Awesome: Sword of the Stranger

  • Luo-Lang destroying a fairly large group of bandits like he's fighting a bunch of kindergartners.
  • Nanashi killed a dude with a sheathed sword.
  • The Breaking the Bonds moment mentioned on the main page.
    • And cutting down a guy who just slaughtered three mooks onscreen without even breaking his stride.
  • Tobimaru, Kotaru's loyal chiba inu, ripping out a soldier's throat.
  • The final duel between Nanashi and Luo-Lang.
    • On that note, Luo-Lang disarming his superior to prevent the old man from shooting Nanashi so that duel can even happen.
  • "Ihojin no Yaiba", the main theme of the film, is pure Crowning Music of Awesome.
  • In a scene loaded with in-your-face symbolism during the climax, the story behind Nanashi's Peace Knot is revealed to be an apology to the children he executed at the end of his military career. He then breaks the knot to unsheathe his sword and save Kotaru. And by save, we mean bisecting a Ming soldier in his way and then throwing his sword at Kotaru's executioner.