Comic Book: Welcome Back, Frank

Welcome Back, Frank is a story arc by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, with the long awaited return of Punisher.

Punisher is back in town, ready to end the criminal family of Ma Gnucci once and for all. But first, to make things easier, he killed several of her hitmen, including her sons. She gets more and more hitmen, and eventually they trapped him without weapons at the local zoo. Still, he manages to use the animals to his advantage and kill people for him. He left Ma Gnucci with the polar bears, but she survived. Armless and legless, but she survived. He retreated for some days to the hotel (where he uses the alias "John Smith") until he heals and can go into action again. One of his neighbours noticed that it was him, and outed his identity to Ma Gnucci in exchange of a reward. The criminal attacked him and hurt him, but he was saved by his other wacky neighbors, Spacker Dave and Joan the Mouse.

Needing more power to finish the job, Ma Gnucci called The Russian, who attacked Castle as well. Punisher killed him, returned to the mansion of Ma Gnucci, killed all her remaining henchmen, and set the building on fire, with the crippled Ma Gnucci still inside.

Oh, and don't forget about Soap. The police does not want to move a finger against Punisher, who saves them so much work, but they have to. So, they assigned the "Punisher case" to the most pathetic couple of losers they could find.

Punisher's return also inspired three other vigilantes, "The Holy", "Elite" and "Mr. Payback". Punisher killed all of them.

The origin of Lilith contains examples of:

  • And This Is for...: The Russian is the president of the fans club of Daredevil Man Without Fear at Smolensk. He was aware of the humiliating team up earlier in the story, and punished Punisher for it. Did you got it! Punished Punisher! Good joke! Well, perhaps not...
  • Ascended Fanboy: The Russian may be a villain, but he's a huge fan of American superheroes. He's even the president of the fans club of Daredevil Man Without Fear at Smolensk. And when he's done with Punisher, he will go to meet the others and ask for autographs. Or perhaps he will join the Fantastic Four? Who is stronger, The Thing or The Russian?
  • A-Team Firing / More Dakka: Mr. Payback's modus operandi. When a bullet hits and kills an innocent cleaning lady behind a wall, Payback gets put on Frank's list.
  • Barred from the Afterlife: Punisher's speech in the first issue about the afterlife. The angels would give him peace and reunion, if he made some works for them. He refused. So they sent him back to a world filled with petty criminals, thinking that in comparison it would be like hell for him...but they were mistaken.
  • Bears Are Bad News: Ma Gnucci will always regret following Castle into the bear's cage. And he had just attacked them and run, so they are more angry than the average bear!
  • Bond One-Liner: "The Holy" was pleading Punisher to lead him and the other two vigilantes, that toguether they can create a super group and destroy crime. Isn't that what Punisher wants?
    Punisher: No. (kills them)
  • Bulletproof Human Shield: Punisher took advantage of it at the morgue.
    Punisher: Gunfight in the morgue, rule one: Don't hide behind the thin guy.
  • Car Fu: The mafia hires a former Desert Storm sniper to kill Punisher. Frank just runs the guy over with an SUV, then backs up.
  • Combat Pragmatism:
    • One of the hitmen sent against Punisher was a black belt in all disciplines. Castle followed him in secret, stood behind him at the subway station when the subway was coming, and used his own martial art: Splat-fu.
    • Referenced by Frank when he kills the aforementioned Desert Storm sniper.
    Frank Castle: When you're on your own, behind enemy lines, no artillery, no air strikes, no hope of an evac, you don't fight dirty. You do things that make dirty look good.
  • Cultural Translation: Where one of the hitmen is said to "shoot faster'n greased lightning", the French translation went with "shoots faster than his own shadow".
  • Dumb Muscle: The Russian.
  • Expy: Detective Soap for Detective Paul Bridges, a similarly unlucky cop from an early arc of Preacher.
  • Eye Am Watching You: Punisher killed two rival gangs, but spared a guy who said that he was just an addict. He told him that he would be watching, and left. The guy called a friend, to come and retrieve the fortune in drugs that was lying there... and Punisher came out of the shadow, and killed the guy.
  • Give Chase with Angry Natives: Frank runs through a sleeping polar bear cage. The pursuing Mafia runs through a cage of pissed-off, very much awake polar bears.
  • He's Back: Punisher is back!
  • Hope Spot: One of the hitmen was forced by Punisher to jump out of the car, which was going at high speed in the highway. That, or get a bullet in the face. He jumped, and crawled on his feet: he was very badly hurt, needing immediate hospital care, but he's alive! And then, a truck in high sped finished him.
  • I Love This Town: Officer Soap, who was promoted to Chief Inspector at the end of the series, proudly looks out of his office to the Golden Sunset of New York... only to have a passing pigeon defecate on his head. Nevertheless, he warmly quotes this trope, for compared to all the hardships he endured trying to catch The Punisher, he was not going to let something as trivial as bird poop rain on his parade.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Mr. Payback showed up at a corporate room, accused the people in there of several corporate crimes, and killed them. One guy was complaining later about those horrible things he said... but the CEO corrected him: he was right, they DID commit those crimes, and managed to conceal them.
  • Kicked Upstairs: Hey, Soap! Now you have an important case to lead, and your office, and your own special operations team! Yes, it was too good for that loser to be true...
  • Pet the Dog: Frank sneaks back into his abandoned apartment and leaves behind huge piles of cash (taken from the safe of a crime boss he'd just killed) for his three neighbors to find. Each of them had helped him several times during the arc, and he felt obligated. The last panel shows him standing on the street outside, listening to them laughing with joy and planning on improving their lives with the money. Frank walks away, thinking: "Best I can do. Maybe I am damned. But I'm not dragging you good people down with me."
  • Revisiting the Roots: No surveillance, no weird ammo, no strange techs, no partners... this is a return to the basics: Punisher, guns and petty criminals. In fact, this story undid the previous status of Punisher as a supernatural celestial enforcer (which got him cancelled), and turned him into a "normal" character once more.
  • Something We Forgot: Busy of Ma Gnucci, Punisher did not had time to locate and deal with the "Vigilante Squad"; but did so at the end.
  • Straw Loser: Soap and Molly Von Richthofen do not have the slighest hope of doing anything to Punisher or Ma Gnucci. The best plan they could come up with was just to let things happen and let the whole crisis solve itself.