Characters / Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

This here is a list of characters that appear in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. Expect spoilers.

Destin Faroda

Class: Lord

The hero of March of the Black Queen. Originally just a warrior that Warren chooses to lead the rebellion to free the land of Xenobia from the clutches of The Empire. He gathered many allies and liberated the land, and in the Canon ending, surrendered the throne to the rightful heir, Prince Tristan. He then left to Palatinus, in order to investigate the activities of Lodis. There, he helped out Magnus Gallant and his own Revolution, and later left to Nirdam to liberate it from Lodis.

Tropes associated with Destin:
  • Abdicate the Throne: In the canonical (World) ending, Destin has the necessary support to become king, but refuses the throne and leaves it to Tristan, instead leaving the continent and going to Palatinus.
  • Canon Name: Unnamed in his own game, but given his canonical name in Person of Lordly Caliber.
  • The Chosen One
  • The Hero
  • Knight Errant: The sequel paints Destin as this — a hero wandering the lands, looking for Tyrannies to topple.
  • La Résistance
  • Magic Knight
  • Meaningful Name: Destin is french for Destiny.
  • Previous Player-Character Cameo: In Person of Lordly Caliber.
  • Purely Aesthetic Gender: The only effect that gender has on the game is that it causes a couple of good endings to go differently; the most important such difference is that the male Destin can marry Rauny (Hierophant ending) and the female Earwind can marry Tristan (Priestess ending) to unite the kingdom.
  • The Cape: In Person of Lordly Caliber, he's shown to canonically be an unwavering paragon of justice.

Lans(elot) Hamilton

Class: Knight

A Knight from Xenobia, and a good friend of Warren. He is the first ally Destin recruits, and backs the Liberation Army to the very end.

When the Holy Sword Brynhildr is stolen, Lanselot is sent by King Tristan to the land of Valeria in order to retrieve it from the Dark Knights, under the guise that they're exiled. He meets up with Denam, becoming his first mentor, and enlists in the Walister Resistance. Unfortunately, during the attack at Rhime, he is captured by the Dark Knights, and tortured to the point of insanity, leaving him unable to walk or speak. The Kingdom of Xenobia lists him as "MIA" due to this.

Tropes associated with Lanselot:
  • BFS: His Xenobia Sword is at least as tall as him, and is one of the more powerful swords you can get in Tactics Ogre: LUCT.
  • Knight in Shining Armor

Warren Moons/Omon

Class: Wizard

A Seer from Xenobia that envisioned the successful liberation of the continent of Xenobia. This vision brings him to seek out Destin Faroda to lead the revolution. He stays with him until the very end of the game, and is one of Destin's most trusted allies.

Warren accompanies Lanselot on his mission to retrieve the Holy Sword, Brynhildr. Warren escapes the attack on Rhime, but becomes ill soon after, bedridden for the remainder of the game. During Denam's last battle, underneath Eden, Warren teleports Denam and his army away from the pull of the Chaos Gate, getting pulled in himself. He, like Lanselot, is listed 'MIA'.

Tropes associated with Warren:

Canopus Wolfe/Wolph

Class: Eagleman

An Eagle Man from the Charlom District of Xenobia. He's reluctant to join the Liberation Army at first, due to his best friend, Gilbert, being on the opposing side. Once Destin gives him the Wings of Liberty, it reminds him of how things used to be, and he joins the army with the intent to convince Gilbert of his wrongs.

Canopus is one of the men chosen to retrieve the Brynhildr from the Dark Knights. He is the first character to join Denam's army, and acts as a guide to him during much of the game, giving helpful advice and acting as the peace keeper between Denam and Catiua.

Tropes associated with Canopus:

Gilbert Oblion

Class: Beast Tamer

Beast Tamer and governor of the Charlom District. He turns over to the Empire in order to protect the people of Charlom from the Empires oppression, an act that infuriates his friend Canopus. He's eventually beaten, and is spared from execution thanks to Canopus' interference. Gilbert then joins the Xenobian revolution, and later he accompanies Destin to Palatinus.

He also later returns in one of the bad ends of Tactics Ogre, whereas he informs Tristan about the upcoming invasion of Lodis to Valeria.

Tropes associated with Gilbert:
  • Anti-Villain: As an enemy. Gilbert's only reason to oppose the rebellion is to protect the people of Charlom from further oppression of the Empire.
  • Bald of Awesome
  • Mayfly–December Romance: Canopus' sister Yulia is romantically interested at him. Not only do the bird people live longer than humans, Gilbert is also already 30 years her senior. Might go to Ugly Guy, Hot Wife, but they're not married yet.
  • The Lancer: to Destin in Person of Lordly Caliber.
  • Whip It Good: Beastmaster and all.

