Characters / Kamen Rider Hibiki

These are the characters of the tokusatsu Kamen Rider Hibiki.

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    Oni Kamen Riders 

Hitoshi Hidaka/Hibiki | Actor: Shigeki Hosokawa

Iori Izumi/Ibuki | Actor: Jouji Shibue

Another Oni, who's the second to appear in series. He uses a trumpet, which can also be used in gun mode.

  • Badass Biker: He's the first Oni shown in-series using a bike. Unlike other Kamen Rider series, it's just a normal ordinary bike, but it is no less cool and Ibuki is no less badass.

Todomizo Todayama/Todoroki | Actor: Shingo Kawaguchi

Zanki's apprentice. Like his mentor, he uses an electric guitar.

  • Tough Act to Follow: In-Universe example - Zanki would like Todoroki to carry on his name after he dies, but Todoroki believes he can't ever equal Zanki, and chooses to keep his own name so that Zanki's legacy will remain untarnished.

Zaomaru Zaitsuhara/Zanki | Actor: Kenji Matsuda

Todoroki's master. His weapon of choice is an electric guitar.


Ichirou Tachibana | Actor: Atomu Shimojo

Kasumi and Hinaka's cool father.

Kasumi Tachibana | Actress: Mayu Gamou

Ichirou's elder daughter and Hinaka's sister. She's interested on Ibuki.

Hinaka Tachibana | Actress: Miyuki Kanbe

Ichirou's younger daughter and Kasumi's sister. She has a crush on Todoroki.

  • Tomboy: To Kasumi's Girly Girl.

Midori Takizawa | Actress: Masako Umemiya

Konosuke Kogure | Actor: Akira Fuse

    Other Allies 

Asumu Adachi | Actor: Rakuto Tochihara

Hibiki's apprentice.

Ikuko Adachi | Actress: Kaoru Mizuki

Asumu's mother.

Hitomi Mochida | Actress: Erika Mori

Akira Amami | Actress: Nana Akiyama

Ibuki's apprentice.

  • Tsundere: A friendly variant. At first, she's abrasive with Asumu.

Kyousuke Kiriya | Actor: Yuichi Nakamura

  • The Ace: In his debut episode, he pretty much did everything in school.

The Makamou are the Kaijins of this show. They are an assortment of creatures who dwell in rural areas and consume human beings as food.

The Douji and Hime characters are portrayed by Mitsu Murata and Sei Ashina respectively.

  • Orochi: The Makamou from the Seven War Oni movie.
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad: Super Douji and Hime, who are introduced in the Retool.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: Inverted as the parents Douji and Hime wear scarves, which is a cosmetic factor.
  • Sea Monster: The Ittanmomen, Otoroshi, Ubume and Oonamazu Makamou.
  • Yokai: Pretty much the representatives of this trope.
  • Zerg Rush: The Summer Type Makamou can multiply in numbers and the only way to destroy them is killing the source Summer Makamou.