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Awesome: Senki Zesshou Symphogear
  • Old man Genjuro stops Tsubasa's BFS before it hits Hibiki. He's just Badass enough to not needing a Relic to stop a Relic user. Rumor is that he is skilled in "a special kind of martial arts". Said martial arts might be Ansatsuken.
    • To note, an old man punches out a freaking BFS!
    • Genjuro continues to be awesome in Episode 8, where he saved Chris from Noise attacks by using his own feet to stomp the ground and create walls to protect both of them... which is followed by jumping with Chris to the top of a building.
  • Hibiki in episode three shows us that no, the Slasher Smile and the Glowing Eyes of Doom in the first episode were not a lie. Beware the Nice Ones, indeed.
  • Hibiki in episode 5 shows us the results of her training by effortlessly defeating a group of Noise by herself.
    • Berserk!Hibiki with Durandal blows up a whole chemical factory!
  • Hibiki's epic rant and Megaton Punch to the Nehushtan Armor user in episode 6.
  • Episode 7: One CMOA for the enemies, what with the Nehushtan Girl revealing that she's a Symphogear user, and her relic is one of the few completed ones. Cue MEGA DETH PARTY.
    • Fortunately we have Tsubasa's counterattack.
  • A CMOA for the Noise in general, for being so effective a threat even if they're only mooks.
  • Genjuro showing up out of nowhere in episode 8, and using his Badass Normal skills to take on a flock of Noise.
  • Hibiki's MEGA Megaton Punch to the Fortress Noise in episode 9.
  • Episode 10. Two words. Megadeth Quartet!
  • Episode 11 is another Genjuro awesome, owning Phine in combat until she's forced to use Ryoko's voice to distract him and stab him on the chest... which he survived.
    • While he whoops on her, Phine demands to know how a regular guy can take on a Gear user. G-Man's response?
    Genjuro: "I eat, watch movies and sleep. A True Man knows nothing else!"
  • Episode 12. SYMPHOGEAR!
  • Episode 13. All the girls use the fully-powered up version of their weapons: Ame no Habakiri grows to the length of a skyscraper, Hibiki's gauntlets get their "charge-lines".... that extend for several hundred meters, and Ichii-bal's Mega Deth Quartet gains a battleship's worth of cruise missiles.
    • The reasons their weapons gain this awesome supercharge? To destroy a chunk of the FUCKING MOON!

Symphogear G

  • The grand return of Hibiki and Chris. Highlights include Chris's Giga Zeppelin, and Hibiki using a train car as a slow down tool, so she can Megaton Punch the Noise in the tunnel.
  • Tsubasa VS Maria in episode 2. Special mention goes to Tsubasa wicked awesome spinning sword of fire.
    • Hibiki and Chris dropping in to assist her, and turning the arena into a 3 VS 3 Gear user fight.
    • The combination Swan Song. Which ends in a rainbow colored punch of awesomeness, that sends the Replicator Noise into the atmosphere.
  • Tsubasa getting a little jumping boost from the 2nd Division's new submarine base in episode 3.
    • Ogawa whooping the(over the phone) asses of a group of thugs. And never breaking conversation with Genjuro.
  • Hibiki VS the Nephilim in episode 5. Until it bites her arm off anyway...
  • Episode 6 gives us Nephilim VS Hibiki, round 2. Which consists of Hibiki going into Berserk Mode, growing her arm back, kicking Nephilim's ass all over the place, and tearing its heart out. And bonus points? Hibiki successfully shifted Dr. Ver's smug disposition and Slasher Smile into utter Freak Out and Villainous Breakdown.
    • Later, when Ver makes his return, Hibiki punches a Noise to save her friends. Untransformed
  • The TsubasaCycle from episode 7.
  • The introduction of Symphogear Miku from episode 9.
  • Episode, all of it.
    • Miku's Liuxing laser. Which according to Chris was even more powerful than Fine's Moon Buster Cannon.
    • Ogawa running on the water like a damn ninja.
    • Hibiki's Badass Boast to Genjuro when she insists on fighting against Miku.
    Genjoru: I forbid you to die!
    Hibiki: Then I'll come back alive, even it kills me!
    • Hibiki VS Miku. Awesome and then some.
      • The sheer balls of her plan to free Miku from Ver's control. Fighting her while risking a possible death from her body ravaging Gear, and steering her into a GIANT. FREAKING. LASER. And it works!
  • Shirabe VS Kirika and Tsubasa VS Chris in episode 11.
  • Again in episode 12 :
    • Chris survives her showdown with Tsubasa. This alone deserves a Crowning Moment Of Awesome mention, but the best has to come.
    • Ver thinks he has Chris cornered with a Power Nullifier, Anti-linker gas, preventing her from retaliating against an army of Noise, and is about to pull a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness on her. "Thinks" is the keyword : What does she do? She promptly goes around the Anti-linker problem by blowing up her gear into butt-nakedness, and a rain of shards, taking down half of the Noise in the process and scaring the living shit out of Ver who promptly goes Oh Crap.
    • Tsubasa downgrading her Gear into her So Last Season form, with the associated character song, "Zetto - Ame no Habakiri", doubling with a Crowning Music of Awesome, and bailing out Chris after her call of "Senpai !" kicking ass totally ignoring the Anti-linker problem since it's a LESS powerful form putting less stress on her ! You read this right, Tsubasa combined a Crowning Music of Awesome, a Crowning Moment Of Awesome, a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming with a Power Limiter making her a Weak, but Skilled force to be reckoned with, which is apparently in-universe not a trivial achievement, since this prompts another Oh Crap from Ver !
    • Hibiki gets her very own upon grabbing Maria's Armed Gear as it was about to kill Ver, and pulling her Transformation Sequence when she should for all intents and purposes be unable to as she was Brought Down to Normal, prompting an Ironic Echo to Fine in last season's episode 12 as Maria asks "What is it? WHAT ARE YOU?", prompting another Big YES as she answers "PIERCING SPEAR, GUNGNIR!" (Gekisou Gungnir in Japanese, aka the name of her first insert song in S1).
    • All of the above combined should qualify for a Big YES on their own.
    • For some, the fact that Maria would no longer stand with Ver's bullshit any longer, even if Hibiki 'stops' her, deserve a crowner here too.
    Maria: WHO CARES!?
  • Episode 13. All of it. But especially the final attack of the season: VITALIZATION!
    • Everyone has their own awesome moment. But Miku takes the cake for using that track training to run out and hurl Solomon's Cane straight through the rip in space several meters in the air closing it and saving the world from an exploding Nephilim.
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