Deneb Rhode / Rove

Class: Witch

The only character to appear in every game in the series, a Hot Witch who's keen with research about Pumpkin Heads. She starts out as an enemy who's given a place for research for her Pumpkin Heads in the Xytegenian Empire, causing havoc to the locals. She's beaten out by the rebellion, and depending on the player's actions, she may either get executed or spared. If spared, she may ask for some things later and can even join the team.

Canonically, she is spared, because she managed to move to Valeria and opened a store selling a lot of rare items. If Denam bought a lot of orbs, she will offer to join Denam's platoon.

Tropes associated with Deneb:
  • Charm Person: Though all witches have this power in Knight of Lodis, she has a special version called "Temptation", which has double the chance of working.
  • Evil is Sexy: Discussed if you spare her in March of the Black Queen. Several characters will chew you out and say that you just spared her because she was hot stuff. invoked
  • Heel–Face Turn: She isn't nearly as evil in Let Us Cling Together, and has abandoned her Pumpkin Head experimentation.
  • Hot Witch: On a whole different level than the standard witch. As Knight of Lodis puts it, "A Witch and THE Witch, Deneb, are totally different, as different as pumpkin and squash! Do you understand how different they are? Don't get confused!"
  • Mad Scientist: As far as Pumpkin Heads go.
  • Ms. Fanservice: THE Ms. Fanservice of the Ogre series.
  • Playing with Fire: Deneb can come with lots of Fire-based equipments in Let Us Cling Together, depending on the things you sold on her.
  • Say It with Hearts: The majority of her dialogue in both Tactics Ogre. She even winks when casting a spell.
  • Summon Magic: She can use this Knight of Lodis.


Class: Knight

The head of the Royal Knights of Xenobia, Ashe was accused of killing King Gran's family. In fact he was framed, but he refused to defend himself as punishment for his failure. He is rescued from prison by Destin and joins his army to free Xenobis.


Class: Beast Tamer

Aisha Knudel

Class: Shaman

A priestess from Island Avalon, daughter of High Priest Foris, who got killed by Dark Knight Gares. She wants revenge and when offered to join the revolution, she did with gusto. She later follows Destin to Palatinus.

Tropes associated with Aisha:


Class: Shaman

Formerly a High Monk from a region in Xenobia, she got demoted into a warden in Diaspola. She is the lover of Quass Debonair, and she didn't take rumors of his death well, and started opposing the rebellion just so she could be with Debonair in death. However, Destin convinced her that Debonair is still alive and she ends up defecting to the rebellion. She is reunited with Debonair for the remainder of the rebellion, but gets left behind when Debonair traveled to Palatinus with Destin.

Tropes associated with Norn:

Rauny Vinzalf

Class: Muse

The daughter of Highland's Lord Hikash Vinzalf and the first female Paladins. She is first found hiding in the Valley of Kastro, after running off from a forced wedding from the nefarious Baron Apros, and gets rumored to be a half-woman half-scorpion. She enlists herself to the rebellion and eventually confronts Apros in the wedding place, Malano, although she's accompanied with Prince Tristan himself. She later ends up confronting her father, besting him in combat and tearfully bidding him farewell. At the end of the rebellion, she marries Tristan and became the Queen of Xenobia.

Tropes associated with Rauny:

Saradin Carm

Class: Mage

A former pupil of Sage Rashidi who rebelled against his master's evil's ways. As a result, he got petrified by his fellow student Albeleo. The rebellion under Destin Faroda restored his status and he joined the rebellion, fighting against Albeleo and later Rashidi himself. After the rebellion ended, Saradin followed Destin to Palatinus.

Tropes associated with Saradin:

Tristan Zenobia / Pheryx Tristan Xenobia

Class: General

The Prince of Xenobia. He was spared from the massacre of the Royal Family, went hiding and after one Gaiden Game, he eventually stationed himself in the City of Malano, trying to strike against Baron Apros, a traitor to Xenobia Kingdom. He joins the rebellion and fought in various battles, despite learning that his mother got killed. At the end of the rebellion, he is crowned the King of Xenobia, known as White King, and also got to marry the Paladin Rauny, but regretted that Destin had to go to Palatinus rather than continuing to be in service of the Kingdom (though there is no choice).

