Characters: Grandmaster of Theft

Cassidy Cain

The Ace of Diamonds

"While Iíve no objections with learning from the wisdom of others, at the end of the day, Iím the one who is in charge of my actions and Iím the one who has to live with everything I do so I define whatís right and wrong for me."

The heiress to the Cain fortune and ringleader of The Grandmaster Gang.

Augustus Wynn

The Knave of Clubs

Cassidy's bodyguard and muscle of The Grandmaster Gang.

Edan Cain

The King of Spades

Cassidy's grandfather, a retired white hat hacker and the crew's fixer.

Rebecca Maddox

The Queen of Hearts

A stage magician who is Cassidy's best friend & love interest that's recruited to serve as the crew's grifter.