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Characters: Gilligan's Island
This page is for the seven stranded castaways on Gilligan's Island.

Castaway Tropes

Willy 'Little Buddy' Gilligan (Bob Denver)

"With Gilligan..."

The first mate on the Minnow. His defining personality trait is his stupidity, which often ruins the castaways' plans to get off the island. However, he also tends to inadvertently solve many of the problems the castaways face.
Tropes associated with Gilligan:

Captain Jonas "The Skipper" Grumby (Alan Hale, Jr.)

"...the Skipper, too..."

The captain of the Minnow who spent some time in the Navy. A Running Gag in the series is him losing his temper at Gilligan and hitting him with his hat. Despite this, he deeply cares for his "little buddy."
Tropes associated with The Skipper:

Mr. Thurston Howell III (Jim Backus)

"...the millionaire..."

A wealthy businessman. His wealth at times makes him snooty and unempathetic. However, he does come to care for his fellow castaways and at one point he writes them into his will. A Running Gag is his hatred for "Yale men."
Tropes associated with Mr. Howell:

Mrs. Eunice Wentworth "Lovey" Howell (Natalie Schafer)

"...and his wife..."

Thurston's socialite wife. Like her husband, her wealth makes her a bit naive and out-of-touch with those poorer than her. However, she sometimes acts as the castaways' mother-figure.
Tropes associated with Mrs. Howell:

Ginger Grant (Tina Louise)

"...the movie star..."

Often uses her sex appeal to charm men into giving her what she wants.
Tropes associated with Ginger:

Roy "The Professor" Hinkley (Russell Johnson)

"...the professor, and..."

His numerous degrees allow him to do anything from building Bamboo Technology to predicting the weather to translating the languages of native tribes. However, he can also be arrogant, especially when contrasted with other more superstitious castaways.
Tropes associated with The Professor:

Mary Ann Summers (Dawn Wells)

"...Mary Ann..."

A sweet young girl from Kansas. She takes care of the cooking and cleaning.
Tropes associated with Mary Ann:

...heeeere on Gilligan's Isle!
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