Give Chase with Angry Natives

A chase scene trope wherein Bob (the chased) runs/drives through an area containing people potentially hostile to both him and Charlie (the chaser), in the hopes of slowing the chaser down. Usually this involves riling them up somehow. If it fails, Bob ends up Chased by Angry Natives.

See also Summon Bigger Fish, Torches and Pitchforks.


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     Comic Books  

  • The Punisher:
    • Welcome Back, Frank: Chased by Mafia goons through a zoo, Frank runs through the polar bear enclosure, punches the first sleepy one he sees and keeps running. By the time the goons get there, they are facing three very pissed-off polar bears.
    • In another story, Frank is driving around town killing various gang members and criminals. One group survives the initial attack and gives chase. Frank gets rid of them by driving through a Mafia meeting without stopping, the gangstas following aren't so lucky.
  • Used in Astérix by one of the boars in the forest. Whenever pursued by the Gauls, he leads them across a Roman patrol, and flees while they beat each other up.
  • One or two BDs have the hero escape pursuit by running into a gang of Football Hooligans, claiming the pursuer is for the other team, and flee once the carnage begins.
  • In Hitman vs Lobo, Hitman uses this trick, shooting Lobo in the eyes (forcing him to follow by smell until they regenerate) and leading him in a merry chase through all the local gang meeting places, dispatching several of his personal foes in the ensuing chaos. Then he leads him into an actual ambush by Six-pac and his squad... The gods of plot are with him and the most incompetent band of super-misfits on the planet actually wins.
  • In one of the Kaamelott comics, Arthur and co are climbing to the top of a mountain to defeat an evil necromancer. Along the way, they come across a gigantic Rodent of Unusual Size, fortunately asleep. When things go wrong at the summit, they slide back down on improvised sleds, hurling stones at the rat as they pass. When the pursuing necromancer arrives, the rat is awake and angry, and proceeds to eat him.


  • Inverted in A Low Down Dirty Shame; Shame interrogates a latino crook, then lets him go... turns out they were backstage of a Skinhead rally.
  • The crew of Serenity intentionally provoke a fleet of Reaver spaceships into following them, so that they can use them in a surprise attack on the Operative's fleet.


  • Interesting Times: Rincewind, pursued by the palace guard, finds himself trapped in the wrestler's quarters. He gets out of it by pointing at one of the guards, claiming he has a pork sandwich on him, and escapes as the guards are crushed in the stampede.
  • Hermione attempts this in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, running through the centaur's territory in the hopes that Umbridge will be dealt with by them. However, it turns out the centaurs do not appreciate being used that way, even if the target is the villainous Delores Umbridge. They carry off Umbridge, but then turn on her and Harry.
  • At least one Redwall novel has the heroes evade capture by stirring up hornets or wasps and running just as the vermin approach.
  • In Lawrence Watt-Evans' The Misenchanted Sword, the protagonist — a soldier behind enemy lines — takes a nap in a tree, and when he wakes up, there's a young dragon on the ground beneath him. He jumps on the dragon but is unable to kill him, so he runs away through the forest, the dragon chasing him, until he finds himself unwittingly on the edge of a large enemy encampment. He screams and runs through the camp — and the sentries, soldiers, etc. who start chasing him have to turn around to deal with the dragon.

     Video Games  

  • It's (sometimes) possible to pull this off in Warcraft III, which contains monsters equally hostile to all players. However, it requires good timing so they don't attack you, and if your enemy is strong enough, fighting them merely gets him more money, experience, and items.
  • In MMO's such as City of Heroes it's possible to use this as a PK technique, by using a combination of long-range attacks and stealth to 'pull' a powerful group of monsters on top of enemy players.