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Major characters of the X-Universe series through X3: Albion Prelude.

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     Major (retired) Kyle William Brennan
Species: Human
Born: 19 Jan 2873, Wellington, New Zealand, Earth
Affiliation: Earth State (civilian activist for Argon-Terran relations); TerraCorp (founder and former CEO); United Space Command, AGI Task Force (retired major)

The Player Character of X: Beyond the Frontier and X-Tension. A decorated combat pilot and patrol cruiser captain for the United Space Command, in 2911 AD he joined the project to reverse-engineer a jumpdrive-equipped Xenon ship that blundered into the Sol System, but despite his credentials was made only the backup pilot. The primary fell ill four days before the test flight, and Kyle replaced him.

The test of the Xperimental Shuttle's jumpdrive went spectacularly wrong and dumped Kyle in the X-Universe. His old friend and coworker Elena Kho took the backup shuttle to try and find him and the same resulted. The pair managed to find safe harbor on Argon Prime and eventually got caught up in the Second Xenon Conflict where Kyle was instrumental in the destruction of a Xenon planet-killer and the robots' ultimate defeat.

Understandably obsessed with getting back home, Kyle started a trade company to fund research into the gateless jumpdrive that had flung him across the galaxy. It became known as TerraCorp.

In 2935 AD the Kha'ak War was brought to a screeching halt by the reconnection of Earth to the X-Universe and the USC's subsequent flattening of their main invasion fleet. Despite his long efforts to return home Kyle discovered he no longer had any desire to do so. He eventually did out of curiosity and his sense of duty, and began working unsuccessfully as a political activist towards closer relations between Earth and Argon Prime. His fate following the Second Terraformer War and gate system shutdown is unknown.


  • Ace Pilot: Was one even before he was unceremoniously dumped into the X-Universe.
  • The Gadfly: According to Farnham's Legend, in their time serving together in the USC he and Elena got some amusement from feeding the rumors that they were in a Secret Relationship.
  • Just Friends: With Elena Kho. The two were so close they were nicknamed "the lovebirds" by their coworkers in the USC, and there were constant rumors that they were sleeping together. At one point they actually did after their patrol ship became disabled and they weren't sure they would be rescued. They parted amicably, not wanting to complicate their relationship, but wondered for several years after if it had been the right call.
  • Majorly Awesome: Held this rank before his little mishap.
  • Stranger in a Familiar Land: Following Reunion.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: No official word on his fate following the Terran Conflict.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: X:BTF to Reunion, because Sol is disconnected from the jumpgate network and your gateless jumpdrive is busted.

    Julian Gardna-Brennan
Species: Human
Born: 117th tazura 547 NT, Argonia City, Argon Prime
Affiliation: Argon Fleet (pilot instructor); TerraCorp (contract pilot)

The son of Kyle Brennan by his Goner ex-wife Ninu Gardna, and the Player Character of X2: The Threat and X3: Reunion. He and his mother moved around a lot and eventually settled on Turpentine Station, a Yaki stronghold.

Julian befriended a number of Yaki children and eventually got into cybercrime, soon escalating to spacecraft theft and armed robbery. The Argon police caught him during a botched shipjacking and sent him to prison.

Then his parents' old friend Ban Danna offered him a way out, putting him to work at his father's company TerraCorp as rehabilitation. Julian's skill as a pilot was instrumental in helping to turn the tide of the Kha'ak War.

As the Terran Conflict escalated Julian Brennan began working with the Boron company Bala Gi Research. He eventually disappeared during a reconnaissance mission alongside company head Bala Gi. The two eventually turned up in the Segaris System (then Terran Unknown Sector 3) when the United Space Command launched a push to drive the Xenon out of their former colonies in the Aldrin cluster. His fate following the Second Terraformer War is unknown.


  • Ace Pilot: Like father, like son. The second year of the Kha'ak War had him hired by the Argon Fleet to train new pilots to replace their losses.
  • Boxed Crook: Offered a job at TerraCorp by his parents' old friend Ban Danna, who took responsibility for his rehabilitation and used his Argon Secret Service connections to get him out of prison.
  • Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You: A pretty mundane reason, but a reason nonetheless: Ninu Gardna got custody of Julian after their marriage contract lapsed, moved halfway across the galaxy, and never told Kyle where they went.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His parents divorced when he was two, following which he and his mother eventually ended up living in the heart of Yaki territory. He ended up in a gang.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: No word on what happened to him after Terran Conflict.

    Lieutenant Colonel Elena Lindisfarne Kho
Species: Human
Born: 26 August 2884, Tenjiang, China, Earth; Died: 8 February 2948, Earth orbit
Affiliation: United Space Command (Lieutenant Colonel); TerraCorp (former executive)

Elena Kho was a gifted student and and an Ensign Newbie in the USC when she was assigned to a preemptive strike against an illegal AI research lab on Europa, under the command of one Maj. Kyle Brennan. They hit it off immediately.