Unfortunately, years later, the Xenobian treasure, the Holy Sword Brynhildr, got stolen by the Dark Knights Loslorien, thus Tristan sent out Lanselot, Warren and Canopus, along with two Holy Knights, Mirdyn and Gildas, to retrieve the sword under the guise that they're exiled.

Tropes associated with Tristan:
  • Abdicate the Throne: In some endings, he could abdicate the throne for Destin while he's the one to go to Palatinus.
  • Happily Married: With Rauny in some endings.
  • Moral Dissonance: In the Hanged Man Ending, he assassinates Destin out of the blue to ensure that he won't have any rivals for the throne. This is utterly inconsistent with his morality and actions in any other ending.
  • Warrior Prince: He's a Prince all right, and he's still one of the best units in the game.
  • The Wise Prince


Class: Cherubim

The Head Angel sent from heaven to recover her fallen sister. Yushis is imprisoned by Rashidi and freed by Destin. Sadly she is forced to kill her Death Seeker sister, and joins Destin in taking down Rashidi.

Quass Debonair

Class: General

One of the 4 Devas (Generals), of the Empire. Destin first fights him in Xenobia, where he shows him how corrupt the Empire is. Debonair returns to confront the Empress and gets jailed and tortured as a traitor. Destin frees him with Norn's help, and he joins the rebellion. Later confronts and kills his friend and former fellow Deva, Figaro, who was loyal to the empire despite the corruption.

Later, he joins Destin as he heads to fight Lodis.

Slust the Red

Class: Dragoon

One of the legendary three High Knights of the first Ogre Battle. Slust defeated the monsters, insuring mankind's dominion on earth. He was made immortal by the gods, given rulership of a flying Island. Rashidi put a charm on him to have him fight Destin, but Destin snapped him out of it. Slust joined the rebellion after.

Fenril of Ice

Class: Dragoon

One of the legendary three High Knights of the first Ogre Battle. Fenril defeated the monsters, insuring mankind's dominion on earth. She was made immortal by the gods, given rulership of a flying Island. Rashidi put a charm on her to have her fight Destin, but Destin snapped her out of it. Fenril joined the rebellion after.

She was entrusted with the ownership of the Holy Sword Brynhildr, which would become a national treasure to Xenobia when she handed it down to Tristan after the rebellion. But then, the Dark Knights Loslorien stole it...

Dragon Fogel

Class: Dragoon

One of the legendary three High Knights of the first Ogre Battle, and the most powerful. Fogel defeated the monsters, insuring mankind's dominion on earth. He was made immortal by the gods, given rulership of a flying Island. At one point fought and killed a powerful and supposed invincible dragon, but after his victory was cursed with dragon-like appearance. Rashidi put a charm on him to have her fight Destin, but Destin snapped him out of it. Fogel joined the rebellion after. Remains cursed after the game's ending.


Class: Devil

One of the demonic generals of the Ogre Battle, defeated by Slust, Fenril, and Fogel, he was sealed in a castle. Rashidi sought to free him.

Empress Endora

Class: Black Queen

Empress of the Sacred Xytengian Empire and Queen of Hyland before that and the titular "Black Queen" of the game's name. The central villain of the story.

  • Big Bad: The ruler of The Empire and the main adversary of the game. Rashidi, however, is responsible for her fall into evil.
  • God Save Us from the Queen!
  • Face–Heel Turn: Once, she was a benevolent ruler. Until the other kingdoms invaded and Rashidi came knocking...
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: At first, she was just trying to defend Hyland and the other kingdoms from invasion, so she made a deal with Rashidi. Of course, the good intentions kind of went by the wayside.


Class: Wiseman

One of "The Five Heroes" who helped form the kingdoms of Xytengia, Rashidi soon fell to evil after that, and lusts for the "Black Diamond", an artifact of extreme power.

  • The Antichrist: Some divine characters, like Danika, point out that Rashidi is the one destined to bring about the Second Ogre Battle.
  • A God Am I: Reborn in the body of a demi-god.
  • Big Bad: He's responsible for Endora's fall, and takes center stage in the last level, after her defeat.
  • The Corrupter: Brought the once fair Queen Endora and her son Gares into evil, and was responsible for Mizal's fall by manipulating her love for him.
  • Evil Sorceror
  • Fallen Hero
  • The Man Behind the Man: He's been manipulating Endora's rise to support his own agenda.
  • Hijacked by Ganon: He goes unmentioned throughout all of Person of Lordly Caliber. The last cutscene implies he was behind everything.