Characters: La que se avecina

Owners and tenants of the ten apartments and the commercial premises in the building, the employees of the community...

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    The Recio 

Antonio Recio

"I'm Antonio Recio, wholesaler, I don't clean fish!"
Antonio Recio

Antonio is a fish wholesaler who lives with his wife Berta in the apartment 1-C. He has a son who lives abroad, Álvaro, and a schizophrenic sister, Violeta. He is good friends with Enrique and Coque, but practically everyone else hates him due to his anti-social and Jerkass personality, and may as well be considered the show's Deus Angst Machina. From Episode 11 of Season 2, he becomes the President of the community until the end of Season 4. He's one of the most popular characters from the series, and the longest lasting President of the Community.

Berta Escobar

"Judicial lawsuit!"
Berta Escobar

Berta is Antonio's wife, the perfect match for him. She is a highly puritanical woman, which leads to her husband to where he wants. She is the typical Heckler who thinks that her marriage and her life are perfect and presumes of that. In the third and fourth seasons, she has an affair with the doorman, Coque, and in the seventh season has a lesbian relationship with Araceli. Like Antonio, Berta is a very lonely and unfriendly character, but in later seasons becomes friends with some of the other female neighbours, like Judith, Raquel, Nines and Rebeca.

Violeta Recio

"Hello, you want to fuck?"
Violeta Recio, to everyone

Violeta is Antonio's younger sister, and is a recurring character who was first introduced in Season 2. She is schizophrenic since childhood and most of the time is admitted to a mental hospital. She has a good relationship with her brother, but Berta can't stand her because of her mental instability.

    The Pastor 

Enrique Pastor

"I'm Enrique Pastor, youth and leisure council."
Enrique Pastor

Enrique is a city councillor who lives in the apartment 1-B with his son Fran and his business associate, Maxi, with whom he runs a bar called "Max & Henry". Enrique is a kind and honest man who hasn't had much luck in his life; his wife Araceli left him in Season 2, and they divorced each other when she returned in the fifth season. From Season 4 onwards, Enrique has an on-again off-again relationship with Judith, marrying her and then divorcing her at one point, and in Season 7 their son Dylan is born. He is Antonio's best friend, and also has a friendship with Coque and Maxi.

Araceli Madariaga

Araceli started out as Enrique's wife but left him and their son Fran with a note in Season 2 to "find herself". She came back three years later, in the fifth season, with her girlfriend Reyes with whom she broke up at the end of the season. Araceli remains on good terms with Enrique, but despises his friend Antonio which in Season 7 motivates her to try to convince Berta that she's better off without him. As a result, Berta and Antonio get divorced, and while Antonio moves in with Enrique, Araceli moves out to go live with Berta at her flat and they get into a sexual relationship until Araceli leaves her with a note. She returns in Season 8.

Fran Pastor

"Blow me!"
Fran Pastor, to Antonio

Francisco Javier "Fran" is the teenage son of Enrique and Araceli, a rebellious child who loves motorbikes. At some point he drops out of school and has had multiple girlfriends throughout the series. He has a difficult relationship with Enrique, but a much better one with Araceli when she comes back in Season 5. He also has a particularly good relationship with Reyes. Like Araceli and most people, he can't stand Antonio, often telling him "blow me!" or "suck my dick" whenever Antonio is at Enrique's. In Season 6, he falls in love with a 30-year-old woman and they move to Brazil.

    The Cuquis 

Amador Rivas

"You want salami?"
Amador Rivas

Amador is married to la Cuqui and has four children, but one of them, "Ojos de Pollo", is not biologically his as his wife had an affair with Sergio Arias in Season 2. Amador ends up getting fired from the bank he worked for as a result of having to apply for parental leave, and has been hired and then fired from his multiple jobs countless of times ever since. He divorced la Cuqui in the third season, but remarried in the Season 6 premiere. Amador and his family end up homeless after being evicted by the bank, and la Cuqui has to serve time in jail because of thefts in her workplace. His best friend is Leo, and he's also good friends with Javi, Vicente and Maxi. Amador is one of the most popular characters, on par with Antonio.

Maite Figueroa

"Party party!"
Maite Figueroa

Maite "la Cuqui" is Amador's wife, with whom she got divorced and later on remarried. She had an affair with a neighbour, Sergio Arias, and got pregnant with her fourth child, "Ojos de Pollo". She divorced Amador in the third season, but remarried in the Season 6 premiere. La Cuqui and her family end up homeless after being evicted by the bank, and she has to serve time in jail because of thefts in her workplace. She is a very friendly and outgoing person who usually hangs out with her friends Raquel, Nines, Judith and Lola.