Several years later Brennan was lost in deep space in an accident during a test of the Xperimental Shuttle's jumpdrive. Elena took the other jumpship prototype, Getsu Fune, to follow him and ended up in the same boat. Though they eventually reunited they were unable to return to Earth.

Elena briefly married the Argon diplomat Ranom Thebes and had a daughter, Saya, but the marriage contract was allowed to lapse. She later helped found TerraCorp with Brennan, but eventually left the company because she disagreed with Brennan's business plans.

When Sol was reconnected to the X-Universe Elena returned to Earth to retire, but the outbreak of the Second Terraformer War resulted in the USC reinstating her to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Together with a Paranid naval officer named Tebathimanckatt, she devised a strategy that allowed the Terrans to ultimately defeat the drones. She was killed in action during its execution.


  • Ace Pilot: Fully qualified to command or fly virtually any spacecraft, military or civilian.
  • Badass Bookworm/Brainy Brunette: Graduated with honors with a degree in exobiology at the age of 20.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Sacrificed herself in the final battle of the Second Terraformer War to lure the last swarm of Argon AGI drones through a gate that had been forced to link to a black hole.
  • Just Friends: With Kyle Brennan. They were incredibly close, to the point that their coworkers in the USC jokingly nicknamed them "the lovebirds." They did have a brief romance during their eight years working together in the military, and though they broke it off by mutual agreement they were never quite sure if it was the right decision. They did get some amusement from trolling the shippers, though.
  • Majorly Awesome: In X:BTF. Reinstated during X3:AP as a Colonel Badass.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: X:BTF to Reunion. The Getsu Fune's jumpdrive actually worked properly when she used it to get into the X-Universe to find Kyle, but it was damaged during a fight with some Xenon and misfired, causing the ship to crash-land in one of Argon Prime's oceans. The jumpdrive couldn't be repaired.

    Captain (retired) Saya Kho
Species: Human
Born: 14th tazura 550 NT, Argonia City, Argon Prime; Died: 5 February 2948, Torus Aeternal
Affiliation: Argon Secret Service (undercover operative); TerraCorp (contract pilot); Argon Fleet (Captain, retired)

The daughter of Elena Kho and Ranom Thebes, Saya enlisted in the Argon Fleet as the Kha'ak began their earliest raids. She eventually left the fleet to work under her mother at TerraCorp, eventually becoming embroiled in the Kha'ak War. After her mother moved back to Earth, she was convinced to come visit exactly once, and found the Terrans intolerably arrogant and swore she'd never go back.

Towards the end of 568 NT the Argon Secret Service approached her to work as deep-cover operatives in Sol as the Terran Conflict escalated. Using her mother's connections she managed to get a commission as an officer in the USC and flew patrol missions in the outer reaches of the Sol System.

When the Argon launched their surprise attack on Sol in 2948, Saya killed a Terran intel agent to protect her cover and fled to Earth where she and an Argon undercover agent devised a plan to destroy Earth's last line of defense, the planet-ringing Torus Aeternal. On 5 February they put their plan into action, knowing they would both be killed in the process. The explosion aboard the Torus blew her out into space, where she died of vacuum exposure.


    Jesan Nadina
Species: Human
Died: 768 Argon Stardate (2938 A.D.), Khaak Sector 931
Affiliation: Operation: Final Fury (fighter pilot)

A mercenary pilot who hires Terran Conflict's Player Character for Operation: Final Fury, then gets killed in action offscreen two missions in.


    Mahi Ma
Species: Boron
Affiliation: Bala Gi Research (scientist)

A quirky Boron engineer who hires the Player Character of X3: Terran Conflict to investigate the disappearance of Julian Brennan and Bala Gi on a reconnaissance mission. This leads the player to the Hub, an incredibly useful structure capable of interposing itself between up to three gate pairs simultaneously, creating new routes across the universe.


  • Alliterative Name
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: In Albion Prelude, another scientist finds storage rooms in the Hub in which Mahi Ma has, for no discernible reason, stuffed thousands of microchips worth millions of credits into, lampshading the ridiculous Fetch Quest from the previous game.
  • The Engineer: The guy manages to repair a 10,000-plus year piece of presumably Ancient-built technology with your help gathering supplies.
  • Mission Control: For the Hub plot.
  • Punny Name: Mahi-mahi are a type of fish, and "mahi" is also "fish" in Persian. The Boron are squid people. Coincidence?

Alternative Title(s): X Beyond The Frontier