Characters: Grid Warrior

Characters from the game Grid Warrior:

Grid Warrior (your character)

A Super Soldier created to deal with the threat of the malicious energy grid. He is able to drain the enemy programs' abilities and add them to his own.

    Non-elemental Foes 

Energy Capsule

A Capsule that contains energy! Grab them to recover your lost health and energy.
This thing contains a lot of energy. But it can't use that energy to attack. Good thing you can absorb the energy from these things, you sick bastard.

Mega Capsule

A Capsule that contains a load of energy! Grab them to permanently increase your health!

Rapid Soldier

A program that resembles a humanoid robot holding a machine gun.
This guy has a machine gun. WHO WOULDN'T WANT A MACHINE GUN???

Frog Gunner

A program that resembles a frog. Can spit out energy shotgun shells.
Of all the animals to materialize into, this malicious program took the form of a frog. But don't let that fool you, because this frog has a SHOTGUN!

Gunship Drone

A flying drone-like unit that inhabits the outer areas of the Grid.
So this is what their security is like? Luckily you don't lose the game if these catch you.

Rapid Turret

Turret like unit that fires out bullets at a fast rate.
Don't go near this unless you want to be Swiss Cheese.

Rapid Cannon

Turret like unit that fires out cannon shells at a fast rate.
So one day Rapid Turret decided to give himself a Palette Swap and change his ammo into shotgun shells...

Turret Factory

A base-like enemy that blocks the way. It produces shotgun turrets that travel along a conveyor-belt like thing that block the player's path.

Mega Soldier

A large soldier enemy that is equipped with heavy armor, a shotgun, and a gatling gun.

    Fire-elemental Foes 


Rocket Tank

A small tank that fires semi-homing incendiary missiles that explode.
You've heard of water tanks, air tanks, oil tanks, gas tanks, septic tanks, fish tanks, but this here is a fire tank!


Lizard-like enemy that is based off mythical fire salamanders. Has a flame breath that is very painful.
This is the fire kind, not the water kind. Totally NOT Charmander either.

Magma Demon

A strange foe that travels in the magma under the terrain, emerging to attack the player.

Nuclear Silo

A large structure that drops mini-nukes on the player.


A crab-like program with no legs and no claws... yet. A prototype form of Crabburn from Arc Angle. Using the Tornado Shield nullifies ALL his attacks completely, making the boss a bit of a joke.

    Ice-elemental Foes 


Ice Car

A car that shoots ice missiles at the player.
Yes, this thing's name came from BlazBlue.


An oversized snowflake like program. It hovers around, leaving an icy trail that slows the player.
If they're snowflakes, why do they all look the same?

Penguin Sub

A penguin-like enemy that travels under the icy terrain, surfacing to attack the player when they get near.


A large yeti that attacks with ice missiles, ice beams, and a ramming attack.


A giant snowflake surrounded by six smaller crystals, each of which is surrounded by another six smaller crystals. Fire-elemental weapons have good AOE and can destroy his crystals very quickly.

    Water-elemental Foes 



A blue fish that fires waves at the player.
Eating fish is always good for your health. This time, literally!


A starfish with destructible arms.
You know what they said about starfish being able to regenerate? This one can!

Rain Frog

A blue, water-elemental version of the Frog Gunner.

Giga Jelly

A large jellyfish that normally travels under the terrain, it surfaces to attack enemies with a tidal wave.


A watery dragon-like creature that lurks in the depths. Use the Homing Bolt or Orbital Laser to lock onto all its segments to deal massive damage.

    Lightning-elemental Foes 


Computer Rat

A pest around Metaspace that feeds off energy. They are generally docile, but harm one of them...
Totally NOT Pikachu.


A magnet enemy that attaches itself to another, allowing it to charge up energy for its attacks.
[[Insane Clown Posse *** magnets, how do they work]]?


A motorbike program that speeds around the area.

Thunder Tower

A stationary tower that produces satellites that hit you with a laser.


Huge Spider enemy that attacks with electrical webs. The Frozen Missiles and Ice Beam will make the spider really slow.

    Earth-elemental Foes 


Flak Cannon

A large turret on the ground. While initially harmless to you, they will shoot down your Attack Drone without mercy.
I don't fly, and neither will you!


An armadillo program with a drill for its head. Prone to charging at you.
Yes, this is supposed to be an armadillo with a drill for its head. Ironcommando fails at drawing this one.


Mole like creature that can burrow into the ground and pop up to create a shockwave. Oh, and it charges at you too.


A Stone-golem like program. Its shoulders have Anti-air cannons on them.


Wormlike program that tunnels underground, rising to attack the player. Attacking it with the Death Dance or Virus Wave will cause it to get a virus, whittling its health even when it is underground

    Wind-elemental Foes 


Air Spinner

A green triangle that spins to cause tornadoes. They can only travel on certain lines.
Although it is an air unit, this things starts out under the terrain.


Annoying birdlike pest from the Domain of Gas. Attacks the player by charging at him.
This is one of those enemies who doesn't use the power that it gives you. Other than that it's just one really angry bird.

North Wind

Plane-like enemy that fires icy missiles, as well as a tornado stream attack.

Storm Swarmer

Strange, hovering thing that sends mini-versions of itself to attack you. It also uses elemental tornadoes which are very painful.

Sky Fortress

Large, floating fortress held up by giant fan things. Lowers itself occasionally to attack the player. Flak Cannon takes out its fans, while Seismic Charge and Shock Tremor allow the player to stun it without getting hurt by the tornado.

    Holy-elemental Foes 



A floating satellite unit that shines a light to slow the player down. It hovers high and only comes down once the player is in its light.
Someday, this thing's ability will become the savior of Cyberspace.

Photonic Bounder

A strange floating thing that rebounds off walls, as well as when it gets hit by something. It leaves a trail of light orbs that home in on you if you get too near them.
This guy doesn't need a mirror to reflect.

Solar Laser

A Solar-powered Turret that drops from the air and fastens itself onto the terrain. It charges up and fires out a deadly laser at the player.

    Viral-elemental Foes 


Black Blade

A large black sword that floats around and tries to stab the player once it detects him.
What's an evil fantasy sword floating around in Cyberspace for?


A purple triangular thing with a sword. It charges at the player and strikes when near. Otherwise, it will move around erratically to avoid attacks.
Good thing you don't have money to steal!


A purple fog of viral energy. Is capable of splitting up and reforming itself.