Carlota, Nano, Rodrigo and "Ojos de Pollo" are the Cuquis' children. Carlota is the oldest and is a clever and naughty girl who often takes advantage of her parents through bribery and knows when they are lying to her. Nano and Rodrigo are outgoing kids who get along well but aren't normally aware of their parents' problems and lies. "Ojos de Pollo" is the fourth and last child of the Cuquis, although his father is in fact Sergio Arias, with whom la Cuqui had an affair; he has autistic-like issues and the neighbours say he's ugly and has very big and focused eyes (hence his nickname "Ojos de Pollo" (Chicken Eyes)). In Season 7, Carlota, Nano and Rodrigo have to go live at their grandma's because of the economical problems their parents face, but they return at the end of the season.

    The Maroto-Trujillo 

Javi Maroto

Javi Maroto

Javier "Javi" is an inherently Nice Guy and the series' favourite Butt Monkey who lives with his wife Lola in the attic B. He works as a computer programmer in a multinational company and was the first president of the community. He has a good relationship with his parents, Goya and Vicente, but fears his mother-in-law, Estela, and always gets in trouble because of her due to her bipolar and histrionic personality. During Season 5, while Lola was living in Miami, he develops feelings for Raquel, one of Lola's friends, and they get in a relationship. After Lola finds out, she and Javi spend the next season at odds until they make up towards the end. In Season 7 Javi and Lola have a daughter, Úrsula. His best friends are Amador, Leo, Maxi and his own father Vicente.

Lola Trujillo

Lola Trujillo, to Javi

María Dolores "Lola" is Javi's carefree wife who works as a photographer, and in later seasons, also as an actress which she takes after her mother Estela. Lola's relationship with her is difficult at best, as Estela was a neglectful mother who has always prioritized her professional career over taking care of her daughter. Lola didn't know who her father was until the sixth season, when she met Fermín, and ever since she has had a close relationship with him. During Season 5, while Lola was living in Miami, Javi develops feelings for Raquel, one of Lola's friends, and they get in a relationship. After Lola finds out, she and Javi spend the next season at odds until they make up towards the end. In Season 7 Javi and Lola have a daughter, Úrsula. Lola is friends with Raquel, Nines, Judith etc., but doesn't spend much time with them because of her chaotic life at home.

Vicente Maroto

"¡Ay, Gregoria!"
Vicente Maroto

Vicente lives in the apartment 2-B and is Javi's father, a retired man who spends his time watching football on TV and in the bar Max & Henry with his friends Amador, Leo, Maxi and his own son Javi, with whom he has an unusual but positive father-son relationship. He was married to Goya until she died at the end of the fourth season, and hasn't had a relationship with anybody ever since.

Goya Gutiérrez

"Vicente, let's go!"
Goya Gutiérrez, to Vicente

Gregoria "Goya" is Javi's obstructing mother and Vicente's wife. She is very close to her son, which often bothers her daughter-in-law Lola, who she also despises. Goya and Vicente are the series' The Masochism Tango as most of the time they can't stand each other. Her hobbies are gossiping about the neighbours and cooking, with her speciality being croquettes.She died in a domestic accident in the Season 4 finale.

Estela Reynolds

"Coffee?! In the morning?!"
Estela Reynolds

Paca Pacheco "Estela Reynolds" is Lola's extravagant mother introduced in Season 3. She thinks she's a well-known actress but only appeared in one movie in her youth, in which she had a minor role. She has many traits of histrionic personality disorder and bipolar, which drives her family crazy, especially Javi. She also has an antagonistic relationship with Javi's mother, Goya. Estela leaves the series at the end of Season 4 but comes back in the last episode of the sixth season and is a series regular in Season 7. She gets in a relationship with Fermín soon after they reunite, and have a masochistic love-hate relationship.

Fermín Trujillo

Introduced at the end of the sixth season, Fermín is Lola's father who abandoned her after her birth, although he had his reasons. Fermín is a friendly and sensitive but irascible man who worked as a sardine roaster until Javi found him and took him to Montepinar. During Season 7 he rented Maxi's bar "Max & Henry" and started his own business. He gets in a relationship with Estela soon after they reunite, and have a masochistic love-hate relationship. He is also very protective of his daughter and always wants to look after his granddaughter who he totally cherishes. Finally, he considers Javi his family and confidant.

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