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Index to the Rescue
The index of tropes about rescues: the types that exist, the ways they're enacted, and the ways they can go awry.

You'll also see tropes about rescuers, those dashing heroic types doing all the hard saving work, as well as the bothersome rescuees (or their more grammatical equivalents) who got themselves In Harm's Way in the first place.

For our purposes, a rescue is a situation in which a character in danger is saved from it by another character. A Badass in Distress who saves herself with no help doesn't count. Neither does the escape of a Distressed Dude after the Villains are suddenly crushed by a falling bridge—unless The Hero deliberately toppled that bridge as a Conveniently Timed Attack From Behind.

Often overlaps with Just in Time, since the Big Damn Heroes swooping in at the last minute is dramatic. However, a rescue doesn't have to be last minute, and doom averted in the nick of time isn't always a rescue.



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