Anime / A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
In a little town called Mühlenburg lives a girl named Saga, a talented pianist who lives by a rigid schedule and hates the unexpected. One day, she comes across an adorable little fairy, who is hungry enough to devour a waffle. This fairy, a bringer of snow (In Training) named Sugar, soon upsets Saga's delicately ordered life with her other weather-bringing classmates and their antics.

This show is adorable; so much so that it can be hard to prevent cavities from spontaneously spawning in your teeth due to the sweetness.

There was also a three-volume manga illustrated by BH Snow+Clinic and published by Kadokawa Shoten. Volume 1 was released not long after the anime premiered. The plot starts off identical to the anime but later takes a dramatic turn away from it. The manga also renamed the town Guttenburg.

Tropes used: