Characters / Casper Scare School

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    Students of Scare School 



An Egyptian prince.


Casper's other best creature friend and love interest who is a "Zombie Activist".


The head bully at Scare School and Casper's arch nemesis.

Thatch's gang

Thatch's "followers".

Mickey and Monaco

Preppy Skeleton twin girls.

    Scare School Staff 

Alder and Dash

Scare School's headmasters. Dash, the head on the left, is very cunning and intelligent. Alder, the head on the right, is somewhat lacking in the smarts department but has ideas from time to time. But what they have in common is that they are both rude and manipulative.


Scare School's gym teacher.

Hedy Hopper

Scare School's history teacher.

    Other Creatures 

Ghostly Trio

Casper's uncles and caregivers.


The much feared leader of the Underworld.


James "Jimmy" Bradley

Casper's best (human) friend.

Graham Bradley

Jimmy's father and Deedstown's Creature Catcher.

The Normans

Deedstown's local bullies who love to make other children's lives hell, especially Jimmy's.