Comic Book: X

One of the more popular series of Dark Horse Comics' short-lived superhero universe Comics Greatest World, which showcased different types of superheroes throughout its four environments. X represented the Nineties Antihero, who was determined to rid the city of Arcadia of the rampant crime and corruption that plagued it and was willing to kill anyone who stood in his way. A single diagonal slash across your face meant that you were warned and you'd better not break his rules again; if he completed the X, he killed you. No exceptions.

His first story was in Dark Horse Comics #8-10 back in 1992, which was later reprinted as X: One Shot to the Head. He started the Comics Greatest World weekly 16-issue launch in 1993, where he featured prominently in all four Arcadia issues. February 1994 saw the first issue of his ongoing series, which lasted 25 issues, the last of which was published in April 1996.

Dark Horse is currently rebooting this series, along with Ghost, who also resided in Arcadia.

No relation to X/1999, the X-Universe video games, X-COM, or the Punk Rock band X.

X provides examples of:

  • Black and Gray Morality: X's methods are questionable, to say the least, but the criminals and police officers he goes after are no less corrupt.
  • Determinator: X is willing to do whatever it takes to clean up the streets of Arcadia.
  • Exact Words: The first mark is a warning. The second mark is death. If the X is completed on your face or an image of your face, then X will kill you, even if he wasn't the one who put it there.
  • Healing Factor: Throughout the series, X is repeatedly shot, stabbed, burned, blown up, run over, etc., but he always heals from his injuries eventually.
  • Mysterious Past: No one really knows who X is or where he came from, though clues to his origin are sprinkled throughout the series and is fully revealed during the final issues.
  • Wretched Hive: Arcadia is an orderly, smoothly run machine of a city. This is a world of shadow, danger, and bloody retribution. It is a city of corrupt officials and organized crime. The policemen who are not on the take are criminals in their own right.