Characters / Akatsuki Kitten: Phoenix Corporation Overhaul

The oh-so-lovable OCs (and OC-standins) of the universe of AK: PCO.

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The only so far, though more have been promised to come. Jade was designed with classic OCs from various other kitten stories in mind, and then twisted to become more logical according to the author’s whims.

Jade is half-Latino, comes from a relatively rich family, and was orphaned at the age of seven, due to a car crash. She is just under five-foot six, and has chosen to live on her own since the beginning of her junior year, deciding that learning to take care of herself was a priority. Until then, she had been raised by her aunt. She has an older brother in college.

  • Brainy Brunette: At the very least, she’s doing calculus in her junior year of high school.
  • Badass Normal: So far, she is the only named character to not have any superhuman abilities, but she’s also gotten the only non-omake action scene.
  • Conveniently an Orphan: Invoked in concerns to her by the PC. It’s been ten years, so she’s not too cut up about it.
  • Guile Hero: She was designed to be more logical than most OCs
  • Gun Nut: Yep, that pretty much covers it.
  • Medium Awareness: Like everyone else in the story.
  • Only Child Syndrome: Unlike many stories, where friends are introduced in early chapters to provide an “outsider’s” point of view and siblings function in the same manner or are eschewed completely, Jade has a brother in college that still hasn’t been introduced and hasn’t introduced the kittens to anyone at all yet (at least, not as who they really are).
  • Theme Naming: By complete accident, her name follows the Phoenix Corporation theme of a jewel-based naming system.

     Phoenix Corporation 

They run the universe, as they put it. Their main function is to set the story up, rather than develop the plot the way that the actual characters do. There are eleven members in total, in addition to the authoress herself.

The word avatar is used in mimicry of the Hindu usage of the word, which is that of a deliberate descent of a deity to an earthly plane.



"I am my own Deus Ex Machina, my own Diabolus Ex Machina, my own WTF Ex Machina. I'm, like, the AUTHOR Ex Machina. Yeah, that sounds about right."

The Author, quite literally. She starts the fic off ranting about the lack of genuinely good fics, and decides to write her own. As the author, she’s the one that controls literally everything, which makes you wonder a little about why she’s gets bashed more than any other character.

  • Butt Monkey: She is the one person most insulted and bagged on in the fic. Then again, she states that this was the point.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: From what we’ve been told, she’s a brunette that doesn’t get out enough, and you have to admit that some of her lines and actions in the story are at least a little disturbing.
  • God: She can do anything, and she is the Big Boss of ‘reality.’ The only life she isn’t omnipotent about is her own.
  • Ill Girl: With the advent of chapter 22, we've found that she has a disturbing number of nutritional disorders (e.g. anemia and hypochlorhydria), some of which make it surprising that she can write herself to act as cheery as she does.
  • Muse Abuse: In a really… weird way. Mostly, it’s just things like her complaining about how busy she is (then getting told to shut up about it) or her physical state affecting the weather.
  • Played for Laughs: Everything about her, really.
  • Reality Warper: Well, she is the author. She laments the fact that she can’t write anything good into her own life, however.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: See Muse Abuse.
  • Self-Deprecation: Frequently enough that it’s become something of a Running Gag that she’s more of a Butt Monkey than anyone else.

Agent Goldstone

“We get it, Phoenix. You’re all-powerful here. That’s great. Now, can we move on? We’ve got a schedule to keep to.”

Agent Goldstone is the second-in-command of the Phoenix Corporation, and very no-nonsense. She is one of the most shown agents, and as such has developed a bit more personality than the others. She normally has brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and an irritated or displeased expression. Her height is five feet, seven inches. Specifically, she started out with her base as healing, but she also represents all the things that aren’t covered by the other members of the Phoenix Corporation, such as Life, Fate, Destiny, Power, etc. She is romantically involved with Agent Nightingale, and Agent Chimera is her second cousin.

She is the avatar of healing.

Agent Opal
“We could try electroshock therapy?”

She has the position of authority just below Goldstone, which she shares with Chimera, her cousin. She normally has pale blonde hair with a white stripe, fairly mid-tone Caucasian skin, and three scars running from just below her eye to her collarbone. She’s five feet, five inches tall, and reasonably endowed. She is in a relationship with Agent Moonstone.

She is the avatar of the mind and electricity.

  • Boobs of Steel: -Ish.
  • Mind Manipulation: Her specialty.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different
  • Scars Are Forever: She has a trio of them running from just below her eye to her collarbone. There’s also bite marks on her shoulder. All of it comes from the attack that turned her into a werewolf when she was eleven. It’s worth note that she has them by choice, since Goldstone could easily heal them away.
  • Shock and Awe: An outgrowth of her mental powers, since the brain works via small electrical currents between neurons.
  • Techno Babble: Shortly, in the chapter eleven omake.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Has a white stripe. It’s nearly invisible since she’s such a pale blonde already.

Agent Chimera
“My girlfriend is insane. My boss is god here. My best friend recently had a nervous breakdown. And for some unfathomable reason, I’m okay with that.”

Chimera is one of the more normal Agents shown so far. He shares the authority level below Goldstone (his second cousin on his dad’s side) with Agent Opal (his first cousin on his mom’s side). He’s a Voluntary Shapeshifter to the extreme, and so chooses to have purple hair and dark blue eyes. He is six feet, one inch tall naturally, through his height varies otherwise; he is the tallest member of the PC. He is in a relationship with Agent Diamond.

