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Awesome / Kamen Rider Hibiki

  • Ibuki's fight with the underwater Makamou and it's stomach
  • Todoroki's debut as a single Oni
  • Todoroki taking down 3 crab Makamou in one episode with enthusiasm.
  • Hibiki and Ibuki teaming up to take down a Makamou that appears once every 100 years
  • Hibiki's fight with the armored Douji and Hime
  • The Berserk Douji and it's fights with Ibuki and Hibiki
  • Hibiki, Ibuki, Todoroki vs the Nanashi (Nameless) Makamou where they harmonize their 3 Ongekis
  • Episode 24 which has Todoriki and Ibuki using taiko instead of their usual weapons and the debut of Hibiki's Kurenai/Crimson form.
  • The debut of Armed Hibiki.
  • Zanki has died, but stayed around out of sheer determination to aid Todoroki with a difficult monster, and only died after he had said his last goodbye to his apprentice.