sanguine), George(phlegmatic), and Roz (leukine).
  • The Mummy 1999: The four Americans in the first film: O'Connell (choleric), Daniels (melancholic), Burns (phlegmatic), and Henderson (sanguine).
  • My Favorite Martian: Brace (choleric), Lizzie (melancholic), Felix (phlegmatic), Martian Martin and Zoot the suit (sanguine), and Tim O'Hara and Neenurt (leukine).
  • Night Of Living Dorks: Rebecca (choleric), Konrad (melancholic), Philip (phlegmatic), and Wurst (sanguine).
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington (sanguine), Sally (melancholic), Oogie Boogie (choleric), and The Mayor (phlegmatic).
  • Now And Then: Roberta (choleric), Samantha (melancholic), Chrissy (phlegmatic), and Teeny (sanguine).
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean:
    • Sanguine: Jack Sparrow
    • Choleric: Barbossa
    • Melancholic: Will
    • Phlegmatic: Gibbs
    • Leukine: Elizabeth
      • The Villains: Captain Barbossa (before his heel-face turn) and Davy Jones (Choleric), Lord Cutler Beckett (Melancholic), Blackbeard (Phlegmatic).
  • Pulp Fiction: Jules (choleric), Vincent (melancholic), Butch (phlegmatic), and Mia (sanguine).
  • Reservoir Dogs: Mr. Pink (choleric), Mr. Blonde (melancholic), Mr. Orange (phlegmatic), and Mr. White (sanguine).
  • The Room is a good example of the four central characters manifesting all of the negative aspects of their respective humours, and none of the positive ones: Lisa (choleric), Johnny (melancholic), Mark (phlegmatic), and Denny (sanguine).
  • The Shrek franchise: Shrek (choleric), Princess Fiona (melancholic), Puss in boots (phlegmatic), Donkey (sanguine), and Gingerbread Man (leukine).
  • Singin' In the Rain: Cosmo Brown (sanguine), Don Lockwood (melancholic), Lina Lamont (choleric), and Kathy Selden (phlegmatic).
  • Sleeping Beauty: Prince Philip (sanguine), Flora (choleric), Merryweather (melancholic), and Aurora and Fauna (phlegmatic).
  • Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You: Paul (sanguine/choleric), Gillian (choleric), James (melancholic/choleric), Mr. Rogers (melancholic), Nanette (phlegmatic), and John (leukine).
  • Son in Law: Travis (choleric), Tracy (melancholic), Becca (phlegmatic), and Crawl (sanguine).
  • The Sound of Music has several.
    • The adults: Maria von Trapp (sanguine/choleric), Captain Georg von Trapp (choleric/melancholic), Baroness Elsa von Schraeder (melancholic), Max Detweiiler (sanguine).
    • The children: Lisel and Louisa (sanguine), Friedrich and Brigitta (melancholic), Kurt (choleric), Marta and Gretl (phlegmatic).
    • The nuns: Mother Abbess and Sister Sophia (phlegmatic), Sister Margaretta (melancholic), and Sister Berthe (choleric).
    • Other: Rolfe (sanguine/choleric), and Herr (melancholic).
  • Stand by Me: Chris Chambers (choleric), Gordie LaChance (melancholic), Teddy Duchamp (sanguine, although he mostly displays the more negative traits, such as impulsiveness, self-indulgence and being a space case), Vern Tessio (phlegmatic).
  • A case could be made for this in the new Star Trek movie:
    • Sanguine: Kirk, the fun-loving fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants tactical genius.
    • Choleric: "Bones" McCoy, the grumpy-but-compassionate healer.
    • Melancholic: Uhura, the perfectionist omniglot with a nurturing side.
    • Phlegmatic: Spock, the calm, rational Vulcan scientist unless someone insults his mother.
    • Leukine: The neutral Scotty, who loves his job as Chief Engineer aboard the Enterprise.
    • However, in the original television series, they were different: Kirk was the choleric one, Spock was melancholic, McCoy was sanguine, Scotty was phlegmatic, and Uhura was leukine.
  • Strange Days: Mace (choleric), Lenny (melancholic), Iris (phlegmatic), and Faith (sanguine).
  • The three generations of men from the Sonnenschein family played by Ralph Fiennes in Sunshine: The narrator's grandfather Ignatz (choleric/melancholic), the father Adam who pretends to be sanguine (is really melancholic), and Ivan himself (phlegmatic).
  • Super 8: Charles (choleric), Martin (melancholic), Joe (leukine), Cary (sanguine), and Preston (phlegmatic).
  • The Three Stooges: Moe (choleric), Larry (melancholic), Shemp (phlegmatic), and Curly (sanguine).
    • In Real Life, they were different: Shemp (choleric), Moe (melancholic), Curly (phlegmatic), and Larry (sanguine).
  • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: The suspected "moles" — George Smiley (melancholic), Bill Haydon (phlegmatic), Roy Bland (leukine), Toby Esterhause (sanguine), and Percy Alleline (choleric).
  • Titanic: Rose (phlegmatic), Jack (sanguine), Cal (choleric) and Ruth (melancholic).
  • UHF: Harvey (choleric), Teri (melancholic), George (phlegmatic), Stan (sanguine), and Bob (leukine).
  • The Untouchables: Eliot Ness (choleric), Jimmy Malone (melancholic), Oscar Wallace (phlegmatic), and George Stone (sanguine).
  • V for Vendetta has this with the main opposers to the Norsefire government: V (choleric), Finch (melancholic), Evey (phlegmatic), and Gordon (sanguine).
  • Waitress: Apart from the protagonist Jenna, the other five main characters follow this scheme.
    • Sanguine: Becky
    • Choleric: Earl (showing all the negative aspects and almost none of the positive ones). Also Cal is choleric, and a more equilibrate one.
    • Melancholic: Old Joe, despite his Jerkass Fašade.
    • Phlegmatic: Dr. Pomatter.
    • Leukine: Dawn.
  • The Watch: Evan (choleric), Bob (sanguine), Franklin (melancholic), Jamarcus (phlegmatic)
  • Wreck-It Ralph: Calhoun (choleric/melancholic), Wreck-It Ralph (melancholic/phlegmatic), Felix (phlegmatic/sanguine), and Vanellope (sanguine/choleric).
  • X-Men: First Class:
    • Xavier (leukine), Havok (choleric), Beast (melancholic), Mystique (phlegmatic), and Banshee (sanguine).
    • A villainous example: The pragmatic Emma Frost (choleric), the somber and competent Azazel (melancholic), and the quiet, silent Riptide (phlegmatic), and The Faux Affably Evil Sebastian Shaw (sanguine).
  • You Me And Dupree: Randy Dupree (sanguine), Mr. Thompson (choleric), Carl (melancholic), Mandy (phlegmatic), and Neil (leukine).
  • Zombieland:
    • Sanguine: Tallahassee, the loud, short-tempered, wacky, and enthusiastic zombie hunter.
    • Choleric: Wichita, a smart and savvy con-artist girl who will do anything to survive.
    • Melancholic: Columbus, the quiet and nerdy, but secretly personally idealistic, former Hikikomori and Combat Pragmatist.
    • Phlegmatic: Little Rock, Wichita's reliable little sister/side kick.

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