He is the avatar of fauna.

Agent Diamond
“Let’s see what’ll happen if we stab ‘im again!”

She is the most developed character of the PC so far. She is blatantly insane, as a result of The Collapse, though she can act normal when she wants to. She is very pale, has bright red hair, brown eyes, and is quite buxom. A body that is terrifyingly beautiful, with a personality that is straight-out terrifying. She’s only four feet, eleven inches tall, a sore spot with her.

She is the avatar of blood and demons.

Agent Nightingale
“I don’t like bringing back the dead. It leaves this gross and slimy feeling behind, and I can’t eat for hours afterwards.”

He is the only OC that we’ve gotten a genuine name for so far. His hair changes frequently within the story, but it is generally short and pale blond, with a black splotch towards the front. He is five feet, eight inches tall, and rather slim. His eyes are grey and he is rather pale. He is fairly laidback most of the time, especially compared to most of his coworkers.

He is the avatar of Light and Death.

Agent Moonstone
“Please don’t make me say that again. It sounds so stupid.”

He hasn’t been shown much, but we do have some information. He’s black, but was born and raised in New Zealand. He is older than his fraternal twin brother, and the stripe in his hair is a silvery cream. He is five feet, ten inches tall. He is in a romantic relationship with Agent Opal.

He is the avatar of Time and Space.

Agent Emerald
“It’s not just sawdust. It’s magical sawdust.”

He’s been shown a little more than his brother, so we do have some more information. He’s black, but was born and raised in New Zealand. He is younger than his fraternal twin brother, and the stripe in his hair is green. He is five feet, nine inches tall. He’s not in a relationship of any sort, but makes no secret of the fact that he is gay.

He is the avatar of flora.

Agent Ruby
“When I look at people, I try to put as much condescension into my expression as I can. It seems to work.”

Agent Ruby is the first member of the elemental quad. She is honey blonde and of a rather average build. Her height is five feet, six inches. She has a tendency to treat others in a rather condescending manner. Her powers are nominally fire-based, but it’s mostly heat. Her best friend is Agent Sapphire.

She is the avatar of fire.

Agent Sapphire
“I see that you find me attractive. Perhaps the impending wall of water will change that.”

Agent Sapphire is the second member of the elemental quad. She has dark brown hair cut into a bob, is slender in build, and is of a height of five feet, seven inches. Her powers are water-based, and she is best friends with Agent Ruby.

She is the avatar of water.

Agent Quartz
“If you are not being useful, please vacate the premises. Otherwise, I cannot be held accountable for where the air in your lungs goes.”

Agent Quartz is the third member of the elemental quad. He has long and slightly frizzy brown hair tied down in a ponytail, and is five-foot eleven. His powers are air based.

Agent Silk
“Sure. Go ahead. Ignore me. We’ll see who’s laughing when every bit of dirt, down to the tiniest bit of dirt, is all shoved up your rear end.”

Agent Silk is the only member of the Phoenix Corporation whose designated jewel is unknown, and Phoenix has mentioned that she’s not giving out the information anytime soon. He has short-cropped light brown hair, brown eyes, and a fairly innocuous look overall. His hair has no stripe. He is five feet, nine inches tall.

He is the avatar of earth.

    The Gods 

Jashin, Kami, and Shinigami are the three gods that run the Naruto Universe (dimension), each ruling one ‘realm’ of it. They’re a rather dysfunctional group.

  • Asexual: Sorry to burst your bubble.
  • The Gods Must Be Lazy: Subverted, and big time. It may seem that way, but they’ve actually all been working overtime just to fix the mess with the Sage of the Six Paths.
    • Jashin in particular gets only a few hours off every few months. Keep in mind that, as a god, he doesn’t need sleep. Ergo, only about twelve hours of rest between shifts that last several thousand hours. You’ve got to give the guy a little credit.

“And I’m the one in charge of the Realm of Demons. The job sucks, but I’m still awesome.”

First thing’s first: Jashin’s a Surfer Dude.

No, really.

Blue hair, amused smirk, Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, surfboard keychain… and he actually goes surfing. He’s the one that controls the demon realm, and he’s not that bad of a guy. It's a Long Story, but all those sacrifices are really just to keep the world from collapsing.

He grudgingly considers Diamond to be his best friend.

“Don’t you even f***ing dare.

Blonde and not particularly pleasant, Kami is the one you expect to be nice, but is really a bit of a Jerk. It’s mostly due to her guilt about her plan about the Sage failing, but she tries.

“Alright, break it up, you two.”

Shinigami is the peacemaker between Kami and Jashin, a position he has to take up far too frequently for his liking. He looks like a man in his forties or fifties, and wears a business suit whenever he’s not visiting Kami’s realm due to someone using a certain seal.

  • Anthropomorphic Personification: He’s only ever terrifying in Kami’s realm. Otherwise, he just looks like a banker. Then again, that’s still a little terrifying to some people.
  • The Grim Reaper: Well, sometimes. Depends on which part of the world he’s visiting.
  • Shinigami: Obviously.
  • Silver Fox: To some. Then again, he’s drawn, not live.