Headscratchers / Gilligan's Island

  • What is up with the sleeping arrangements at the beginning of the first Season?
    So they don't think they'll be on the island very long, but a storm is coming, and they decide, to save time and labor, they'll build one communal shelter for everybody — okay. They divide the hut into separate sections by hanging blankets — makes sense. The married couple, single men, and single women each sleep in a different section, right? Nope — Gilligan and the Skipper have their own room, next to the Howells, next to the girls and the Professor... this is the same network that was paranoid about Dawn Wells showing her navel, right?
    • It is still a pretty innocent environment. No one is going to rape the girls or something and pre-marital sex, though not entirely taboo (it was implied in some episodes) doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon among the characters.
  • Why does everybody say Gilligan served with the Skipper in World War II? He doesn't look THAT old!