Characters / The Wizard in the Shadows

     Harry Potter / The Black Wizard / The Wizard in the Shadows / The Lord Moristar Morinhetar (Black Wizard Darkness Slayer), Royal Wizard of Gondor and Arnor 

Harry ends up in Middle Earth after flooing from the Headmasters Office on Dumbledore's advice for a little R&R. Ends up trapped there and with the status of something equivalent to a shadowy avenging angel.



A half Maia immortal time travelling wizard. Immensely powerful. Very mysterious. By From Out of the Shadows, he's making his presence obvious. Grandfather to Emrys and Eirian.

     Emrys Ap Derfel Ap Merlin 
/ Sir Emrys the Valiant / the Avenger

Half Dunlending, Half Rohirric. Saves Theodred's life, because of Honor Before Reason. Takes several truly spectacular levels in badass.

     Eirian Ap Derfel / The Doom Singer 

Emrys' sister. It takes a little bit of time, but she's just as badass as her little brother. And like him is Part Maia and eventually a phenomenally powerful witch.

     Maglor Fëanorion