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Literature: Grandmaster of Theft
The Grandmaster of Theft is a criminal procedural which follows the lives & adventures of Cassidy Cain & her crew of thieves. They follow the social bandit ideology of targeting those who place profit before principles & donate anything they gain to the victims. I create short stories, novella length, and novel length stories which take place in a verse I created that document the crew’s activities both on the job and off. It could be a story focusing on a heist or con. Perhaps they’re protecting a whistleblower or sabotaging something valuable to the mark that cannot be allowed to happen. They can solve mysteries, expose or frame criminals, entrap others to commit crimes they otherwise wouldn’t, etc. Some stories focus on the crew’s inner dynamics, such as them training with one another, their personal development, and private lives.

The series also features a progressively growing rogue’s gallery of sorts. Aside from the individual marks, there are reoccurring antagonists such as Gale Crawford – Imperial Princess/Viceroy Alana Arkland’s chevalier who is tasked with capturing The Grandmaster for Alana’s plans, Sharpe Security – a private security company who protects anybody who can afford their services, and Deus – an underworld fixer who is the mastermind behind various other criminals who Cass has sworn to destroy.
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